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Monday, April 7, 2014

Gossamer Wings Or Fairy Dust ?

 There are fairies in my herb garden !
 I hosted a ladies' luncheon one day last month and apparently while we ladies were having a good time indoors, two of my granddaughters were having a very good time outdoors, with fairies !
 My granddaughters created these fairy homes in my herb garden without any help from me. Hey , I didn't even know they were in the herb garden , let alone creating such enchanting little homes.

Imagination, creativity , fun . Who knows  who'll move into these little homes my granddaughters built ? They took their fairies home with them. But I've been keeping watch over the tiny houses and maybe I'll spy a little flutter of gossamer wings or burst of sparkly fairy dust  the next time I peek into one of the tiny doors or windows....just maybe .

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Small Havens

An intricate and almost magical world unto itself , this little spot by Cedar Pond. Mosses , Lilies of the Valley , ferns ... so many whorls and cavities in the tree roots creating what seem like tiny homes for very little creatures . And yes ! They are indeed small havens of rest , comfort, and safety for the frogs, insects, salamanders, mice, and garter snakes. There are probably many more creeping and crawling creatures I am glad not to encounter as I walk through our woods near the pond, but not near as glad as the creatures that see me pass by.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Light Is Sown Like Seed ...

" Light is sown like seed for the righteous , And gladness for the upright in heart. Be glad in the Lord , you righteous ones ; and give thanks to His holy name." Psalm 97: 11,12
Picture of trilliums blooming near our pond.

Monday, March 31, 2014

March Musing

March is almost over for us here in the Pacific Northwest , of course April has begun for almost everyone else in the world by now. March has marked a few milestones for us this year. Whimsy , our German Shepherd puppy is 9 months old and we are loving her even more every day .
 March is the month here at Cedar Pond for new, bouncing spotted lambs ! ( Below is one of my older ewes with her newborn lamb. )

This year we have a bummer lamb ( lamb without a mama ) we named Stormy. Stormy is growing quickly and enjoys his bottle every few hours. He has begun to nibble on alfalfa leaves too. His little face appears crooked because of his markings and he has beautiful long eyelashes.
Did I already mention new lambs ? I spend an awful lot of time outdoors just watching the lambs play. If you're feeling down in the dumps just get yourself to the closest farm with new lambs and sit a spell , watch, and laugh for joy. The joy of life !

 It has been the wettest March in recorded history here in Western Washington. We have had 9 1/2 inches of rain this month. Our ducks are loving this weather but our land is squishy with mud and oozing water everywhere. Thankfully our home & buildings are high and dry. Our prayers go out to our neighbors to the north of us in Oso where the wet March brought  a small mountain of earth sliding down on a small community wiping out  everything in it's path and taking many lives .
The hummingbirds have returned and Blizzard our cat spends many hours watching them at the feeder outside our living room.
March also is the month this granddaughter celebrates another year of life. We were blessed to have her spend the weekend with us. Granddaughter and the fairy are playing in the herb garden where this granddaughter and her sister made me a few fairy homes.

Every March we celebrate the birth of 2 of our 6 granddaughters. We rejoice in the birth of new lambs, chicks and ducklings. The birds are building nests all over the property , the ducks and chickens have increased their egg laying. The frogs chirp, our bees are buzzing over every precious new bloom. Ella, my Sebastopol goose is faithfully sitting on her clutch of duck & goose eggs while her partner Fella guards her,never leaving her . Some time later this week if all goes well I should expect hatchlings from the pair. What fun March is. It brings us joy, hope, new life and celebrating spring. "This is the day that the Lord hath made we will rejoice and be glad in it." 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Not Only For The Birds !

Bird nests I have collected or been given over the years served as the table centerpiece for our Thursday Ladies Luncheon & Bible Study.  
The nests are resting on beds of moss I placed in goblets and covered with a small glass dome. The eggs in the nests are from my doves.
Since I used birds and their nests as the table-scape theme I had to buy some of my favorite candy, those robin egg malted chocolates . They're so pretty, and tasty too.

I put another bird's nest in an old Mason jar with it's original canning lid.

Bird nests and bird coffee cups, naturally they go together !

The napkins match the table-runner. I bought them together at a store called Tuesday Morning.
The birds' nests I have were used then abandoned by the birds only to be found and used by me . ( recycled ? ) Yes, the birds' nests are not only for the birds.
Mint chocolate brownies I baked using a recipe I found in an issue of Tea Time magazine.
One of the ladies in our Bible study just turned 80 years old . I told one of my granddaughters I want to be like this lady when I grow up,but my granddaughter told me I was already grown up . This lady is lively, funny, a true artist ( the painting kind ) who has her works exhibited locally, teaches art, and just brightens our time together.
We had a surprise guest at the luncheon. One of my sheep decided she did not want to raise her ram lamb so the little guy needs to be bottle fed. He is what we call a "bummer lamb ",a lamb without a mama . I named my little bummer 'Stormy' because of course it was raining and storming when I was outdoors trying to get his mama to nurse him. I ended up milking the mama ( you shoulda seen that ! ) to give this little guy the colostrum he needed to get him off to a good start. Here Stormy is being held by another luncheon guest , Robbie, who helped me feed the lamb his bottle.

  I treasure this time to gather with family & friends, share a meal, a cup of tea or coffee, and gather around God's word to learn about Him , pray for one another, laugh, and enjoy God's blessings, sometimes reminding each other that YES, we truly are blessed, even if at the moment we don't feel it. "Yes, I shall joyfully sing of Thy lovingkindness in the morning , for Thou hast been my stronghold , and a refuge in the day of my distress , O my strength , I will sing praises to Thee ; For God is my stronghold , the God who shows lovingkindness." Psalm 59: 16,17

Monday, March 17, 2014

Royal Tara Shamrocks For St. Patrick's Day

It is already March, and the day we celebrate Saint Patrick by wearing green and celebrating all things Americans consider Irish. Shamrocks, celtic music , eating corned beef, Irish soda bread , and many imbibe in maybe a bit too much beer. Me, I just got out some shamrock china and cleaned my home. Don't you love this little sugar & creamer ?
You can see just how tiny they are sitting next to Samantha, an American Girl doll I rescued from a thrift store a few years ago. Samantha is sipping her tea from a wee shamrock teacup . I have her out as I get ready for a special time my husband & I will have soon when one of our granddaughters comes over to spend a few days with us as part of her birthday celebration. She'll be bringing her AG doll along and we'll set a table for tea for all of us.

The sugar & creamer were made in Ireland by Royal Tara .

The cup & saucer were made in England by Sandford.
I find the history of St. Patrick himself to be fascinating. He was not Irish, but a Roman born in Britain. I imagine most of you already know his story, but it was not until I had children of my own that I discovered this while we were researching him for a homeschooling project. The stories abut him vary depending on the source, but we do know he was a Christian missionary who's faith and ministry had a lasting effect on Ireland, and many places beyond. If you're interested in the amazing role the Irish played in history you might check out 'How The Irish Saved Civilization'. So Happy Saint Patrick's day to you !

Join in the tea-time festivities with Terri * , Martha * , Sandi * , Bernideen* ,Kathy * & Ruth* . Now that spring-time is here there is even more fun for tea in blog-land . Happy St. Patrick's Day to you !