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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Fairies Host Their Tea Party

The fairies had their tea party today.
 Everyone the fairies invited came except the Little's two children. You can see the empty chair next to Mr. & Mrs. Little. Mrs. Little was fearful for her children's safety in the great outdoors, and who can blame her ? If you were small enough to be eaten by a large bird, a roving cat, a bullfrog,or even a squirrel...wouldn't you be fearful? Mrs. Little left the children at home in the china hutch with their Grandpa.( She did admit to being a tiny bit afraid for herself too.)
Mr. & Mrs. Bear were there...
...Papa Bear enjoyed his tea in a wooden mug,
Mama Bear was happy to sip tea from a lovely china teacup
 after being presented this lovely bouquet of campion flowers & fern tips. She loves it when Papa bear is so thoughtful and romantic.
 Baby Bear got his own large cupcake ( large being relative) and although he wanted a porcelain tea-cup like the fairies, his parents insisted a log cup was just right for him.
Mr. & Mrs. Little had to admit they did enjoy tea, even though they were concerned about the large birds they saw overhead.They also missed their children.Mrs. Little thought the fireweed blossoms her husband picked for her were her favorite color and deliciously beautiful. She is appreciative of how the fireweed here on Cedar Pond and the surrounding area feeds the bees and helps make the honey she so loves.Mr. Little was polite, but really wanted to read his book.
 The menu for tea was tiny breads, cakes,hard boiled Zebra Finch eggs, and fresh blueberries and raspberries.And tea.You can see tea is served in different size miniature tea sets.There are 3 sizes shown above.

 The sun did not peek out of the cloud cover today and the temperature did not exceed 68 degrees, but there was no rain and the party was pleasant. Lilac & Lavender were very happy to host a tea party for their friends.They were thankful they had chairs and tea sets to suit all their teensy friends.Maybe they will host their next party in their little garden, when it is finished. They still have a lot of weeding and planting to do, but they love this kind of work.

I do not know who made the tiny tea sets I have shown. None have labels indicating origin. However, I am linking with the ladies listed below for Tea Time Tuesday.Check out their blogs to see what's being served for tea in their homes.Next week I have a new tea cup to show, so please come back for Tea Time Tuesday !
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Marrying Day Dress

My wedding dress.
My oldest granddaughter modeled it for me. I had saved it for 39 years and thus far, I don't think anyone I had saved it for desired it, except as a souvenir of a special dress Mom wore.Our oldest granddaughter, not yet at an age where she is interested in boys but excited by dress-up expressed an interest in it.She modeled it for me and also allowed me to talk about my marrying day to her Grandpa, 39 years ago.Barefoot and wearing a pair of gloves a kind man and owner of an antique store gave her, she posed in front of the garden overflowing with the fireweed her grandpa treasures for his honeybees.
 My marrying day dress, special to me because I wore it the day I gave myself to my beloved.I pray my grandchildren remember they are special to Him, and they give their love in marriage ( and only in marriage) to one who loves Him.A simple prayer and request for the grandchildren I love. Should God grant it, they will know a life full of blessings and true joy. "Let marriage be held in honor among all..."Hebrews 13:4

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Hot Summer Day Tea Party & Fairy Gardens

A tea party on a very hot summer day can be a delight in spite of the heat.Just ask 4 of my granddaughters.
I was in eastern Washington last week,for a week, caring for our youngest son & his wife's home & pets, and also caring for our oldest son's 4 daughters.I combined the two duties for some fun for all of us. A summer tea party and making fairy gardens at our youngest son & wife's home.( The pets got lots of treats and loving)
I planned this tea party before I left home ( a 6 hour drive away). I packed my butterfly teacups, a pink teapot, and a multicolored tablecloth.The menu was to be whatever seemed good for the weather and / or the busyness of my week there.(Note the chair in the back right made of horseshoes by our youngest son, a farrier.)
When the day of the tea party arrived, it was at least 100 degrees.I almost decided naps in the shade would be the plan for the day but the expectant faces of 4 granddaughters would not allow for wilting.They do very well in the heat so what was my problem? Mint tea, ham & cheese sandwiches, and lots of watermelon were perfect.Plus, pink lemonade, ice water, and a shady porch!
All 4 girls made their own fairy gardens. This is the garden our youngest granddaughter made. She insisted on this dolphin for hers.The girls all painted their own birdhouses and planted and arranged their own gardens.
I love the way each of my grandchildren seem to know what they like and how they want to arrange things when we embark on a project.
The girls moved the fairy gardens to their home, hopefully in a place not too sunny where they will flourish.I know the girls were pretty excited about their gardens, and the tea party. We even had ice cream after we were done planting the fairy gardens. And , no, we did not forget the fairies, they will be in their gardens soon.
Cheers, and keep cool!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

39 Years Ago...

God has been so good to me.39 years ago today I married the man I love.I love him more & more as the years go by. Thank-you God for my husband. Thank-you Jim for your love to me.What an adventure we've had.Happy Anniversary! "...keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins...as each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God." I Peter 4 :9,10

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Miniature Gardens

My grandchildren & I made our fairy gardens.
 I suppose I should not call them all fairy gardens though. This one made by my oldest grandson is a miniature farm garden,complete with greenhouse, growing grass and grazing cows.
 Now here is a fairy garden our granddaughter made.
 This garden even has a name,'Fairy Heaven Gardens'.
 This granddaughter made her own little fairy garden too.
 The fairy looks quite comfy sitting back in her little chair ,enjoying her own garden.
Although our youngest grandson enjoys playing with his sisters' fairy toys, he preferred to make himself a Truck Garden. He thinks the best places of all are filled with piles of dirt and rocks for trucks to work in.
Life around here got pretty busy, requiring me to be away from the gardens, so the fairies and Mrs. Little postponed their garden party just for me. So much to do in the gardens to prepare, so many berries to pick, herbs to harvest,and weeds...WEEDS! Life in the summer is always very busy, but fun too.I hope you're enjoying your summer, and not spending too much time indoors at the computer. Go outside and make a miniature garden , enjoy tea with the fairies, the children, or by yourself as you sit in the shade and remember all your blessings.