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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Root Beer Taste Test, Foamy Delight!

Well it is almost Christmas! Are you ready? We determined we would have more time for what is important this year and although we are still busier than we had forseen, we have been enjoying some pretty important people, our grandchildren! (above is part of a winter vignette on the kitchen bar that separates the kitchen from our living room) We had the great blessing to be able to have our oldest grandchild , C.T. spend the night with us. Now that he is getting older there are other things he likes to do, and we still want him to enjoy his time with us. One of C.T.'s favorite things is root beer! C.T. received a root beer making kit last year for Christmas and he made root beer, has learned a lot about it along the way and he has saved his very last bottle of home made root beer for New Year's Eve. Since C.T. now has his own blog with permission and complete and total supervision from his parents, he just might share with us how the last bottle of root beer tasted. ( Please?) Together C.T. and I decided he and his Poppa, who also loves root beer, should do a taste test. We bought 4 different brands of root beer. Because both C.T. and Poppa also love a good root beer float we decided the reward after the taste test should be root beer floats. We assembled the 4 bottles of root beer, and 2 glasses for each bottle, along with the mugs, straws and long spoons necessary for the root beer floats.
Poppa and C.T.'s comments went just so:
  • 4th.~ Barq's: as soon as the bottle was opened and poured both said it smelled like orange soda. C.T. said "it doesn't taste like root beer, and he began laughing so hard it was hard to understand him as he said "this is the worst tasting one!" Poppa began laughing too, they both could not get over how awful it was, and kept laughing for quite awhile. Actually, today, hours after the taste test C.T. was still amused by how terrible it was. Both C.T. and Poppa think maybe somebody at the Coca Cola bottling plant forgot to clean the orange soda machine before they changed it to root beer. So there, they are giving Barq's the benefit of the doubt, because who in the world would make such awful root beer on purpose?
  • 3rd.~Parker's :Both said it had an aftertaste,was not too sweet, did not have enough vanilla or caramel taste. C.T. also commented it "was not too spicy". It had very little foam.
  • 2nd: This was a surprise to me, I worked at A & W as a car-hop in the late 60's and early 70's and remember people loving A & W so much they only bought this root beer. They would bring their gallon jugs to be re-filled with this premium root beer.I expected this to be the winner, hands down. In the esteemed opinion of two very important men in my life, A & W is very, very good...Poppa said it has the best old fashioned root beer taste, good vanilla and caramel taste, but #1 is
  • 1st:Mug ! Yes, Mug Root beer. They said Mug has the very best smell, most foam, was darker, and just plain better. So although my picture of the two of them doing a thumbs up in front of A & W, ( guess subconsciously I could not wrap my mind around it not being the best) Mug wins!
Poppa and our oldest Grandchild, and #1Grandson celebrated root beer in the very best way they can think of, as root beer floats. Of course there is nothing better in the very best root beer than the very best ice cream, Tillamook French Vanilla ice cream!
Do they look happy or what?
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Farmgirl Cyn said...

What a fun memory for your grandson to have! He really will never forget that day. And they both got to reap the rewards of their "efforts"!

Anonymous said...

I remember CT getting that root beer making kit. What fun to have a tasting with Poppa. Nalley talked for years about a popular Root Beer he drank as a kid but when he finally located a bottle it did not taste as good as he remembered!

Wobegon Cottage(alice) said...

It is true..Barqs root beer is the worst and it has caffine. It also has a ginger fizzy taste a little like ginger ale. I like A and W the best over homemade vanilla ice cream.

LindaSueBuhl said...

for us it is IBC root beer but any rootbeer float beats NO root beer float any day! What a fun time - CT is growing up and becoming quite a pal for Poppa-looks like a glad time was had by all

Julie Harward said...


Jo said...

Aw... what a great post, and what fun! I love, love, love root beer floats. They are the best...!

When I was growing up, my best friend's mother used to make root beer. I never tasted anything like it. It was foamy and wonderful. A & W root beer came a close second, though.

I love your fireplace, by the way. :-)

Mary said...

Do they look happy? They look like buds! I cannot imagine a better friend than a grandfather.

Merry Christmas, Kathy!

I wonder why I am craving a root beer float right about...now?

Daisy said...

Mmmmm root beer floats! Yummy! Looks like they had great fun. :)

Karen said...

Is it true that Barq is the only one that has caffeine in it? I know your guys had lots of fun with this. Have a great week.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Tell your menfolk "thanks" for the taste test; I'm a root beer lover as well. It would be interesting to know how the home made version taste, hint, hint -smile-.
Merry Christmas!

A. Joy said...

This was a fantastic post! Great photos, very informational and interesting! I guess from now on I won't be allowed to buy anything other than Mug rootbeer. He'll always remember doing this taste test!

KathyB. said...

Farmgirl Cyn,You said it about them both reaping the rewards of this taste test. Root beer and root beer float lovers they were in root beer paradise with this 'sanctioned root beer taste test' !

Mildred, I am hoping CT will share his taste test results on his last bottle of home made root beer. What brand of root beer does Nalley remember drinking?

Wobegone Cottage, A & W was really pretty much a tie in the taste test, so if i doubt go for the A & W every time! And yes, Barq's does say it has caffeine.

LindaSue, you are right, any root beer beats NO root beer as far as root beer lovers go, and these guys would still drink Barq's if there were no other choices. A person has to be practical and not cut off his nose to spite his face you know!

Julie, I would love to see this taste test done by your family and their results! You HAVE to try this! Even if the final result is every one gets a root beer float...

Jo, I have wonderful memories of A & W root beer floats with my Grandmother and I can still see the frosty mugs on the tray outside the car window at the A & W drive-in!Your friend was lucky to have home-made root beer so delicious.

Mary, as I looked at the photos after posting this piece I had tears in my eyes at the delight I saw in their faces as they enjoyed root beer floats together. Yes, CT and his Grandpa love each other dearly and I am so blessed to watch their relationship grow throughout the years.

Daisy, it was fun and tasty! You have to try this taste test with your men....

Karen, I haven't checked the bottles but I know Barq's does have caffeine..now I need to check the bottles of root beer left here in our home.And they did have fun. It is always a good time when we can enjoy common joys with our family , isn't it?

Thistle Cove, Sandra, I am hoping CT will share his final taste test on his blog on New Year's day.

A.Joy, our Grandson, your son, , C.T. is a young man and it is so wonderful to share his views on so many things and hear him talk about his passions..I hope he always remains true to what he proclaims, especially in areas of faith and ethics, and yes...root beer!Besides, he is just plain fun.

Deanna said...

Loved this post! Root Beer is fantastic and makes the best floats.

Looks like alot of fun for the family,

Lisa said...

Fun post! My boys love root beer. I will have to ask them which are their favorites. I always get the brands mixed up! Glad to hear you are enjoying the season.

Christmas blessings!

Btw - I love your adorable little sheep.

Nishant said...

he drank as a kid but when he finally located a bottle it did not taste as good as he remembered!
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