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Monday, April 11, 2011

Just A Little Bouquet

The granddaughters rushed in clutching something in their hands they hid from my view. As they worked together the two of them said "don't look Grandma, this is a surprise for you". I was busy mashing potatoes while my homemade baking powder biscuits were baking.The table was set, the sliced roast venison and most delicious gravy were hot and ready for the table as were the vegetables. The birthday cake had been frosted and decorated by one of the granddaughters minutes before with my husband's supervision. I was rushing to get everything on the table so we could sit down to a hot meal and also have time to celebrate our oldest sons' birthday before the evening hour was too late. I am a great multi-tasker and was also cleaning as I cooked . Cleaning the counter tops, loading the dishwasher, un-loading the clothes dryer, picking up toys all eight of our grandchildren had dropped here and there. Rushing down the hall-way to check on another grandchild and discovering I had to straighten up all the little shoes , boots ,and wet socks, coats and oh my - the floor needed a clean-up because after the grandchildren had played near the pond and gone on boat rides with Grandpa there was mud all over the place. Whew. Then the granddaughters presented their surprise to me. A little bouquet of flowers. Nothing in this bouquet would grab the attention of a florist, but just look at this through the eyes of children who take time to look, really LOOK at the world around them.Look at the care taken to carefully arrange this bunch of weeds and flowers. A pine cone, some moss, dandelions, twigs and a few anemones from our graveled entry-way. The bulk of the bouquet is made up of my most hated plant on our property, that blasted shot-weed !I hate the stuff and fight it all spring, summer and fall. I stopped rushing about for a moment ( but just a moment) and looked at this offering of love I almost overlooked in my busyness and said a quick "thank-you". Have you ever noticed what delicate little flowers shot-weed has? The blossoms look like snowflakes. No wonder our youngest granddaughter has been bringing me hands full of shot-weed to put into little cups of water. She sees what I have not taken time to notice. Today the 4 granddaughters who have been here during their spring break went home. I cried because I already miss them. I cleaned while I cried and found a lone sock under their bed, a toy they will miss when they get home,pictures drawn for me in crayon & marker. Then I picked up the little bouquet to toss it out of the creamer and really saw the care they had taken in arranging this precious bouquet,just for me. I did not toss out the little bouquet but placed it within sight of my kitchen sink,then I cried again. When will I ever learn to be IN and appreciate the very moment God has given to me ? ~"Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things ; but only a few are necessary, really only one, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her." Jesus - Luke 10 :41,42
Thank-you KN & KB for this precious little bouquet, it is beautiful.


Debbie said...

Oh, Kathy; you've made me cry too. Being In the moment. What a beautiful reminder of noticing the things that DO matter. I always feel such a letdown after the girls visit and leave. I still enjoy having them with us so much.
Thank you for the candid and touching comment you left on my blog. I pray that it will touch many. I'm not sure all of us WERE planned pregnancies. My parents at 40 had 4 more raised, and 2 of my sisters were expecting at the same time mom was pregnant with me. I'm so thankful she didn't decide to do away with the 'inconvenience'.

LindaSue said...

It is the unexpected moments - lessons God gives us through His favorite ambassadors - children. Bless y'all - now is all we have so savor the now (says the pot to the kettle!)

Deanna said...

Sweet Spring Blessings to you, Kathy!!!
What an awesome Grandma you are. I know your Grands love you and think you're wonderful.

The flowers that you were presented are a way of saying to you that Grandma will love this and it will make her Happy! You're sweet Grands have a blessing in you.

I use to think weeds were so pretty and they brightened my life! grins.

I enjoyed your post!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

How sweet!



Cora from Hidden Riches said...

It was so good to read your post this morning! It's really true that we don't "SEE" the gifts that God sends our way in the busy moments of the day. I wonder sometimes when we lost the vision of a child and started missing all the simple beauties around us. I read your comment today over at Deb's blog. Thank you for that, too. I always knew you were one special gal!!!! Another gift from His heart!

Pondside said...

In all that busy-ness, isn't it wonderful that you had your sweet granddaughters to bring you the bouquet that made you slow down and really look? What a gift!
Great post!

PeregrineBlue said...

oh you darling. i know what you mean because luckily i am still like that too, i pick wildflowers and little tiny flowers all the time and make little bouquets. i can just imagine the love they were feeling putting it together. how much they love you.

my email cannot answer mails, only receive therefore my silence regarding your last emial to me. i knew there was a good explanation for the gun thing. i totally understand now and didn't realize you are left alone so many times out of the year. i would definitely carry one around if i were living there.

please be careful. there are too many looneys.

Lady Jane said...

Such a sweet post Kathy. Our precious precious grands are so wonderful... I must say though I got winded reading it, lol...

Dolores said...

Kathy..... I am crying as I read this sweet and touching post.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought of thanking God for the 'things/experiences' that I'm going through with David's Alzheimers...., but you know.... I'm learning to slow down and smell the roses. I've spent most of my life in a big hurry.....I'm appreciating the small things (but they aren't really the small things)..... I'm thinking you're blessed to appreciate them right now!
Hugs to you sweet friend!

Connie said...

Lovely post, Kathy. We all forget to stop and enjoy the moment we are in, I think. What a sweet gesture that little bouquet was on behalf of your granddaughters. :)

Nancy M. said...

Oh, I understand! My littlest is always giving me little flowers, or usually weeds. I am trying to remember to take the time and really appreciate them!