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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Celebration

How many kids can you fit into a kiddie pool? This is really family togetherness.
My husband and I had the privilege of hosting a 2 day Sister's Reunion with my sisters and their families. We gathered here to celebrate being family and the 4th of July. We had gunnysack races...
...water balloon toss and fights.
Children marveled at frogs,
close up,
and snakes too. Here my husband is showing the children a snake he found, and being the big kid he is, he chased my sisters around with the snake, to the great delight of the children. They loved seeing my sisters running and screaming. ( Sorry sisters )
The children made their own stick horses,
then raced them.
There were 3-legged races,
An aunt chatting with a niece...
...an uncle cuddling a nephew.
Slip n' slide,
painting bird houses,
a 4th of July parade,
a make your own ice cream sundae buffet with all the toppings and whip cream any kid ( or grown-up ) could want, as much as they wanted.Of course there was barbecue. We had boat rides, lawn games, just sit & visit time.
" Celebrate :..commemorate or rejoice over..." Funk & Wagnall Dictionary Celebrating family and our country's Independence Day with love and thankfulness, truly a blessing not to take for granted.


Timi said...

You REALLY had great time :o)!!!!
So many kids and they are all soooo lovely!!!
Thank you for the photos! I love them ♥!

Anonymous said...

Even though the photos reflect lots of fun and family, they don't even scratch the surface of how much love was busting out of our hearts and spilling all over each other. It was a wonderful wonderful time. We are f a m i l y and this is ho we l o v e.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these very touching pictures. What a blessing to have this time of fellowship together. Nothing more precious than the genuine smile of a child! Thank you Lord for answered prayers.

Under Her Wings said...

Kathy, what an interesting life you life! I know you must love living in your wonderful setting. Being a city girl, I've missed out on that. Thanks for visiting my blog. I think we all need to hear that! Blessings to you and yours. Gloria

Southern Comfort said...

That is the way to put on a party! I love all the activities and the ice cream bar. Your pictures captured the mood for me...I'd love to have been there.

Connie said...

What a fun day and delightful way to spend time with family. I loved all the photos, Kathy. I do think you may need to get a bigger pool by next July, though, because those kids are going to be bigger by then, and they're not all going to fit in there. HAHAHA! Such a cute picture! :D

Pondside said...

Fantastic celebration! What a treat it must have been to have all those kids, little and big, all together at one time. The ice cream buffet - a little one's dream!

Deanna said...

Howdy Kathy!!!
What a great Get Together you had. Like the tub of water balloons!!! Sure gave me a great idea for when we have a Family Get Together in hot weather and outside fun.

July Celebration with Family, Food and Fun.
Sweet Blessings.
Think about you and lift up a prayer for family.

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a good time and lots of fun!


LindaSue said...

yes ma'am - now THAT is a family gathering filled with fun and love. Jim chasing your sisters with the snake is just TOO classic. Your children are the crown of your years aren't they? Love it!

PeregrineBlue said...

by far the best way to live life, enjoying the simple yet bonding things that make family. reminds me of the birthday parties i used to give my children. sack races are the best as are the egg on a spoon race.
i am in the process of answering your beautiful letter. it touched me so, i hadn't received a handwritten letter in ages.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a beautiful clan and what a happy time y'all had...God has blessed you so greatly, Kathy!

Dolores said...

The love your family has for one another is so beautiful and magical!!!!
I'm in tears right now, after looking at these sweet pictures of your family..... God is good!!!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

What a special, special day. I want to come over, lol!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, Kathy, I really appreciate your visits.

Kathy M.