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Friday, June 1, 2012

Arbors To Craft, Kiwis To Plant,Doves To Enjoy

One of my favorite places at the front of our home is the dovecote ( structure in the left of the photo) my husband built me that is home to some of my white ring-neck doves. I also have 3 white bantam cochins living in it. My husband has been busy re-landscaping this area because the ice storm this past winter destroyed some of the trees and bushes here.
To the left of the dovecote is an arbor my husband is building , part of a landscape design my daughter's husband drew up for us and also helped begin.( Our beloved son-in-law Thomas is very talented in this).
This arbor has kiwi planted on either side. This is a very sunny area and the kiwi will grow quickly , hopefully giving us shade and fruit.We will be putting a swing under the arbor. This arbor looks out over the lawn and the pond. My husband is not finished with the arbor yet, and has already begun another arbor that will be close to this one, as a grape-vine covered an entrance to the red gravel area in the top picture.The little building in the background is my husband's honey-house.

Having the doves so close to the house and also an outdoor eating area is very soothing and also fun to watch. My husband and I often eat our dinner together in this area when the weather permits, and we have also put a small fountain pond in this area where we watch the goldfish as we listen to the water gurgle and the doves coo and laugh.

 This is to the right of the dove cote,the closed red umbrella is shown open in one of the photos above. This photo was taken a few weeks after the first photos, the rhododendrons blossomed 2 weeks ago and are still loaded with blooms.
Here is my view of the dove cote from one side of the front porch. When the arbor is done ( soon) I will be able to see it too. Even better, when the grapes & kiwis grow up and over the arbors, there will be shade, a welcome respite from the hot summer sun . I will add more posts showing the project as my husband finishes it, he has a lot of projects though. He plants and tends the vegetable gardens, keeps the bees,and along with his  full time job , it is important we actually DO sit down together and enjoy the peaceful garden rooms and areas we have created."As for man, his days are like grass; As a flower of the field,so he flourishes. When the wind passes over it , it is no more; and its place acknowledges it no longer.But the lovingkindness of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him." Psalm 103:15-17


Debbie said...

What a beautiful place. You have many nice ideas and your husband is a skilled craftsman. I imagine it is pleasant to hear the doves as you sit and look at the beautiful landscape. It is so nice to make lovely places to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. In town it takes a lot of imagination! :D

A.K.W. said...

We have kiwi on our arbor that is near our main barn which is doing very well, we've had it for several years now, it did have fruit on it a couple years ago.


Dolores said...

I love doves!! They sound so peaceful and they're such beautiful birds.
Your husband has done a marvelous job in building and landscaping your lawn. It looks so beautiful!
I've NEVER seen a kiwi plant.....I've eaten the fruit from the store. I would imagine they won't grow in Texas.

Paula said...

What a beautiful and serene place, Kathy~ it's nice to have a spot that close to your house where you can relax and enjoy nature!

Connie said...

Those arbors will be so nice to have once they are done. I have very fond memories of a grape arbor that my grandmother had when I was a little girl. I can remember so clearly the grapes hanging down in bunches from the vines. She let us eat as many as we wanted, and she made grape jelly from them every year.

Anonymous said...

You two have created a lovely oasis, Kathy. So much of God's beauty to take in and enjoy. Blessings to you both this weekend.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh Kathy - what a lovely and serene place! You're so blessed to be able to have such projects in the making. I'm really struggling with keeping the farm going; no help since Dave died and my strength and abilities wan as time goes by. Daily, asking God for wisdom and guidance.

Kim said...

So pretty and peaceful!

cairncottage said...

Hi, Kathy. I just joined you thru Google. Your garden area is so beautiful!! And I bet the doves are so soothing to listen to!! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Stop on over to my blog, if you get a chance. I love gardening, too.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Kathy, have you guys ever been featured in a magazine ... like Better Homes and Gardens or Sunset? Dang. Everything is so beautiful.

The ice and wind storms did so much damage, but look at you now ... recreating a new landscape and trying new things. A rebirth of your property. Yay!

Kathy M.

Shona Martinez said...

Hi, Kathy! Have you installed the swing you planned to put in the arbor? Your arbor is in the perfect spot, which would become even better if you have a swing there. Doesn’t it feel soothing to sit in the swing with your husband while looking at the lush lawn and serene pond? ->Shona Martinez