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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spot On New Chicks & Blogging

This is one of a dozen new chicks that hatched out yesterday, under the careful brooding of 3 Silkie hens. The chicks are purebred bantam Cochins ( white) or bantam Silkie / Cochin crosses. They all have a frizzled father, which means they can have very curly feathers causing them to look like your fluffy house slippers.

My husband & I have been working overtime to replace our storm-damaged fences, clean up our acreage, harvest our gardens, harvest the honey from our bees, get ready for the Puyallup Fair where we exhibit my Jacob Sheep for 5 days, prepare for the winter by stacking firewood & hay to last, and joyfully get ready for my baby sister to stay with us for awhile while she considers what job she'll choose and where she'll live. Yay! My youngest sister will finally be home where she belongs!

Meanwhile, I am still tending my flocks of chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, and all the while preparing for many imminent events of great joy. I have not been able to spend much time on-line because of the things I need to do daily, and also because our computer is not behaving . Naughty computer. I have been reading your blogs, of course, downloading blogs  is taking a lot of time, so I get household chores and cooking done while waiting to read my favorite blogs. Then, because my computer is in need of replacing, I have to take time ( LOTS ! ) to comment. After this month my husband and I are hoping to replace our dinosaur of a computer , but please know, I appreciate your comments and I am reading your blogs, and hopefully soon, will re-join active blogdom, comments and all. Because, really, how can you NOT read a great blog and comment?

If you're interested in chickens, check out my other blog, JUST CHICKENS *.


A.K.W. said...

It's cute! Glad you'll be getting a newer computer soon.


Deanna said...

God bless you! You are a very busy Lady. Wish I had your energy.
The chikkie is sweet. The best to you with the computer. I remember being so happy to spend time at our dinosaur before the laptop invasion. They are nice after you get use to the smaller comp in your lap. It is fun to sit the laptop at the dining room table and listen to something while I work at something else.
Have a wonderful week-end!

Debbie said...

How wonderful to know you're there! It's exciting to get a new computer once it's up and running. Change over can be perplexing! Good luck with that! Sounds like you are busy and have much to look forward to. You go!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hi Kathy - the chick is so cute, bless you for having chickens. I'm overwhelmed trying to raise a kitten. Best of success on the new computer; I'm a total loss when it comes to anything techy; that was Dave's realm.

LindaSue said...

Busy with good things - I totally get needing newer computer - we upgraded in past two years and already seems slow! Chicks are fun - I have an order in for a few americaunas - not at all thrilled with my rare breeds purchased last spring. I am basically NOT blogging now and don't foresee starting up again - but I also read without always commenting. Your life stays so richly blessed - just enough challenges to keep us saying "thank you Lord, no matter the circumstances I am blessed!"

Connie said...

Very cute chicks! Slow computers drive me crazy. I don't have enough patience. I hope a new one will solve the problems for you, Kathy. Sounds like you've got plenty to keep you busy in the meantime. Good luck and have fun at the fair!

Anonymous said...

Sweet little chick! So happy that you and your sis will have this time together. We know you are super busy and computer problems are very frustrating. Update us when you can. Sending my love to you all.

joanne said...

oh those tiny little chickies are adorable! I would sit around and play with them all day and never get around to blogging! Don't worry...we'll be here waiting for the next update. Best wishes for the fair, doesn't look like we'll get there this year but I sure would love to share a cuppa tea sometime.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Kathy! I enjoyed catching up on your last three posts. So glad that you guys are getting everything fixed and are organized for winter. Have a wonderful time at the fair. I am happy for you to be getting a new computer; you will be having fun with it.


Kathy M.

Dolores said...

Oh, what a precious little chicken.... it looks like a stuffed animal.... I bet your grandchildren love looking at them.

Best wishes to your sister on decisions and jobs, meanwhile enjoy one another's company.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

I think we all have been in the same situation at one time or another when it comes to computers. Hope to see you blogging like you want soon!

Paula said...

Of course you knew a picture of a chick would get a *squeeeal* from me, Kathy! *haha*
I'm headed over to the Chicken blog right now!