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Saturday, November 24, 2012

We Gathered Together

"Happy the home where prayer is heard and praise is everywhere, where parents love the sacred Word and its true wisdom share."  St. Agnes." When I call to remembrance the faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother,..and thy mother." II Timothy 1:5

This is the first Thanksgiving in 60 years my father-in-law has celebrated without his wife by his side. The first Thanksgiving any of their children ( my husband included) have not had their mother here to wish a "happy Thanksgiving".Yet, all of them love God and give thanks for all their blessings, knowing they will eventually be reunited in Heaven with their loved ones who love Him. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below, praise Him above ye heavenly host, praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.Amen." doxology


Debbie said...

Isn't that Alice sitting on your husband's left? We bloggers get around. So glad you had your family around you on Thanksgiving. I had to be thankful alone, but it was easy as I have so much to be thankful for! :D

Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for each of you, Kathy. Thank you for sharing this photo.

LindaSue said...

I was wondering same thing - looks like lovely Alice there! Beautiful scene - I share your FIL's pain of "firsts" this year but as I am sure all of you do - give thanks for the sure and certain promise of eternity together will ALL those who love the Lord. Thanks for sharing with us -

Pondside said...

After the loss of a beloved mother and grandmother, it is good to be able to count on the traditions she fostered and the feeling for family she must have instilled. I believe there's healing in every coming together.

Deanna said...

Kathy, Blessings to you!
As we gathered to eat our Thanksgiving Dinner with Family, we sang the doxology. Loved it.

Enjoyed my visit with you today. May you have a delightful day.

I looked around as we ate and so many loved ones are no longer with us. We are all getting older and I really noticed it this year.

I was blessed to be with Family,

myletterstoemily said...

aw, this was the first year my mother in law
had thanksgiving without her husband of 60
years! we missed him terribly!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Sad for you missing her, but happy that you were all together. You already have your tree up?

Happy Thanksgiving, a bit late.

Kathy M.

A.K.W. said...

This was our 1st Thanksgiving without my maternal Grandma, she passed away on September 30, 2012 and my Grandpa (her husband) has been gone for almost 7 years now and my Great Uncle (my Grandma's brother) has been gone for almost 7 years and my other Grandpa has been gone for almost 6 years.

But I celebrated Thanksgiving with my parent's, Grandma (my Dad's Mom) and my brother and we'll be celebrating Christmas with my brother tomorrow with my sister and brother-in-law before my brother leaves for India then we'll do Christmas with my sister and brother-in-law on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Kathy. My heart breaks for your FIL.

Paula said...

I'm so sorry, Kathy... even though you had many family members there, I know it must have been sad for there to be one missing.
Blessings to you, and I hope you all had a wonderful time together.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

So sorry for your missed loved one at the table.......but know that she is sitting at the wonderful table of our Lord! What a wondeful Thanksgiving photo of everyone at your table! Have a great week!

Alice said...

Yes. That is me( Alice) sitting next to my brother and dad. Kathy was so nice to be there even though we just lost mom. Dad is having a tuff time partly because he is so sick himself. Glad we can rely on God during this time of loss. The Holidays this year will be bittersweet. I am not sure how long Dad will be able to hang on. God is keeping us all going and we are enjoying the time we have. Thank you so much for hosting the dinner.

Connie said...

I'm so sorry, Kathy. I know how difficult it is to have someone missing from the table. We do have the peace of knowing our loved ones are in Christ's presence, and that is such a blessing. Beautiful family photo!

Dolores said...

60 years, such a long time to be together. The knowledge of knowing we'll be with our loved ones again, makes it bearable.

Your family around the Thanksgiving table with the beautiful tree, makes a beautiful picture.

Your family is in my prayers.

Deanna said...

Hi Kathy. Appreciate your sweet comments and hearing from you. In my Family, the children's names are David, Debbie, Deanna and Danny. My oldest brother goes by David, but he was named after both my Grandfathers, Harold David. I think it is neat when I hear that others have named their children the same as mine! God bless and may your Christmas Season be extra special as our LORD is! I love this time of year with all the celebrations and colors. I love it!
God bless,

KathyB. said...

Debbie, that IS Alice. She is staying with my husband's ( and hers) father until after Christmas.

Maple Lane, thank-you !

LindaSue, it is Alice, and thank-you.

Pondside, thank-you for your encouraging words. I too, think there is healing in coming together.

Deanna, that is a lovely tradition !
My Letters To Emily, 60 years, such a long time, such a life time.It must be almost as bad as losing most of yourself. How does one go about day to day with most of the reason for life having died?

Oregon Gifts, thank-you !

KathyB. said...

Goatpod, you sound like a very close family, and it must be so good for you to have other loved relatives to be with during the holidays even after losing other precious grandparents.I hope this holiday season is extra special for you Amy.

Thistlecove, thank-you Sandra. I think his heart is broken now, but he does trust in Jesus and gives Him all glory & honor, and he weeps with joy over his grandchildren & great-grandchildren. We love him so much.

Paula, thank-you, what you said is so true.

Eggs In My Pocket, thank-you.And yes, she loved Jesus and she is now feasting with Him !

Alice, it is a privilege and honor. It was also extra special with you there ! ( your caramels are the very best)

Daisy, thank-you ! You're right,it softens the loss knowing she is with Him.

Dolores, 60 years, more than half a century. It is such a long time to share your life with a person, and it is a testimony to God's love & mercy that He is able to bind 2 people together for so long "until death do you part", for the right reasons!( as with you and David )