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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Walk Around Cedar Pond & Tea On The Porch

 This Limoges teacup and saucer were given to me by my sister, via her friend Elaine. Thank-you Elaine,this is a beautiful teacup !

 Yesterday was unseasonably warm and sunny. I had considered not posting for Tea-time Tuesday, opting for a bit of gardening and a walk in the sunshine to drink in all the glories of new life beginning to unfurl and burst around Cedar Pond, but since I also wanted a cup of tea, I decided to combine my passions for both. Look at the exotic bird on this teacup, he looks fierce and proud and ready to fly.

 My two Labs, full sisters from two separate litters born here on Cedar Pond accompanied me. They sat for this picture after already swimming in the pond. They love to be with me, and if a walk around the pond is called for, they know they are going to have a great time. Their names are Willow (left) and Bea. They know their names too, which makes it easy for me to walk with them, because I know they know who I am talking to or commanding as we walk. Example: "WILLOW, NO !" and Willow knows she is to stop what she is doing, but Bea continues on. My dogs love, know, and obey me, and know I mean what I say or command them. This is always so important when you have dogs and also what makes having dogs  a blessing ,rather than a problem. When they remember who is the boss in the pack ( and they know it is me) they are secure and know how to behave, not out of fear, but confidence, knowing the way life operates is consistent.This also offers them freedom . But I digress.

Willow, Bea, and my husband's dog Hawk romping and splashing in the pond.
 I was overjoyed to discover the crocuses were blooming and my husband's honeybees were buzzing  and humming in and out of them and the many primroses we have around Cedar Pond.

The ducks have been amorous for the last month, which is a sure sign that no matter the temperature spring is on its' way. Here are my 2 Call ducks, the drake is forefront. He is a seasoned veteran around here, surviving the devastating coyote raids, and fathering quite a few ducklings.

Look, the ducks have begun to lay eggs. So have my turkeys. When the ducks and turkeys begin laying eggs, it is a sure sign spring is here, no matter what the weatherman says.

The lambs were sunning themselves against the sun-warmed tree stumps, yes...lambs and warm places to sleep outside mean spring is here.

The teacup bird. Is this a Phoenix or pheasant ? Does anyone know? I have searched and searched the internet for any information on this teacup, to no avail.

The roses on the other side of the teacup.

" M-Fires, Limoges Made In France "
I sipped a cup of very hot mint tea from this cup after my walk around Cedar Pond. The sunshine cheered me until sunset. The walk around Cedar Pond was a reminder to me the seasons come and go and usually life will continue in the patterns God has established from Creation. My animals and the wild birds and animals who have chosen to reside here have an instinct He created that causes them to live accordingly, and produce young, rear them, and then start again all over the next season. Yes, the spring mating rituals of the wild birds, the beginnings of nesting time, the new lambs, newly laid eggs of my ducks, chickens, and turkeys all point to spring as having arrived here. Bring on Spring!
A very happy Labrador Retriever. Bea is waiting for me here on our private road beside the pond to throw her a stick. If she is very lucky, I'll throw it into the pond so she can swim and run in the mud before returning it to me. A romp in the pond and the mud, a few sticks to fetch, a bit of digging, and time with the person they love. Life is pretty simple for a dog, and life is really pretty simple for us. Someone to love, someone who loves us. Chores, work, and tasks that are needful and remind us we are needed. A simple cup of tea....not so very difficult, not so unobtainable, and a good reminder of the many blessings we often forget to remember because a lovely teacup and sustaining cup of tea are simple blessings beyond measure, and shared in good company are priceless.
I am sharing a bit of tea with the ladies listed below, please check out their tea times! You'll be glad you did. ~


Brenda said...

I started transplanting the primroses I buy to brighten up my kitchen in the spring around our pond. They really do great there. But we still have over a foot of snow covering everything so it will be a while before we see any pretty blooms. I enjoyed seeing yours though, reminds me it is just around the corner.

Bernideen said...

That is a lovely cup and saucer. I love your header too! It looks like spring for you! Thank you for linking to Friends Sharing Tea.

Unknown said...

I would not know what type of pheasant that is but I am sure it must be a pheasant. There is a great variety of pheasant-type birds from all over the world...mostly Asia...in Pioneer Park, Walla Walla. Very cool place and worth visiting...many colorful like this one on the cup. Blessings! ~Anita

Antiques And Teacups said...

Live you teacup. What a pretty design! It certainly looks like spring at your place! The lambs are so cute! We have been trying to see some on the farms around us, but we must be looking when they are in other pastures. Great place for a spring ramble.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Lambs, duck eggs, crocuses... Spring has arrived where you are. Sigh... sadly it has not here. The snow has started to melt, but we found out on the news tonight that they are calling for more to arrive. But... it's time for little green leprechauns and irish jigs and parades. We need the roads and sidewalks to be clear in a week!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I enjoyed our walk around the farm and the tea on the porch. I knew spring was here and duck eggs are a sure sign. Your photos are beautiful. Enjoy more of those walks it is still snowy here but that is fine by me for the time being:) B

Snap said...

Your new to you Limoges teacup is wonderful and I'm going to guess that it is a phoenix -- just to be different! It is lovely. I really enjoyed seeing all the animals and spring springing. So nice to have a walk around the farm with you. Happy Tea Day!

Clara said...

I am so glad I discovered your blog! Have a nice day.

LindaSue said...

wonderful visit with you today - I can appreciate the beauty of teacups but truly revel in your beautiful Spot on Cedar Pond --springtime - even the words hold such promise and joy!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Love this post. You are right.........it is the simple basic things in life that make it so rewarding! Love the tea cup and as always, the ducks and lambs! Your dogs have the biggest smiles.........they are very happy!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What could be better than a wonderful walk around the pond and a cup of tea in a beautiful teacup??!! Sounds perfect to me.

icebear said...

Maybe a "Golden Pheasant" ? They have the phoenix look to them. Love those dogs, crocuses and lambs. Your male call duck is very handsome too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, I love touring Cedar Pond with you and the dogs. Such a unique and pretty tea cup you have shared today. We have very strong wind this afternoon. A hot cup of tea sounds delicious to me. God bless you and yours.

Terri said...

Lovely Limoges! So delicate looking, and the pretty oriental design is great! I do love cups with birds on them.
Sweet doggies! They are lucky to be with you on your farm, and I think you are lucky to have them in your heart! They just look like they are having the best time : )

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: You remind me I have to get out into my yard. I have to get in gear. Love you Limoges they have always been my favorites. Blessings, Martha

Karen said...

I think it is a pheasant on the teacup. I spotted crocuses and daffodils in my yard this week and was very excited. Spring is trying hard to visit us! Loved your post today sister.

Karen said...

I think it is a pheasant on the teacup. I spotted crocuses and daffodils in my yard this week and was very excited. Spring is trying hard to visit us! Loved your post today sister.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Kathy, I am so happy that you DID make this post. It is beautiful and full of hope and wisdom.

What a wonderful live that you guys have created, and I am so happy that you share many parts of it with the rest of us.

God bless,

Kathy M.

Connie said...

I enjoyed hearing about your walk and seeing these photos, Kathy. It definitely is looking like spring there.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Kathy,
Your walk around Cedar Pond with your furry companions sounds so lovely. I LOVE springtime when the earth awakens and one can see with their own eyes the wonderful creation our heavenly Father has created for us. Darling lambs!
That is a lovely Limoges teacup! I don't know the bird but I'm sure my son could tell me if he happened to stop by.
Thank you for sharing and coming to tea. Have a beautiful weekend, my friend, and enjoy all those new babies being born.