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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Country Chicks Big Event ~ Rochester, WA

 A friend posted an announcement about the Country Chicks * event to be held on a farm in Rochester, WA last week. On the spur of the moment I packed up my sunglasses, sun hat, bottles of water, loaded up our dog Hawk, to discover what all the excitement was about. Rochester is about 45 minutes away from my home. It was a pleasant sunny day and I knew the drive would be scenic. I took my time on this sweet country drive using back roads going past small towns and farms. This is just a sample of the many, (and I do mean MANY ) booths presented by the Country Chicks , offering a variety of vintage and farm junk gone creative for sale. I will leave off commentary for you to peruse some of the pictures. Click to enlarge any pictures you might wish to further scrutinize.

 What did I buy? Well, since I discovered my whole place could qualify as a Country Chick booth, I realized I lacked nothing for pretty much any of the items that caught my fancy. I only bought this bird cage stuffed with bedding plants. Yes, I do have several old bird cages in my feed room, but the price of this bird cage was cheaper than it would cost me to buy all the plants stuffed into it to turn my own cages into centerpieces. Plus, now I have the tangible idea of this planting here for me to remember to plant up my own farm junk!
Some people's idea of junk is another's idea of treasure, and my day with the Country Chicks inspired me immensely. I decided if I cannot use the last of my farm junk by the end of this year by creating and crafting worthy projects I will really sell it or donate it to those desiring it. How about you ? Do you use your seemingly worthless farm & vintage items to create interesting items for your home, garden, or friends?  Do you sell it at bazaars or on-line? Is it fun ?!?

As I told my sister & husband about my day with the Country Chicks I also informed them that if I should drop dead anytime soon, they only needed to add price tags to most everything around the place to cash in on my "estate" ! All in all, the sunny day driving in the country, seeing the local farms, enjoying the fresh air, and strolling through booths that all reminded me of my home, also reminded me life is good, we are blessed, and anyone can take the bad things in life that might be considered trash or tragedy and turn them into treasure. It truly is in the eye of the beholder.


Connie said...

Kathy, this sounds like a fun day. It's neat how so many antiques and old treasures can be re-purposed and transformed into something new and different.

Vickie said...

Hey Kathy - Now this looks like my kinda place! I love doing things like this -- and my husband will tell you that I already have enough junk! Sounds like you had a very nice day though.

I bought an old iron baby-bed that I had my hubby go with me to pick up in the truck. I had intentions of planting a rose bed or peony bed and I still haven't done this. It's only been 3 years... :)

Happy Mother's Day, sweet lady!

Pondside said...

That must have been such fun, Kathy! If I lived closer I'd have been there too!

Dolores said...

Oh Kathy, this looks like so much fun!!!!!!!! I would love a day like you had. I love the bird cage centerpiece.....what a clever idea.

Debbie said...

Judging from some of the things I saw, I too have amassed quite an estate! However, we can never be too rich and I saw some things I would like to have had. Mostly I'd have had fun with you on the trip! What a nice day and a good post.

Nib's End said...

I bought an old chair without its seat to plant with flowers. It sat in my basement for a few years and then I sold it in a garage sale for one dollar more than I paid for it. I let it go with some reluctance, hoping someone else would have the time to turn it into a piece of whimsical garden art as lovely as those at the beginning of your post. There are so many, many interesting things to do in life; I'm trying to narrow them down to the ones I like the very best. Going for a pleasant drive on a sunny day in the country to find the pot of treasure at the end of the Rochester rainbow is one of those.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Now, this is my kind of place! Glad that you spent a nice day in your own company. How fun.

Happy Mother's Day, Kathy!

Kathy M.