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Monday, October 28, 2013

Weaving Again, Finally !

I am counting and wrapping threads & yarns , making warps ( sounds like a Star Trek adventure ! ) to thread my looms for fall and winter weaving. I find myself humming as I count out the wraps on my warp board. Does this sound like a foreign language to you ? Simply put, I am making a warp, that is what I thread onto my loom so I can then begin to weave. This is my table loom taking up space on my dining room table. I intend to weave a table runner on this loom.
These are bags full of loom ends from the Pendleton Wool Mill. The scraps left over from that Pendleton rug, jacket, shawl ..weavers buy these bags of wool ends by the pound and they are very cheap. Worth it for many of us to travel there to buy them to weave into rugs.
Here is a close up of a bag of wool ends. I will be weaving them into rugs very soon.
My floor loom is on my staircase landing. Here is one view. You can see a basket of hand-spun yarn , one of my spinning wheels, weaving shuttles, and bags of mill ends from Pendleton. I love the cheerful turquoise mill ends with splashes of red, orange, and white . The rugs I can weave from them will be bright and cheerful.
A glimpse of my floor loom ( far right of picture ) with spools of warp thread lined up on my window sill. I have my audio books from the library to listen to and I have already begun to warp ( thread ) my loom. I am so excited to begin weaving again. My calendar is cleared and the week of weaving will begin, finally !


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I have always wanted to try weaving and I can feel your excitement and you never know someday I may get to try it. I love that colour that is going to be a beautiful piece of art when it is done. I cannot wait to see the finished product and now I am excited. Beautiful loom I love watching them work.Hug B

Sandra said...

I love your banner!!

Looks like fun!

JC said...

I bet the puppy will be a great helper.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Weaving and spinning wool has always been an interest to me. I have always yearned to raise sheep, spin their wool and make wonderful yarn and to then weave. You are such an inspiration. I cant wait to see your finished rugs! I see my two little sheep that you created and sent to me every day. They make me smile!

joanne said...

this is fascinating! I love all the bright colours with the muted blues. It looks like so much fun but sounds like a lot of prep work. Anxious to see what you create. ;)

A Primitive Homestead said...

I will look forward to learning all about your weaving.

Nib's End said...

Those bags of wool look like all the colors of a summer's day--sun, sky and good green earth. How nice it will be to have a swatch of summer laying on your floor when it is snowing outside.

What do you hum when you weave?

Lisa Lynn said...

ooooo...those remnants are so pretty! Thanks for visiting me at The Self Sufficient HomeAcre! I'm following you now!

Connie said...

I'm sure whatever you create will be pretty with those bright, cheerful colors. Looks like you are all set to start. Have fun! :)

Deanna said...

Kathy, I have a table top weaver in the garage that I HOPE I will try out after our House is in better order. I have never weaved before. Wanted to try many years ago. May still get my wish as I have been inspired by you!


Lady Jane said...

I love your weaving area. Glad to be back amongst the blogging community again. Thanks for not forgetting me. LJ

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Kathy!

First of all, it is so cool that you do all of this stuff. But as the post continued I found myself congratulating you on creating such a perfect space at the top of your stairs for your floor loom. So much light and you are still part of what is going on.

Just want to stop by and say hello. I haven't been blogging lately, all my creative energy goes into the classroom it seems. I miss you and all my other friends and just wanted to pay you a visit.


Kathy M.

Vickie said...

Hi Kathy - glad you stopped by ~~ I've just been laying low and staying busy with family and my sister. I love that you showed your looms and wools. That blue/turquoise color is gorgeous - can't wait to see what you do with it!