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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Tea in the Garden With The Fairies

 This post is especially for my granddaughters who worked very hard helping me craft a small outdoor tea-room for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The fairies were excited about this party and invited Mr. & Mrs. Little who are currently residing in our china cabinet.
 I decided to make a very big pot of tea for myself and any who dropped in for the tea party . The party was held on the table overlooking the pond where it is cool and shady and a little bit mysterious.

 Mrs. Little dressed up as the White Rabbit. The fairies did invite some of the wild bunnies to the party hoping one of them would portray that character but the bunnies are making themselves scarce because my husband is after them for devastating our vegetable garden. ( No green beans or carrots for us this year. The bunnies got them all.) I'm calling my husband Farmer McGregor nowadays , but I digress. This isn't about Beatrix Potter's books.

Mr. Little was the Mad Hatter. He had a good time sipping his tea, smoking his pipe, and read his book while eating the tiny sandwich my granddaughter MN made for him.
 Can you see the pet bumblebee this fairy has on her wrist ? Granddaughter MN made it for us.
 The food was delicious. There were fairy cakes, boiled finch eggs, cranberries, and acorn bread to eat, and plenty of peppermint tea.
 One of the fairies was dressed as the Queen of Hearts . Granddaughter KN made her costume and the hats worn by a few in the party. These two were whispering about something . Apparently someone forgot to pick fresh blueberries and raspberries for the party but they were too kind to tattle. There was plenty of food though and all was well.

 I watered the hostas growing in big pots by the pond while the fairies partied. This year has been so dry and the water level in our pond is very low for this time of the year.

 My cheerful polka dotted teapot favored by all of my grandchildren.
Tea in the garden this week was pleasant with a little work, mostly watering and dead-heading flowers . I've really made a point of taking time to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee every day to simply take in the beauty of our gardens. It is hard but I am getting better at turning a blind eye to the weeds when I sit and sip my tea.When I sit quietly I see so many things I miss when I am busy , busy, busy. Just look at what I would have missed if I had been too busy today ~ sharing tea with the fairies !

You might want to check out Judith's *Lavender Cottage and Kathleen at *Eggs In My Pocket. They both have beautiful gardens tended with love, but live in very different gardening zones. I think you'll appreciate what each of these ladies has done with their gardens.

Thank-you for taking time to read this long post and have tea with me and the fairies with special thanks to 2 of my lovely granddaughters KN & MN.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, Your sweet granddaughters are very talented and creative. I enjoyed the darling photos of tea time. Wishing you a very nice day.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a sweet little tea party your granddaughters had.


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh you are such an awesome grandma and I enjoyed the tea with the fairies and all of you. HUG B

Connie said...

Kathy, this looks like so much fun venturing into the magical world of make-believe with your granddaughters. So sweet. :) They will remember tea parties with you for years to come.

Timi said...

What a great tea party!!!

Tea in the Library said...

Darling. What a nice memory this tea will make. Looking at these pictures put me in mind of the story of the girls who had the fairy pictures. Early 1900's I think? There was a sweet movie but I can't recall the name.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I would have liked to be there in person to play with you for this tea party Kathy. Sweet fairies, costumes and yummy food.
Afterwards, tea from your pretty yellow polka dot teapot.
We top our pond up with the hose a couple of times a week if it doesn't rain - costly to do as we pay for our water but necessary.
Happy Gardening!

Karen said...

How charming! I love faeries and so does my daughter. She was as charmed as I was that you did this with your granddaughters. You made some lovely, never to be forgotten, memories with your little sweeties.

Deborah Montgomery said...

So much fun, Kathy! Your granddaughters are certainly creative, and their efforts are simply charming. You are helping to create memories that will last a lifetime, and bear much fruit.

Amber said...

This is so darling. I love how you savor your time in your gardens! My daughter would love this!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

This was an adorable tea party!