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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Morning Sip ~ (and Blog Comment Problem)

 I started my morning sipping coffee with Blizzard The Cat and Blue The Betta ( Siamese Fighting Fish) as company.
Blizzard my cat started his day sipping Blue's betta water. To each his / her own.
I read and tried to respond to all your wonderful comments on my last post but each time I commented and hit "publish" Blogger told me it was publishing my comment and then NOTHING, nada, nyet... I tried several times , several ways with the same result. I am not sure what the problem is, but if you somehow get a few comments all at once from me it is because I kept trying. I am sorry to have not been able to leave comments and will try again. If anyone can give me a possible reason for this please let me know. I am reading your blogs and enjoying them, and TRYING to comment !


Karen said...

Fish water, yum! That's a cute photo. I don't know why blogger has weird problems sometimes. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for your comment on my blog about grandmother. When I was a child, there were some older people on our street who were children during the civil war, and would recount stories from that era.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, 'mineral'water for breakfast! Cute capture! Once in a while blogger has the hiccups. I once lost my whole following list, but a few days later it was back. The theme song to 'The Twilight Zone' comes to mind.....:) xx Karen

Connie said...

That's a cute picture of Blizzard. I don't believe I'd care for fish tank water. I'd have to be pretty thirsty to try that. :)

I haven't had problems with Blogger lately, but I have frequently in the past. I have no clue why it acts up the way it does. My first suggestion is to keep trying and hope that it will eventually straighten itself out. Otherwise, you might try using a different browser to access it, or as a last result, contact Blogger for help.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Ick, fish water, what is Blizzard thinking!

I have problems posting on some blogs when I am going through Internet Explorer, but not when I'm on Google Chrome. Yet, my Chrome doesn't always want to open, so I am most often on Explorer. It's frustrating as heck!

Henny Penny said...

That is so cute! Keeping a Beta would be enjoyable, fixed up like yours. It's beautiful! I know absolutely nothing about a computer and it drives me crazy. My sweet daughter helped me get started with a blog and that's about it!

Just Mags said...

What a great company you are enjoying your coffee with. Love the pictures. I don't think I would want to drink fish water so will leave that to Blizzard. Hope the comment issue has worked out. Hugs

Deborah Montgomery said...

Oh dear, I know nothing . . . I always just pray someone somewhere fixes it!! Or, I google the problem and see if there's any advice out there.
Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter tomorrow there in your new home. xo, Deborah

Stella Jones said...

Chuck Croll said:
Hi Stella,

Thanks for sharing your problem today - and welcome to the Blogger Support forums.

I left a test comment pair (one anonymous, one authenticated) on the blog. The blog uses an embedded comment form, with all levels of authentication accepted, and CAPTCHA ("word verification") screening for anonymous comments.

[FAQ] Why can't people post comments on my blog?

The CAPTCHA is a known hindrance, to some potential comments.

People compose their comments, then may have to solve a CAPTCHA. If the CAPTCHA form can't be displayed, people may make comments which will seem to disappear, when they hit "Publish".


Your readers problem start with a filter, on their computers. The Blogger / Google login status, and the ability to post comments, is sensitive to both cookie and script filters. Your readers may need to enable (stop filtering) "third party cookies", in their browser and on their computer.



If your readers are not in the USA, they should consider the effects of country local domain redirection.


I hope that this helps you resolve your problem! I'll look forward to your updates!


This is the reply I got from Blogger when I asked them why people couldn't comment on my blog. It looks to me as if they are trying to move their problem onto us! They then commented on my blog to prove they were right and of course it worked. It's been a muddle ever since they introduced Google Plus.

Your puss cat is lovely. I can see she loves fish. Happy Easter to you.

My Cottage Diary said...

Happy Easter to you and yours, Kathy! God Bless! Bess

Deanna said...

So sorry for the troubles.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hello, your comment went onto my blog........so I hope that by now it has all been resolved. Such a pretty cat and I love your Betta bowl That is so pretty! Hope this finds that you have good weather and not the terrible storms they are showing on the news.

Rian said...

I can only hope that "Blue" stays out of the way when "Blizzard" is sipping his tank water...

As for Blogger problems, I have had that one... where it won't let me comment for whatever reason?

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