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Monday, April 22, 2019


 Last summer I bought about 20 Coturnix Quail. They live in our aviary with the doves and pigeons. The quail occupy and lay their eggs under pine & fir boughs on the floor of the aviary .
Quail eggs are extremely nutritious. "Quail eggs are incredibly nutritious , and even more nutritious than a full-size chicken egg !  Quail eggs are higher in iron,folate, and B12." ( Quoted from article written about quail in the Spring 2019 'Backyard Poultry' by Amy Fewell .)

My husband has been making tasty treats with my quail eggs. In a week or so I will try to incubate the eggs to produce a new generation of quail for our home because quail have a very short lifespan of about 2 years and my quail are almost a year old.

 This is a picture of our aviary taken in February. We had snow until this month. We still have snow in our woods and some of the lower hills. Our aviary is in our front yard and we can view it from our windows and the front porch.

The quail share their side of the aviary with my white ring-neck doves and 1 Frillback pigeon. The other side of the aviary houses 2 pairs of Frillback pigeons and 1 pair of King pigeons.


Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Kathy, I have always loved your idea of a dove aviary, and how wonderful that you now have quail! We used to have two types of quail that would come eat at our feeder every day, even in the coldest winter. Now the oil industry is closing in and destroying surrounding habitat. Much of our quail have dwindled down. Last year I enjoyed watching a couple of quail with their hatchlings. They would bring them up for water and feed. They must have had almost 20 and they all looked like little ping pong balls. So delightful to see! How are the baby goats doing?

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What an interesting post about your aviary dwellers.

Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

ellen b. said...

How fun to have that aviary and enjoy those quail eggs.

Theresa said...

Beautiful! Love those pretty white doves:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!