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Monday, September 14, 2009

Uh Oh! He has a Name...( Mr. Eyelashes)

I do not remember ever naming my ducks before, but this duck has been begging for a name and my recognition.
He literally stalks me when I am outside. He leaves the flock of ducks to hang out near me. Tonight he pecked at the back of the chair I was sitting in, down by the pond. Then he just hung around, watching me. Ordinarily I would just assume this was because I am the one who hands out the food, but Mr. Eyelashes began hanging out around me, and closely , VERY CLOSELY, observing me before I began handing out little treats to my precious ducks.
SEE ?!? So I have named him Mr. Eyelashes, and now I will care more deeply for him than is good for me because my ducks have a way of becoming coyote and raccoon food in spite of our attempts to protect them. Mr. Eyelashes just better make sure he sticks to his pen in the frozen months when the coyotes and raccoons are desperately hungry,especially now that I care too much for him . He is gorgeous, isn't he?
Isn't he gorgeous?


Anonymous said...

What a cute name and yes, he is gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful week Kathy.

Debbie said...

I get involved with every animal around me. I've done that since I was a kid. With the exception of feral cats!
He is a handsome duck. I wonder what he has named you!:)
Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, picture is Maine. And yes, I expect my class will bulge for a few weeks before life kicks in and all is forgotten. And it's no different on the outside.

Mary said...

Mr. Eyelashes is a handsome duck. I do not blame you for falling in love with him.

Have a beautiful day!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Yes, Mr. Eyelashes is beautiful and seems to be quite loving as well. It's always hard to name them and then lose them but I've been doing it all my life. I never seem to learn but gosh, do I ever love them while I have them!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Mr. Eyelashes is a charmer --tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all - I share your indecision about naming things - I try not to name our wethers since they have no function other than meat. BUT right now I have three with definite personalities and names even my DH uses regularly! (maybe they escape the fate of a wether???)

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Just look at his personality shining through! You can't help but fall in love with him! blessings,Kathleen

Southern Comfort said...

He is really beautiful. We finally got around 9 inches of rain during the week and my new tank is 1/2 full. Maybe we can try ducks again in the spring. And, by the way, thanks for the "Doc Martin" series suggestion. We ordered the first disc from Netflix and really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Gooseshooter said...

Fortunately, I never get attached to my animals! :-) ZuZu says, Hi
I knew you reading that book would create problems!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Eyelashes better be careful!


Karen said...

He IS gorgeous!He reminds me of my college crush (I called him Mr. Eyelashes!)

Mary said...

He is gorgeous and I love the name you've given him. I'll wager he's a tad smarter than the other ducks in the pond :-). Have a wonderful day.

Wobegon Cottage said...

Yes he is interesting to say the least. Summer was cool here and now Fall is hot, but I do know that winter will be cold no matter what so I should just be thankful.

Nancy M. said...

He is gorgeous! I name my chickens more than I should then fall in love with them. I despise the coyotes that have killed most of my guineas. I hope Mr. Eyelashes will be smart and stay safe!

noble pig said...

What interesting and beautiful markings he has...I would have named him too.

Leslie said...

Mr Eyelashes is beautiful and I love the name. I think he knows that if he stays close to you he will be safe. I can see why you try not to get so attached to your ducks but he is just too special not to.

KathyB. said...


Debbie, you know, I never thought of that. He says "quack, quack" when he is around me...maybe that's his name for me!

Thistle Cove, at one time we named rabbits and chickens, but ran out of names and the inclination to name them years ago. Just every now and then one of our fowl distinguishes him/her self...as Mr. Eyelashes has.

LindaSue, maybe you now have 3 pet wethers!

Southern Comfort, hurray!! You got rain. W watch 'Doc Martin' with friends who have Tivo'd it and can't wait to get together to watch more episodes!

Gooseshooter, look at the comment above, somebody else to get hooked on "Doc Martin"! I am enjoying the book, but even I am not as goo goo over ducks and pet birds as Bob Tarte is. ( Jim is very thankful for that)

Goatpod, yes, he'd better be, I don't want to lose him!

Karen, another Mr. Eyelashes? Bet your crush was gorgeous.

Mary, I think he is a bit smarter, we'll see if he survives the winter predator attacks.

Wobegon Cottage, are you settled in for your LONG winters' nap?

Nancy M. , the thing is, even a coyote has got to eat, but by golly...NOT MY DUCKS and SHEEP! So you name your chickens? It is easy to get attached to those quirky birds.

Noble Pig, he looks like a closed umbrella with a bill!

Leslie, I think that is why he stays close, really!

Daisy said...

Mr. Eyelashes is indeed quite handsome. It must be so much fun to watch the ducks there and get to know them. :)