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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tea & Honey ~The Little Honey Escapade

The Little family's fireplace mantle is adorned with their usual Christmas decorations minus the Christmas stockings which are not hung until Christmas Eve. The Little family are enjoying their visit with the Bear family. Doesn't this appear to be a lovely, tranquil visit with dear friends? What the Little family do not know is that the Bear family knows it is hard to come by enough honey to satisfy a bear, and they love the Little's so much they decided to gift the Little family with honey enough for themselves and their guests, the Bear family. This would require some daring and courageous actions on their ( Bear's ) part. Papa Bear knows that the home he resides in is headed by a BEE-KEEPER* . Papa Bear counts himself very blessed to live in a miniature log cabin that sits in the very living room of the Bee-Keeper, and this Bee-Keeper has his cupboards full of the most delicious honey a bear could ever want for. Unlike a real bear though, Papa Bear is a Teddy Bear . He cannot just go push over a hive ( thankfully for the Bee-Keeper! ) and take his fill of honey. Papa Bear has to plan very carefully just how he will acquire his supply of the nectar of the bees. When Papa B. thinks the Bee-Keeper is asleep, he and his family make their way to the counter top just below the target cupboard. They climb atop the microwave just below the cupboard and Papa B. swings his furry paw into it and hangs on.Mama Bear and Baby Bear yell encouragement and offer further assistance, which Papa accepts gladly. Papa directs Mama and Baby to get behind the jar of honey and push it towards him so he can grab it and..wait, oh no,the Bee-Keepers' wife has spotted them. Gosh darn it. That lady never sleeps. What is she doing up at this hour? Now they're gonna get it.No honey for them or the Little's, they'll just be put in a drawer for who knows how long... WHAT? The Bee-Keepers' wife surprised them. She lifted the Bear family and the jar of honey out of the cupboard and placed them into the Littles' home. Imagine that. They heard her say "Merry Christmas" as she left them and their prize jar of honey there just in time for the party. Baby Bear and Tommy Little are amazed to see so much honey. Mmmmm, it smells so delicious and they want to scoop up handfuls ( paws full ) of it but Mama Bear and Mrs. Little tell them "NO! Not yet". Papa Bear and Mr. Little are happily discussing theology and just what the Bible has to say about bears as they sip their tea laced with the brandy ( only for special occasions you know ) Mr. Little had set aside especially for this occasion. You can see in this picture that Papa Bear is a bit too big to sit in any of the Little's chairs, so he finds a comfy corner out of the way to sit on the floor. He brings his own mug made of hollowed-out logs for beverages. Mrs. Little and Mrs. Bear are happily discussing the upcoming Christmas festivities and recipes for their Christmas cookie baking day on Wednesday.Mrs. Little has the cookie cutters out, and as the bread for the evening meal has just come out of the oven they will begin serving dinner to the rest of the family before they begin their party games. Mrs. Little is wrapping yet another Christmas gift while she chatters away with Mrs. Bear. Baby Bear and Tommy Little are frustrated. They cannot eat any honey, the desserts are off limits until after dinner, what are they to do? Grandpa Little is playing with Tommy's little sister...the kitten wants to play only with Tommy's rooster pull- toy. What can he and Baby Bear do? EXPLORE ! They climb the shelves in the china cupboard and find so many tea cups to peek into. They climb into this pretty teacup*, but it is too deep for Tommy. Baby Bear helps Tommy out . They go looking into other teacups. Baby Bear discovers this Flying Goose* teacup. He likes the way the lights shine through it and this teacup reminds him of the geese he sees flying overhead through the skylight in the BEE-KEEPERS' sun-room. Tommy Little finds he is able to get in and out of this teacup* easily and the wood-land scene looks just like Cedar Pond, right outside his window. He also likes the blue rim and the golden glow from this teacup that filters down into the bottom shelf of the china cupboard he lives in. After exploring all the china in the hutch Baby Bear and Tommy Little return to the bottom shelf of the china hutch hoping it is time to eat, but alas, it is not.Baby Bear and Tommy Little sigh and shake with anticipation as they wait for their parents to begin serving up treats, "Please, can we get this Christmas party started?" For more Tea-Time Tuesday and All Things Tea Blogs, please check out these ladies~


Wobegon Cottage said...

I loved the story. Very cute and imaginative. Now I am off for some tea and honey.

Southern Comfort said...

Kathy, I encourage you to make these photos and stories into little children's books. I would buy them! The first ones could be the Little Family Series.

Unknown said...

Kathy...SUCH a sweet post! I just love your little bears and the hondy escapade, lol!

CHRISTmas Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, What charming photos and such a sweet story! I am like Alice, I think I'll have a cup of tea with honey now! Merry Christmas to you and your family, the Little's and the Bears!

Marie said...

Oh how lovely, you made me smile this morning! Thanks for sharing your post of the Bear family and showing us your beautiful collection.

Merry Christmas to you and the Bears!

A. Joy said...

Looks like you have more than just an ant problem in the cupboards!
CT has discovered how to make animated video stories using his playmobils and camera. The same would probably work for your stories here! Really fun story Mom!

Deanna said...

Dear Kathy,
May you have a terrific Christmas!

Tea time any time!!!
Cute, cute post.

God bless,

paperbutterfly said...

How sweet and crative this post is.
I agree it would make a lovely book. Thank you for blessing us with your post today.
Have a blessed Christmas!

LindaSue said...

Charming Story - @Southern Comfort is right - would make very good children's books -after all - you need another cottage industry don't you? ::ducking from the thrown slipper::: Ok Kathy - just a suggestion! LOL - know your house is all Christmassed up - thank you for sharing the adventures with a honey of a tale.

Terri said...

Oh how fun! I loved your story...as well as a glimpse of the Bee keepers very own honey! What a merry Christmas they will be having!
Your tea cups are so pretty! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
Happy Holidays!

Connie said...

What a sweet story, Kathy! That was quite an adventure. Lucky for the bears that the beekeeper's wife is filled with the Christmas spirit! :-)

I thought they were going to be banned to a drawer for sure! You made me smile with this post, Kathy. Thank you!

Vicki said...

Hi, Kathy, I enjoyed the Bears and The Little's adventures very much. I would love to join them for tea some time with those pretty tea cups. I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year! Vicki

Flower said...

What a sweet Little story! Really...wonderful!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Kathy, I so enjoyed your story and having tea with the Littles and Bear family. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful, festive, and joyous holiday season. Thank you for joining me for tea and hope to see you again in the New Year.

Christmas blessings,

Marianne C. said...

Hello Kathy,
The Little family and the Bear family seem to be getting along quite nicely. I think the miniature cakes and gingerbread house are sooo delightful, and oh, no...they're not teeny-tiny cookie cutters - no way...they are absolutely wonderful!

I wouldn't want to put the Little Family up after the holidays.

Merry Christmas,

Dolores said...

I agree with Southern Comfort, you should consider making your pictures and stories into children s books. I'd buy them too.
Christmas love and blessings to you sweet friend!

Lady Jane said...

What a wonderful tea party to attend Kathy. So glad you were nice to the bears, but I wouldnt expect anything different, lol... All those lovely tea cups to play in, YAY!!!

Kelsie from Our Country Home and Studio Photography said...

What adventurous bears you have there...I have a couple of very naughty fashion dolls that would fit right in lol.

Thank you for sharing the magic of Christmas with the Little and Bear family thru your wonderful photo story.


Debbie said...

How precious! I'm still laughing about the 'bear theology'! You worked very hard on this and I loved it! Imagine having bears come to visit! Have a wonderful CHristmas!

Carol............. said...

Kathy, you are just too clever. I really enjoyed this so much (course all your posts are good LOL).

Have a Great Christmas!

Paula said...

*Ha*! Very cute story, Kathy- you should make your grands a little book from this, you already have the pictures to illustrate it!

we three dogs and me said...

What a lovely family you have. Love the sleeping kids pictures. What a sweet way to display your bears. I have many bears and one post was a teddy bear birthday party.