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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Best Birthday Present Ever!

My birthday always falls on Labor Day weekend. Usually we go camping, but this year I requested a very big present. I asked my family to give up their time and energy to help my husband & I rebuild and repair our sheep fences. No presents but their presence. Some dear friends volunteered to come help too. (above from left to right, friends Paul Fryer, Mike Ritter, and our youngest son Daniel )
 My husband & youngest son. Guess some men are always boys at heart.
Paul & his brother-in-law, Mike. They added a LOT of muscle and worked hard all day. Thank-you Mike & Paul !Thank-you to Carol & Katie, their wives, for allowing them to spend a weekend day here.I truly appreciate this gift of your time.
 New fence posts for the new and improved fence-line,makes my heart sing.
Old fence on the left, repaired and restructured fence, the right.

Goth, prior to being confined while the men worked.He seems to glory in his pen of destruction. Maybe he loves to see what his power & horns can do, but now, gone are the ugly tarps he ripped, the bent and mangled fences he destroyed.
Our son's dogs Ruger 
and Mongo supervised the work,
while Goth, confined to a small area for the safety of all, played with his rubber balls,and napped.

I cannot express the gratitude I feel for the actions of my family & friends that show their love in a very tangible way. Their presence was present enough, and more.My husband & I could not have done this without them.In a soon coming  post I'll show more of the work in progress. But again I say to all who were here, " thank-you!"."Present:anything presented, a gift." Webster Dictionary


Anonymous said...

What a precious gift from all for your birthday. I know you are happy to have this work completed and feel your animals are safe/secure now. Wishing you a nice day, Kathy.

Connie said...

How wonderful! This was indeed a fantastic gift. Belated happy birthday to you, Kathy!

rkbsnana said...

Great gift. Happy Birthday.

A.K.W. said...

How nice! We don't have to repair anymore fences here!


LindaSue said...

Now that is the gift that keeps on giving! I would love a couple of hundred feet of fence - and am grateful for our dear friends who put up a couple of hundred feet of fence so I could have a totally enclosed backyard if not an enclosed wooded second acre!
Happy Belated B'day Miz Kathy - younger all the time!

joanne said...

I love the gift of time! Belated Happy Birthday to you..;j

Nib's End said...

That shot of the Horse Whisperer and the Bee Keeper is a classic. I chuckled and chuckled at the expression on my brother's face. Happy Birthday dear girl!

Dolores said...

The gift of love and time...... the very best gift of all!!!

The horns of Goth are a bit scarey..... a beautiful animal anyway.....

Karen said...

A belated birthday wish to you, Kathy. I was pretty sick with flu and have been away from the computer for a while. Loved seeing your pics, especially Goth!

kaviya said...

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