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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Where I Store My Teacups ~ Part II ( Cat-Napping Room ? )

Blizzard woke up from his cat-nap while I was taking photos of my crafting room. Since he realized it was only me he settled himself back down and got comfortable on my work surface.

This was once our daughter's bedroom. She has long since moved out and now lives with her own family, so my husband & I began setting things up to accommodate the crafting supplies and work area that I used to store under beds, in closets...anywhere I could find space. Now it is all in one room. The boxes and bins are labeled and I try to keep like items together. The shelves are from Home Depot and are in the closet storage system department. I had at first wanted beautifully made hard wood shelves  and know my husband could have made them, but we're busy and expediency and budget were taken into consideration. I am very happy with these shelves.
Even though this looks cluttered, everything is labeled and has a place.
The wall on the far right has shelves holding the clean & carded wool from my flock of Jacob sheep. I try to use almost all of my wool before the next wool harvest , but there are always a few wool batts left on the shelves before the new shearing is finished. Sometimes this wall holds many bags of clean and carded wool fiber piled up in front of the shelves of wool. So much wool you cannot see the shelves ! The little shelf to the right of the wool shelves holds weaving supplies and a sewing machine.
This is the wall opposite my work table. Fabric and sewing supplies dominate here while the lower cabinet holds crafting books, pattern books, and magazines I use for inspiration in my crafting. The sewing machine & sewing table I use is beneath the thread holders on the wall. I keep it covered when not in use because working with my wool fiber can sometimes be dusty work. Again, any closed boxes, baskets, or containers are labeled and stored near similarly used supplies.
I see Blizzard is sleeping again and I am going to have to reclaim my work surface. Thank-you for taking a moment to see my messy, but useful & much loved crafting room. Now I am going to work on a few more needle-felted balls. Blizzard will probably happily bat them around and hide them . He's just testing them out to make sure they work properly and having fun watching me find them later on. I suppose this makes it Blizzard's room too, his cat-napping room !


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy (and Blizzard!). I love your craft/catnapping room! To me, it looks very organized and functional. So nice to have a dedicated space to create in and be able to leave the area and return later without putting anything up. I want to wish you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving. I cherish your friendship.

A.K.W. said...

No cats allowed in our house though since my Mom is very allergic to them and other family members that come to visit.


Connie said...

Cats always want to be right in the middle of whatever we are doing, don't they? I no longer have any cats, but I know cats I've owned before were always that way. They are good company. :)

L. D. said...

It looks like a well organized storage area. I bet it is fun to be in there among all the things that could inspire you to make and create. Blizzard is a wonderful cat and acts like a cat too. Did you want to be here?

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love your crafting room. I think it would be fun to see it for real and to watch you work. I would love to see you dye and spin the wool from your Jacob sheep.

You inspire me with all that you do.

Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I think it is very well organized I wish I was as organized. Blizzard is adorable. Hugh B

Tea in the Library said...

They like to be where the action is. Maybe he enjoys the view ofthe ducks in the pond as much as you do.

Deborah Montgomery said...

I love this room! It looks so cozy, and perfect for crafting and inspiration. My craft room is also a child's former room, but it also has a bed and functions as a guest room, so I have to keep cleaning things up every time we have a guest!
Your kitty has quite the life; she looks very content. They love to be part of the action, don't they?
xo Deborah

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Kathy! You have so much stuff, and I know that you use it all. I am happy for you that you have everything all together in one room now.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kathy M.

My Cottage Diary said...

You are amazing and inspiring, Kathy! I like this room so very much, and your wool felted balls are very pretty (too nice for my kitties, but I won't tell them that!). Hope you are enjoying a splendid weekend! Bess