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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Small Blessings and Tea Parties

~~~New Born Baby Joey~~~~~~Oldest sister is so very happy to have you in the family!~~~
~~~Youngest (but older than you) sister loves you soooo.. much!~~~

~~~Tea party pond side, while awaiting your arrival home. ~~~

Today baby Joey came home ! He has been snuggled and cuddled and rocked and fed, and with 3 older siblings he doesn't get a chance NOT to be snuggled and cuddled and rocked and fed....and best of all, LOVED !

We are so thankful we live very close to 4 of our grandchildren, maybe one day we will have the added blessing of living closer to our other 4. Being close to our families makes it so much easier to be involved with each other, to really know each other,and to be there for each other.

We had the three older grandchildren spend the night with us while Mommy and Daddy were in the hospital with Joey. What fun. We stayed up late after such and big day of excitement. Grandpa and Grandma and 3 kids all munching popcorn together and watching Food Network to see who the Networks' new Food Star will be. That's so important you know. We all are really interested and have our favorites..but alas, last night they eliminated one of our favorites. ( We think the Food Network judges made a mistake last night)As I tucked them in I insisted they all sleep in today.

Today we had a tea party at pond side. Tea, coffee, real cream , fried eggs gathered fresh from our chickens and cinnamon toast. The ducks swam around the pond nearest our table hoping for handouts.After a relaxing time by the pond, and several cups of coffee for myself ,it was time to clean up and take the kids home. Now the family is all home, Mommy, Daddy, baby Joey and his big sisters and brother. A great day !

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Lanny said...

What a wonderful time, what great memories, how fortunate you all are, how rich beyond measure.