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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Missing Little "T"

This Autumn tableau is in our sun room on top of the bottom half of an antique Kitchen Queen. Little 'T', our youngest grand-daughter kept suggesting I re- decorate it with the Christmas village and lights she remembers from her visit here last Christmas . She did enjoy standing in front of this display quite often though. There is a little fairy in a nest in a leaf bowl on the far left of the display. "T" seemed especially delighted at this.
The tiny bears and Miss Mouse joined our granddaughters for tea one day last week.
Little "T" and her cousins KN and MN who live very close to me, all had a tea party. The menu was cupcakes, brownies, cheese,crackers, cucumbers and ranch dressing...oh, potato chips too. ( Hey, I am a Grandma, not the one in charge of good nutrition) There were 2 tea pots, one held hot chocolate, the other peppermint tea. Of course, you HAVE to have marshmallows for the hot chocolate, so each granddaughter got their own bowl of marshmallows to add to her hot chocolate.
The granddaughters all dressed up for tea and brought their own dolls along. I had a good time with these precious little girls, and I hope they did too. Little "T" then went home with her cousins to spend the night with them. She was so happy and excited.
Little "T" with her Poppa. I do believe he is one of her favorite people. She often calls our home and when I answer the phone her first question is " can I talk to Poppa?".When I explain to her he is at work she asks when he will be home and then the conversation is pretty much over...after all, I am NOT Poppa. During her days here we had a wonderful time together, but every day she would ask where her Poppa was and when he would be home. Every hour or so the question would pop up. When Poppa did finally come home she would run to him and leap into his arms, follow him around talking to him and asking him a LOT of questions. My Husband definitely has a little buddy in Little "T" ! Little "T" went home today and I miss her. Waking up with her in the house is like waking up to perpetual sunshine. What a wonderful blessing she is. I have put all the toys away, cleaned up the spare bedroom she slept in, and looked at the photos I took of her during her visit several times. The blessing of this week- long visit is one I dared not ever hope we could have and just look at how my expectations and prayers were met and dealt beyond what I could have hoped.


Mildred said...

It is with joy that I view these pictures of Little T thriving in the love of her family. I thank the Lord for answered prayers. Will you see all the grandchildren for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

Wobegon Cottage said...

It is a very special time, one we all don't get often enough.

Timi said...

Oh, what tea-party you had! You are really blessed with your grandchildren, Kathy! I like the photo of Little "T" with her Poppa...:o) They look lovely!

Karen said...

Praise and thanks to God for many answered prayers, probably so many that we don't even know yet!

Debbie said...

I was looking back at last year's post when they were with you for Thanksgiving. You had no idea when they left what would happen in the past year. It's been a long road, hasn't it. Yes, God is so good and I am so glad He has cared for these little girls. I'm glad to see you happy!
Very nice tableau!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Thank you for sharing the fruit of God's people praying - looks like a wonderful visit - I loved the tea party! I'm sure the house seems quiet but holidays are coming up quickly - you'll be busy and Lord willing there will be more nice long visits!

Susie said...

Kathy I have really enjoyed these last posts and reading about little "T". My poppa was really special to me when I was a little girl. They lived about an hour from us and I couldn't wait to visit them. I have such special memories of those visits and I know little "T" will have too.

Daisy said...

Little T is definitely a very special blessing. I'm so glad you and your husband had this opportunity to spend time with her.

I enlarged the picture so I could see the fairy in the bowl. I can see why it would have captured her attention. It is so cute peeking out there.

She is like a little princess fairy herself, I think. :)

Vickie said...

God is SO good! Answered prayers - YES! So glad you had this time together.

Doesn't it just thrill Poppa's heart that Little T is so crazy about him!

The tea party was a wonderful idea that those little sweeties will remember forever - they'll talk about it when they're grown and how sweet their grandma was to do it! You're such a wonderful grandmother!

Julie Harward said...

How cute! Little T even looks like her grandpa too. What a sweet grammy you are..the tea party looks SO fun! Thats what it's all about, and yes we can spoil them..it's our joy!
Come say hi :D

Mary said...

What a sweet post. The children are very dear and I love that you had a tea party for them.

goatpod2 said...

It's always nice having little ones stay over every once in awhile!


noble pig said...

It's so wonderful to have the time with her you do, she is so adorable!

Nancy M. said...

They are all so precious! I'm glad y'all were able to have her for a visit. I know it's always fun with kids in the house!

A. Joy said...

Great photos! The girls did have a great time at the tea party and were not hungry when they arrived back home that night! =) They enjoyed seeing Little T pack away the marshmallows! Fun to see her with Dad and isn't that neat since she's the one that looks so much like he did as a little kid?!

Mary said...

Oh, Kathy, what a blessed girl little "T" is. She has a special set of grandparents. I bet you beg to differ about who is the blessed ones...I believe you both are.

I love the tea party. Before you said so, I noticed the girls were dressed for the occasion. What beautiful memories for them.

God IS good. Praise the Lord!!!!

Nancy said...

I just happened on to your blog by accident(providence). I was looking for sister Benel's sheep(google). I had seen them in an old magazine I picked up at our library. Anyway what a blessing to find your blog. It is a treat to the eyes and spirit. I am a Christian wife and mom to nine children in the state of Wyoming. We homeschool all of them. Anyway along with enjoying all your wonderful pics and posts I am very touched by the plight of your oldest son and his daughters. How precious they all are! I will remember them in prayer. God bless you dear sister. What a blessing to know God's people are everywhere! Thanks for making my day!

BT said...

What a heartwarming post. Those children are all adorable and how lucky to have you and Poppa to play with. That tea looks wonderful, I'm on my way!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

These little girls are so blessed to be with you! Tea parties are so much fun with grandaughters! V.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How lucky and blessed you are to be surrounded by such sweet little ones! blessings,Kathleen

KathyB. said...

Mildred, we are hoping we can all be together Thanksgiving, depends on our oldest Son's ability to get the following Friday off and not too much snow on the mountain passes, it gets pretty dangerous and sometimes downright impossible to cross the passes sometimes in fall, winter and spring.

Wobegone Cottage, yes,we don't see you often enough and it is special when we do.

Timi,thank-you. We feel very blessed and thankful!Do you have tea parties with your daughter?

Karen, you are right about finding out how blessed we are and learning much later how much intervention has been done all the while I was being undone with worry and despair. My awful lack of trust rearing it's head.

Debbie, it HAS been a long road and I am so glad I did not know how long and how much awfulness had to pass before we could all see this blessed answer. Yet I know many wait a life time and don't SEE any change and still have hope, they are the true faithful, and thank-you!

Linda Sue,busy days with grandchildren are nice, but quiet days are too!

Susie, thank-you. It seems memories play such an important part of our lives and if I could grasp that a bit more I would realize how much of OUR lives builds memories for so many others. I guess the real question then becomes, what memories do I want those I love to have of me and how I affected their lives...for good and God or bad and myself? You were blessed with your special memories with your Poppa.

Daisy, thank-you! Yes, Little T loved to dress up in a princess dress we have and she sure did enjoy being with everybody and making them happy too.

Vickie, it DOES thrill my husband she is so crazy about him!And tea parties are fun for me too, they also make it easy to be a fun Grandma...

Julie, you are so right about her looking like my husband. She , out of 8 grandchildren , looks the most like him. They share a fondness for sweets and chocolate too, so they both need spoiling.

Mary, do you have tea parties or other such 'food times' with your grandsons?

Amy ( goatpod 2)I bet your nieces and nephews love to stay with YOU!

Noble Pig, wonderful and I believe a miracle too!

Nancy M. It is fun with little kids ,and big ones too , in the house.I know you love having yours at home with you...a precious blessing that will pass very quickly as they grow up all too soon.

A.Joy, it was so funny. Your daughters had a few marshmallows and then decided they were full, so Little T simply ate their remaining marshmallows for them! That is a lot of marshmallows she packed away and she giggled with us as we laughed at her loving them so much...the girls are always fun too, thanks for letting me have your 2 for a few hours too.

Mary, thank-you!I neglected to get a picture of the dressed-up dolls who came too.

Nancy, thank-you so much! Wow! 9 children to home-school,you are so blessed, and I can tell you know it! Was the magazine called "Early America" or something like that? I own it, but the magazine is no longer published. I took Sister Benel's idea and have changed it over the years, but what an incredible person she was...

...Prayers are ALWAYS appreciated and look, they are ANSWERED too, thank-you!

BT, will you take sugar or honey with your tea?

StickHorseCowgirls, V ~Thank-you,I like tea parties with little girls and sometimes with my grandson too.

Kathleen, you are so right about us being blessed, and I am very appreciative of God's merciful gifts...one of the most amazing being our grandchildren.

Flower said...

Your t party is perfect for filling up these little hearts and heads with memories! Sweet memories! It's a glad tiding time!

Miss Sandy said...

What a blessing! Your little T is just adorable. I am thrilled you were able to spend time with her. Have a happy week savoring those sweet memories.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

This post made me tear up and I thank you. I don't have children so have "adopted" other children along life's journey; being a Gran is such a wonderful job. Kathy, you seem to do it with elan.

Deanna said...

This is such a sweet post.
The little ones are enjoying themselves plus learning how to have an attractive table.
Teachable moments!
God Bless,