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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Torque On The Table

This is my ram, Torque,shortly after a shearing when he was young and still behaving himself. Torque was thus named because of the shape and location of his two lower horns which fit the definition of the word 'Torque' perfectly :"natural ring or collar, as on the neck" Funk & Wagnall's Dictionary. Torque became downright dangerous ( click here* to read of his demise) and was dispatched shortly after shearing almost 2 years ago. I kept all Torque's wool separate so I could spin him up! This wool is a charcoal gray, which is Torque's white wool and black wool washed and then carded ( combed) together into wool batts, ready for me to spin.
Look at how much 2 ply hand~spun wool his fleece provided!
I began weaving a table~runner of Torque's wool as soon as I set the ply on the last skein of his yarn. I used some hand~spun wool of a different color and sheep for the accent stripes in my table~runner.
Look~ I finished the table-runner, finally! It is long enough to hang over the ends of our table even with the table extension put in. I could not help but thoroughly enjoy singing this little verse I made up while I spun and wove Torque's wool........
Torque on the table,
Torque on the wall,
Torque in the stew pot,
Torque enough for all! See, there are 4 skeins of 2-ply wool left over!


Julie Harward said...

Well...I guess he was good for something! I would have been afraid of those horns! Come say hi :D

Debbie said...

I think you were wise in your decision to dispatch him; any threat around your home should be done so. And you've made great use of him. The runner is so beautiful; I love runners. Did your husband build that table? I love the furniture in your dining room! Your home is very beautiful, and looks warm and welcoming.
Who would think a little sheep:)

Daisy said...

The runner is lovely, Kathy. You are so talented with your handcrafts. Torque's wool has been put to a very good use.

LindaSueBuhl said...

So Torque is providing comfort and beauty after he is removed from action. Love the runner - and the rhyme is fun.

Susie said...

He looked like he would have been dangerous. Love your little song. I found myself singing it as I went along.

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely runner Kathy. I agree with Debbie; your home is so very warm and inviting - just beautiful. I think the little rhyme is fun too - what I love about blogging is that now the story behind your table runner is preserved for your grandchildren!

Deanna said...

The grey wool is beautiful and you have weaved a lovely table runner.
I have never weaved, but have thought about it.
I think you're very talented!
Have a blessed week,
d from Kansas

Southern Comfort said...

It sounds like he left a lot of gifts for everyone. I love the table runner you made. You are very talented. The wool products probably last forever right?

Vickie said...

I LOVE all the different ways you've utilized Torque! Very funny! I'm sorry he was dangerous and had to be "dispatched", but he sure left his mark behind on your table, on the wall, and in the stewpot! I love that you had him mounted! The table runner is beautiful, Kathy. I agree with Debbie - lovely table, beautiful cozy home!

Mary said...

I love the runner. One of my daughters is a weaver and over the years I've benefited mightily from her hobby.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

You have Torque everywhere....waste not want not! These sheep are such beautiful creatures. Kathy, how long have you been spinning? How long did it take you to learn how? I love hand spun yarns! Blessings,Kathleen

Mary said...

A commercial came into my mind, "The gift that keeps on giving." Torque!

Beautiful runner, Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh! I love the little rhyme :) All of your Torque products are lovely.

KathyB. said...

Julie, there is good reason to be afraid of the horns, they can kill!

Debbie, Thank-you for your kind words about my weaving, and no, our table is from IKEA. We have a bench on one side of the table that works well for seating 4 or 5 grandchildren or 3 adults.

Daisy,Torque did sire many great lambs and my Goth..so he is , in a way,very much still here..just not trying to kill me.

LindaSue,perfect words " providing comfort and beauty AFTER he is removed"...

Susie, his son Goth looks far more dangerous, yet still has not set out to kill me. But the horns are dangerous, even if they harm or kill unintentionally. That is why many modern farms will not keep horned animals.

Mildred, thank-you. And that is what I love about blogging too, plus, my family and friends can see what I spend all my "spare" time doing!

Deanna, thank-you! You should try weaving, every old and restored home can use a weaver's wares.

Southern Comfort, yes! Surprisingly, wool products are very, very durable and versatile. A snag in a woolen item is easily repaired too.

Vickie,thank-you! You know, when I first decided he just could not remain at our place and was far too dangerous for me to sell him in good conscience, well, I was a little sorry. But then he became worse and far more dangerous and I was very, very happy to have him dispatched. And I feel a lot safer for myself and my family for that decision.

Mary, how blessed you are to have a daughter who weaves. With your cooking and your daughter's weaving,your family should want not, ever!

Eggs In My Pocket,( Kathleen),I have a friend who was very patient in teaching me how to spin and another friend who loaned me her spinning wheel so I could learn , about 12 - 15 years ago. Then I had to have something to do with the yarn, and I do not knit or crochet...so weaving was my choice.Thank-you for asking.

Mary, wish I had thought of that, good line!

kenleighacres ( Shannon) bet you have quite a few "Torques" too!

Karen said...

The table runner is beautiful. It is hard to imagine all the hours of work that went into that creation!

Pamela said...

I absolutely love the little Torque song...but now that it's in my head how do I stop it!

No, seriously, I loved this post. Torque on the table, on the wall, in the pot...Could there possibly be a better example of how to be a good steward of your animals and land? Nothing wasted. Seems to me that's about the highest compliment you could pay to Torque.

Now off to bang my head against the wall to get the song to stop--LOL

Flower said...

A well used "Torque!" You have made me chuckle..once again!
The table runner is beautiful...and what a gift you have of spinning!

Farm Chick Paula said...

What a cute little rhyme, Kathy! And so fitting, too- Torque was most useful after being "dispatched"!
I love the runner- you do such wonderful work.

A. Joy said...

Torque's not scary anymore! Unless maybe when you're headed upstairs to the bathroom in the dark and you're 3 years old. =)

KathyB. said...

Karen, I can't even begin to calculate the hours of work I have put into this because many of the hours are also spent tending my sheep..guess this is why I cannot really put a true dollar amount on any of my wool crafts.

Pamela, I hope you don't have too bad a headache...and thank-you!

Flower, thank-you very much.With a ram like Torque you have to laugh or you'd be a-crying a lot over the state of your fences and gates.

Farm Chick Paula, Torque also left me a lot of his progeny who have turned out quite well!

A.Joy, ha ha! Very true!

Anonymous said...