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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Marine's Take On 'American Gothic'

What can I say? This is our oldest son on one of his tours of duty abroad, compliments of the U.S.M.C. This is the child who could always make us laugh , and in fact, could very often leave everyone in the room laughing til they cried. Apparently the trials and tribulations of war and tragedy in his personal life cannot keep that sense of humor stifled, no- sirree- bob! Take a gander at a picture of him and his brothers-in-arms. ( Our son is in the middle)
A Marine's take on 'American Gothic'. Need I say more? ( He told me he couldn't find a pitch-fork.) left to right: Randy Hinton, David Burnson, & Christopher Alexander


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this picture Kathy. His daughters will learn to treasure their dad's sense of humor along with his service to our country. I enjoy seeing the "lighter side" of my dad in his WWII snapshots.

KathyB. said...

Mildred, thank-you. I am very thankful for that "lighter side" I see in our son and my father too. I know our son's daughters love his sense of humor and already exhibit the joyful signs of his humor being passed down to them. And humor sure adds to a healthy perspective of life, doesn't it?Pictures of your father in WWII snapshots, now those sound very interesting....

Debbie said...

Oh,Kathy...we love our Marines, don't we! What a handsome fella. He has his hands full. I'm sure he'll handle it. Semper Fi!

Connie said...

Made me smile. A sense of humor is a very valuable thing to have indeed.

Martha said...

A great picture! And one that the family will treasure forever! Thanks for sharing!

Susie said...

Great pic!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

These guys have my heart....what pride I feel when I know my freedom is in the hands of men like this: who can make the best of their situation no matter where they find themselves. Love the photos..and tell him thanks from MI for us, will you? Thanks for the fun pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures.


myletterstoemily said...

funny guys! i love that they haven't
lost their sense of humor.

i will remember them in my prayers.

well, once again, i thought i was special,
but it seems every one in blog land
suffers from the 'flux.' :)

Mary Bergfeld said...

You all must be so proud of him. It really is a picture to treasure. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Dolores said...

A good sense of humor is such a priceless and fun attribute. Laughing at ourselves and together sure helps us get through the day.

A great and fun picture!!!! Your son is very handsome.
I appreciate his service to our country

Vickie said...

And it's that sense of humor that has and will help him get through the trials of life (along with God first of course). The girls will see that Daddy has been through a lot but he has remained and will remain Daddy and keep laughing and being fun! Good for him! I have one of those boys, too!

Carol............. said...

Oh, my goodness...what a fun picture.
(and how handsome he is!)

I hope all those serving or country know how very much they are appreciated.

KathyB. said...

Debbie, we do!He does have his hands full , as our daughter said, anyone with 4 daughters has their hands full, and he is thankful for it too!

Daisy, now you're someone I KNOW appreciates a sense of humor, I suspect you have a very strong and active sense of humor yourself~

Martha, I have just discovered all the great pictures he has...I will treasure these for sure.Thank-you.

Susie, thank-you!

Joni, thank-you very much, I will have him read comments to this post.

Amy, thank-you!

My Letters to Emily,it was funny you wrote that post on "flux' because this was not my planned post at all, I had another in the works. Whatever came over me?And thank-you for your prayers.

Mary, we are proud of him and he still cracks us up!

KathyB. said...

Delores, thank-you. A sense of humor is surely a God given gift that makes life a bit lighter sometimes, and way more fun!You're so right.

Vickie, a sense of humor is surely needed while raising 4 daughters!!!!Aren't sons a wonderful gift from God, especially when they are fun to be with? (Daughters are too)

Carol,I think many of our soldiers do know how much they are appreciated. It is especially good to let them know when they get home. And welcome home to Washington!!!!!

Mrs. Mike said...

I can imagine pitch forks are hard to come by in the desert... all that sand and all.

Enjoy this fresh, spring day!

Lanny said...

I have a great flag pole and a wonderful garden that is a tribute to America and those I know who served, all because I appreciated your sons service to our country among the others that I knew. I thoroughly enjoyed the honor of hosting a party celebrating his safe return from foreign lands a few years back. We put in that garden and got that pole up just in time for that very special occasion!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

So cute!!!! A good sense of humor can be a real life saver!

KathyB. said...

Mrs. Mike, yeah, I think pitchforks aren't standard USMC gear, and they are a bit awkward in the tank!

Lanny, I remember the wonderful welcome home and "thank-you for your service" party you all put on for David.And your flag and surrounding garden are so beautiful, worthy of a magazine spread!A July issue for sure~

Stickhorse Cowgirls, I know YOU appreciate a sense of humor!It really does help, doesn't it?

Pondside said...

You must be so proud of him!
I think a sense of humor is something that keeps a soldier going in hard times -and the photo gives a glimpse of this.