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Friday, May 7, 2010

New Spots At Cedar Pond

Look! Another new lamb was born here a few days ago.She is her mother's first lamb.
Cedar Pond's Saffron has a little girl lamb I have named Sesame. It is nice having some new woolly spots around here.Her flock mates, all the other lambs, are getting pretty big now and their mothers are weaning them . I can hear the lambs bawling and baaing mournfully as they stuff their mouths with alfalfa. Poor lambs. Actually, poor Moms. To see the ram lambs almost as big as their moms, with horns that are at least 6 inches long, ram their mom's udders to bring down milk is a painful sight to behold, and I think the moms are instinctively wise to wean their lambs.


Karen said...

And I thought it was bad when my kids cut those sharp little baby teeth! Sesame and her mom are so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Sesame is cute as can be!

Timi said...

Your little lamb is so lovely!!! And I like her name, too :o))! I'll send you a photo of our lamb...

Dolores said...

Oh my, that sounds painful for the poor mom being rammed with horns.....

Sesame (love the name) looks like a stuffed animal... so clean and beautiful. It must be hard not to become attached to these precious little animals.
Have a great weekend!

Susie said...

Oh that Sesame is adorable! How fun to have animals like this.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Yes, they can be rough on their Mom's udders since we have raised Shetland sheep and now goats but haven't any baby goat's here since 2007, now we just have baby ducklings roaming around.


Pondside said...

What a sweetie!
We don't have any babies around Pondside this year - not even a duckling!

Lanny said...

I was out taking pictures of the very thing, minus the horns, of which you speak, large ram lambs on a mom! Sorry I didn't peak out yesterday, I was right in the middle of a roux as you pulled in, when I finished and turned to the window you were getting in your car. Enjoy those turkeys.

myletterstoemily said...

oh! is there anything sweeter than
i baby lamb?

when my youngest was about two,
i used to say, "good night, little lamb."

and she would always respond, "i not
a widdle wamb, i haiewey!"

Jami said...


Julie Harward said...

I love your new little girl...such pretty markings! Wish I could hold her for a real long time! :D

Nancy M. said...

Aww, how precious! She's so beautiful! I don't blame the mom's for weaning, either, that just sounds painful!

Southern Comfort said...

There comes a time for all mothers to make that decision...but I really love looking at your new babies!

A. Joy said...

That's a cute one! I wonder if those big lambs tell their moms their milk is hot? Haha. =) Maybe you could weave some type of wool bra for them to cover their udders with so the BIG lambs can get weaned?? =)

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Sesame is just about the cutest little thing ever!

LindaSue said...

what a beautiful little lamb - wonderful markings - we had a late birth and it has made our spring so much more fun. We get to enjoy the frisky, playful baby stage a while longer.

Connie said...

Aw...she's so incredibly sweet. How precious.

Anonymous said...

She is precious :)

Do you let the mom's wean their own lambs or do you seperate them at some point?

Mary said...

Sesame is a beauty. It is a good thing I am way too busy with my duties as it is, I can definitely see me wanting to raise a few sheep.

Iris, one of my alpine does, adopted a buck in addition to her two does. She still comes to the milk stand, and I load her up with grain, however I will not milk her again until the kids are weaned. And I will be the one that will be seeing to that. I noticed yesterday a torn piece of skin on one of her teats. No doubt from teeth. Can you just imagine the agony between "knocking" the udder, kid's teeth, and in your sheep's case, long horns as well?

The dam's are definitely patient while they need to be, and then wise to wean them.

Lynnanne said...

Simply adorable. Makes me want one. :)

Jo said...

Saffron and Sesame are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...!

Mama and baby.

Happy Mother's Day, Kathy...!

KathyB. said...

Karen, me too! I remember nursing my kids as they began to teethe..OWCH!

Mildred, thank-you, I think so too.

Timi, I love the photos of your lamb and will be posting it next week. Thank-you.

Delores,the new born lambs are so white with such very black spots. Then they become "whitish"....then beige. Until shearing time! The lamb does look like a stuffed animal, this one is stuffed with mama's milk.

Susie, it IS fun!

Amy, baby ducklings are awfully cute too, and they are soft and fuzzy. ( no big hay bills either)

Pondside, NO ducklings either?

Lanny, I am enjoying the turkeys. I forgot how sweet baby turkeys are.

Jami, thank-you~

My Letters To Emily, that is a sweet memory!

Julie, the new jacob lambs are so tiny at first, and I love to check out their soft ears, very soft feet, and marvel that a creature so fragile in appearance is so able to be up and running shortly after birth.

Nancy M., You have to see the ram lambs nursing to believe just how hard they do ram their mom's udders!

KathyB. said...

Southern Comfort,Some of the mom's nurse a lot longer, usually the mom's with one girl lamb, their horns don't grow as big, and take awhile to grow.They are growing up so quickly though, all of them!

A.Joy, you've got a cute story there ( ref. to Hot milk)I do know the sheep's milk is plenty warm too, but not hot!

Farmgirl Cyn, thank-you, ( although I had nothing to do with her cuteness) I love watching my lambs, and say that all the time!

Linda Sue, see, blessings to last the whole spring, babies, babies~

Daisy, thank-you. Precious, yes. They melt my heart.

Shannon ( Kenleigh Acres) I usually let the mothers wean them, but sometimes I have to step in and save the moms. I have noticed the moms wean them by summer if left on their own.

Mary, I understand completely. I have been tempted many times to get busy with another livestock breed, but my energy level and time limits remind me to practice some restraint!

Sprouting Acorn, oh I say , get one, or two, or a flock!They're pretty cute and don't eat too much.

Jo, thank-you. Happy Mother's Day to you too!