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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

But Where Are The Birds?

Birds tried to move into this bird house, but the wasps chased them away and set up housekeeping. We chased the wasps away and now this little home is vacant.
A pair of chickadees and a pair of swallows raised a family in this humble bird house. This home is now vacant.
Another pair of chickadees raised a family here this spring, bumblebees have taken up residence and now are buzzing busily in and out.
A small greenish-yellow pair of birds lived in this birdhouse overlooking the sheep pen. They flew away leaving a spider to help keep the pesky fly & mosquito population in check.
This bird apartment saw families of chickadees and sparrows come & go. It awaits new residents next spring.
An old birdhouse built by our son many years ago lost it's roof. I planted sedums in it. A chickadee checked it out many times this past spring but the lack of a roof must have been too much of a problem to actually move in, however a frog has taken up residence.
See? So where are the birds?
Here, inside our chimney! Since early spring right on into the summer there has been a continuous chirping and swooshing of wings in and out, in and out, all day, every day. We fall asleep to bird sounds magnified into our bedroom, and wake up to them. These swallows never seem to quit raising babies. Sometimes we even have a fledgling fluttering around in the bedroom fireplace and we have to rescue it. The cat loves to sleep on our bed facing the fireplace.Since there is a glass screen in front of it, she can only dream her kitty dreams of catching the birds she hears .
Nope, no birds here either... "The bird also has found a house, And the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young." Psalm 84:3


Paula said...

Those are all such cute little houses, Kathy~ but it sounds like they want to be indoors with you instead! *grin*

Southern Comfort said...

Maybe you have enough "wild" places for the birds to keep them from nesting in your yard. We always find nests everywhere except in the birdhouses. I think the wasps do invade the houses and keep the birds away. I really had to fight the wasps to keep the hummingbird feeders clear too. All creatures are enjoying the extra water I've been keeping out though.

Debbie said...

They've flown the coop, as little birds will. We are glad that they are able, and rejoice in that. But we miss those days.. :D

Timi said...

You have such lovely bird houses!!!
There are swallows at our home, too :o)!

Anonymous said...

Nice bird houses! I know our cats wouldn't let the birds live here so we never put up bird houses for the birds here.


A. Joy said...

Well you know, nobody wants a fixer upper anymore - the birds are movin on up. All the vacant houses reminds me of what's going on in this area! Saw so many old homes for sale on our way up to Eatonville last night!

Lynn said...

You gave the birds such adorable homes but other creatures chased them away. So birds, being birds found a better place to nest! Smart birds....at least until summer is over and the fireplace is not used. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Yes, that is an egret. Blessings on your week.

Anonymous said...

I love your collection of bird houses, Kathy! I can just see the cat keeping her eyes on the fireplace while you sleep!!!

Hope you are enjoying your day!

Connie said...

Well, if the birds wanted a house to stay in, they certainly have a lot to choose from there! I imagine they will come back in the spring. The frog picture made me smile. :)

The Tablescaper said...

Such adorable little houses.

- The Tablescaper

Deanna said...

love 'em! The bird houses are cute. Each one has such character.

We have a wasp nest that has got to go.

May you have a sweet rest of the summer.
God bless,

xinex said...

Cute post! We have chimney swifts in our chimneys all the time. They move in almost immediately whenever our chimney covers get flown away by strong winds....Christine

Vickie said...

You have some really cute rustic houses there, Kathy. I love the bird apartment! I guess most of the birdies are through with their baby-raising for this season - except the swallows - we have them, too. I suppose your swallows leave the chimney in the winter-time. You have such a lovely home and place there, Kathy!

Lady Jane said...

Cute post Kathy. We are inundated with bees this summer. I have never seen so many. Love your bird houses, too cute are they. LJ

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I don't know why, but I never hung my potted baskets on the porch this year. So I missed the wren building her nest--every year a different basket.
Thought of you this morning as someone who could relate to what my family is going through. Our only son who married two yrs. ago this Sept. 5, was abandoned by his wife last Sat. He came home from fishing at noon and she was packed up--said "I don't love you anymore". After she left he saw she had left her rings on the computer where he would see them. He said for a long time he just sat there in disbelief. He is so crushed, and his heart is broken. "I never mistreated her" he told us. I believe him--Our whole family took this girl in and loved her and treated her like a daughter. Youngest daughter has told us that S. told her that she was getting lots of male attention at work, and she is a beautiful, extroverted person. Physically beautiful, anyway, but I have noticed selfish tendancies and her inability to get along with anyone at her job. Still, I have treated her with kindness always and like a daughter. We have enjoyed girls day outs with her and my daughters and granddaughter. I truly believe she has been enticed to leave my son by someone. Of course,now I know she does not have a faithful heart. I couldn't help but notice that although she calls herself a Christian, she thought church was boring and did not want anything religious in their wedding ceremony. My sister brought her a beautiful large iron cross when she came for the wedding as a gift and this girl refused the gift. I'm serious! We looked at each other in astonishment, and later speculated that she was having a fit of "Bridezilla" pre wedding jitters, but I cannot forget this. Anyway, I'm just asking a few people the Lord brings to my mind to pray for my son, Chris, to get through this terrible pain of rejection. I feel so bad for him I just can't hardly bear it. He says he cannot stay at their home and is going to move his travel trailor to our daughter's farm to live for a while until he gets his bearings. Any prayers out there would be much appreciated.

Dolores said...

You have the cutest collection of bird houses..... I love all of them.

Oh,.... the swallows are so annoying with their constant chirping when they're raising their young.

LindaSue said...

aha we put a cap on the fireplace chimney for that very reason (well that plus not wanting sparks to fly out and burn the landscape - we're just sitting here watching it burn up on it's own from heat and sun and no rain!) Lovely little bird residences and glad you don't discriminate against other critters inhabiting them!

Unknown said...

Love those wee homes ... but my fav is the last.

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Have a beautiful weekend.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Love your bird houses.......we have the same trouble with wasps as well. Blessings,Kathleen

Nancy M. said...

I love all the pictures! I guess a lot of the birds want to be inside where you are, lol! The frog is cute! Been missing visiting with you. I lost so many of my friend's blogs when my computer died. I am glad I'm finding them again, slowly, but surely!