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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sunshiny Autumn, Happy Hawk !

I was working outside and noticed my constant companion, our Vizsla , Hawk, was not following me. Very unusual, he seems to be attached to me at the knee when I am outside.I looked for him and found him just standing...
..and soaking up the heat of the afternoon Autumn sunshine. Here is a dog dear to my heart that knows when to stop and soak in the blessings that come our way, sometimes for only a few scarce minutes.Thank-you God for allowing me the privilege of enjoying animals who know to stop and take in the everyday blessings I so often hurry by, only to remember days or years past, if at all.

"The happiest heart that ever beat 
was in some quiet breast
That found the common daylight sweet,
And left Heaven to the rest."
John Vance Cheney 


Timi said...

Kathy, it's such a lovely post!!!
You are so right: we have to learn to stop and soak in the blessings that come our way, sometimes for only a few scarce minutes!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Don't you love the companionship of a beloved pet when you are outdoors working? Kaboodle always accompanied me around the yard at Nalley Valley. Wishing you a nice Autumn weekend.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Quite handsome!

It is so peaceful over here at Cedar Pond. I scrolled down and checked out the happy chickens too.

Hope that you have a wonderful weekend, Kathy.

Kathy M.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathy - Such a delightful morning to check in with you and spend some time at your beloved Cedar Pond. What images of the simple down to earth life I am green that you enjoy so abundantly! I have my one day a week - today - to snuggle into a corner chair with such reflections on this rainy fall day in South Jersey. Your chickens and sheep and all that wonderful fresh spun fiber stored up for winter - I will wax poetic about such things if I don't stop now!

Thanks for your sweets words about that grand of mine - you have a farm full and so wonderful that you can pass on the treasures of faith and the love of God in Creation.

Joy to you!

A.K.W. said...

Nice dog!


Connie said...

This is a very sweet post, and I love the pictures, Kathy. Thanks for making me smile. :)

Dolores said...

Oh Kathy.... your friendship is such a blessing to me!!! Thank you so much for your encouraging words and friendship!

I'm trying to look back and see the post I've missed. .... goodness, it's hard.
I love your beautiful dog...
Animals are such a blessing (children too)

Karen said...

Your post brightened my morning as always! God bless you.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Kathy, so often my animals are far wiser than I...hate to admit it but it's true -smile-. Hawk is a beauty!

A. Joy said...

Hang on a second! I thought Hawk was Dad's dog!!! :) What's he doing attached to your hip?