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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tea time Tuesday ~ The Mask

 An autumn day, mild outside, with rain showers off and on.A nice day to sip tea and eat pumpkin bread*  on the porch.
 October, the month so many excitedly and enthusiastically celebrate all things scary. Perfect for sharing this teacup I found while shopping in a near-by small town with my oldest granddaughter. This teacup is Irish Belleek, and the design is named 'The Mask'. Can you spot the man / mask?

 I did not see the man when I bought this teacup , I saw the almost translucent china, the grapes, the vines.The price was very reasonable ( I don't spend a lot on teacups ).
 This is the saucer. The teacup and saucer are in perfect condition. I have to say though, when I got home and examined my new teacup I was startled to see the man / mask, and surprised I did not see it in the shop.I think he is kind of scary, and not really my "cup o' tea".When I looked the tea cup up on-line I was horrified to read the masked man represents things I find offensive, but here he is, on a teacup, in my home.
 If you wish to learn more about Belleek china, which this teacup is, check out this link.*
I enjoyed my pumpkin bread, my tea, and the autumn weather while sitting in a rocker on my front porch.The china teacup was beautifully translucent and so very light to hold, and if not for the man in the mask, I think it would be a beautiful teacup. What do you think? 

I am linking with these ladies for  Tea-Time Tuesday :please join them for a spot of tea and inspiration.


Snap said...

I love Belleek! Your teacup is lovely -- the porcelain so thin. I was thinking your masked man could be a green man since he is surrounded by nature/grapes. Happy Tea Day!

Terri said...

Hello Kathy,
I love Belleek, it is the thinnest china! How surprising for you to find this Masked Man on your cup! Oh no! Hopefully, good tea tastes great in it anyways : )
At least around Halloween it may be just the right creepy cup!
Mmmmmmm pumpkin bread!

Deb said...

That is so pretty. I think I would just name him and think happy thoughts. Enjoy your tea from that adorable tea-pot.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Kathy,
Your teacup is very interesting and your pumpkin bread sounds wonderful! Love your bright sunny polka dot teapot! Thank you for coming to tea and have a beautiful day.


Paula said...

I have to admit~ I probably would have never even seen the man's face!
It is very beautiful, though~ I love the white.
And pumpkin bread.... YUMMY!

sandy said...

Your teacup is lovely! I had to go back again and look for the masked man after you mentioned it. I didn't notice it! I also love your yellow polka dot tea pot! So cute!
Have a great week!

Ruthie Miller said...

I love Belleek too. It is absolutely the most delicate of chinas. So very fine.
Have to say, I love that polka dot pot too. What is it about polka dots? So charming and happy.
Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

A.K.W. said...

It is a good day for tea!


GardenOfDaisies said...

I love Belleek, in general. Not sure about the masked face though. Maybe this is a perfect Halloween cup! ;-) Actually I never would have seen the face if you hadn't pointed it out. It just looks like a cup with some pretty texture. I do love your cheery little polkadot teapot. It reminds me of a blue and white polkadot pot I have here.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, Kathy - that would be the "green man" and he is a bit of the old pagan religion that the good St. Patrick helped to unseat in the 5th century. Part of the cultural heritage of ancient Ireland. I have a Belleek creamer and sugar and I just love how thing and light they are with the molded designs. I don't have a green man, though - you can actually see the creamer in the background of some of my tea post pictures this week. Thanks for the good thoughts in the aftermath of the storm. So many up the coastline in turmoil - can't say what it will take to get all things back and running in some areas. In my area we should all be back on track by the weekend - but just 40 minutes away the seashore is gone and so many people are displaced and their livelihoods destroyed. Lord - be mighty to save in this time.

LindaSue said...

I think since you often have Fairy tea parties - this cup might fit right in - not "real" but fantasy can be fun. Cup is beautiful and thin and all the good things for a tea cup. You have such a flair for enjoying something - I admire it!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I love this cup. I have never seen this Belleek pattern. It is stunning. Thank you so much for sharing it. I have to go repent of coveting! :) Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

Eggs In My Pocket said...

So pretty!
Just want to wish you a happy Halloween

Michelle said...

What a lovely tea cup and saucer! And perfectly spooky for Halloween with the man's face. A supercute polka dot tea pot, too!

Maria Andrade said...

Oh Kathy B., I love Belleek china and I wouldn't mind the man's mask on it, on the contrary, I appreciate it since I find old myths and traditions very interesting.
And the thinness of the porcelain is unique!
I only have 2 shell molded Belleek pieces and I love them.
Thanks for sharing this beauty.
Hugs from Portugal

KathyB. said...

Snap, I think I will consider him a 'Green Man' and as some commentators mentioned, give him a friendly name. I might even make up a story to tell about him during my tea parties with grandchildren. It is a beautiful cup .