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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tea With Her Dolls~Treasured Times

 I have had the pleasure of this granddaughters' company these past few days. She & I baked oatmeal cookies today,then she set the coffee table for tea & cookies with her dolls.

 Samantha and Cecile ( American Girl dolls) sharing tea with my granddaughter. The dolls have very tiny tea cups.

 My granddaughter chose this lovely little teapot adorned with hummingbirds and flowers.(Thanks Barb !) It is full of hot mint tea.
 Samantha and Cecile wore identical dresses to tea.
 The teacup my granddaughter is using is Rosina bone china, made in England. I found it in a thrift shop.
This is a tiny teacup with gold edging.
" The friendships we treasure most dearly are the ones in which we feel, "Wow, how did I deserve this?" Emilie Barnes
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Keetha Broyles said...

fun tea party.

did you see what I posted for you in my Friday Fragments on April 5?

Martha said...

How fun!

Anonymous said...

I know you enjoyed her company. What fun to bake cookies and have a tea party! Sweet memories and photos, Kathy. Enjoy your day.

Deb said...

Another tea-lover in the making. These photos are so cute, you'll treasure these and so will she. I always look for the smaller tea-cups in the thrift stores with Riley in mind. She'll be 3 soon and loves to have pretend tea. Deb

Timi said...

What a lovely tea party!!!We love oatmeal cookies too...:o)))
And baking together with her granddaughter: Treasured Times!!! It's so true!

Terri said...

She did a beautiful job setting up tea. You have taught her well! lol!
She has the most beautiful smile! I am glad you are having a sweet time with your granddaughter. Oatmeal seems to be a theme today in tea cup land.
How fun!

GretchenJoanna said...

A doll tea party is one of my favorite doings - thanks so much for sharing yours!

Snap said...

What fun to have a tea party with your grand-daughter. She's a beauty. Happy Tea Day!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a darling tea time with your little granddaughter! Oatmeal cookies sound wonderful and the teacup is really sweet. A Doll Tea Party is the best! Thank you for sharing and coming to tea with me.


Connie said...

She looks very happy and sweet in those pictures. This sounds and looks like it was a very wonderful tea party for all! :-)

Veronica Roth said...

How lovely Kathy. I'm also getting my granddaughters ready for tea with me. :) More and more I'm seeing those American Girl dolls. They seem really gentle and lovely. :) I hope you have a lovely week.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Kathy, it looks like a delightful time was had, good memory making!

Deanna said...

Dear One,
Beautiful granddaughter and loved seeing her tea with her dolls.
Very sweet post!

A. Joy said...

What a cutie pie in the pretty green dress having tea with you! The dolls dresses are pretty too. I know she sure enjoys her time at your house with you!

Paula said...

This is so sweet, Kathy!! I remember having tea-time when I was a little girl, except all my stuffed animals were in attendance. (I dressed them all up, too~ I made the "boys" wear ties! *haha*)

Bernideen said...

It doesn't get any sweeter than this - precious! Thanks for linking with Friends Sharing Tea!

Antiques And Teacups said...

How special to have tea with your granddaughter! Wonderful memories. I ended up with 3 grandsons...the youngest is now 18. They were NOT interested in tea with grandma! LOL! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Poppy said...

Hi Kathy,

So nice to meet you!

'Tea for two' with your lovely grand daughter is precious time spent together in such sweet company!

Thanks for sharing.


Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Your granddaughter is lovely and the cup is so delicate. It seems to have been a lovely teaparty.

Robyn said...

This is absolutely precious.. Your grand daughter is beautiful.. What a great tea party!..I used to be in awe watching my mom with her grand children before she passed away. There's nothing like a relationship between children and their grand parents. it's completely unique and such a blessing!
Robyn :)