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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Country Girls' Playground

 Who needs a playground when Uncle Daniel's tractor sits in the field.?
 Who needs a playground after feeding the horses and climbing the hay bales stacked so high in the barn  ? Who needs a playground when you've spent the day walking in the woods, cuddling barn cats and farm dogs?
These country girls are 5 of my granddaughters. I am blessed !

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Bee Lady said...

My Grandpa used to drive a semi truck. He would stop by with his semi every now and then, I suppose we were along his route home. I remember climbing all over that truck playing on it. I have pics somewhere. I hope I can find them. You brought back some good memories.

Cindy Bee

Anonymous said...

What fun pics of the grandchildren. The scenery is lovely.

Deb said...

What beautiful photos. I have memories like that as a child, too.
They are priceless. Deb

Pondside said...

Your grandchildren have the best playground! The photos are lovely and give a sense of the lovely days the children enjoy at your place. A blessing, indeed!

Karen said...

What a great time they are having! Thanks for sharing it!

Julene said...

Yes, you are bless and so are the kids to have you as their grandmother! What child wouldn't love to romp around like that?

Robyn said...

I would have loved to grow up surrounded by all that but being a suburban city girl we rarely got the chance to see any country. Now I live in the country in the South and I love it..

Connie said...

They look like they are having a wonderful time! And yes, you are indeed blessed. They are so precious!

June said...

You are indeed blessed to have such beautiful grandchildren. I'm afraid there won't be any here, but guess that just isn't in God's plans.

Sandra said...

Endless fun :)
Wonderful pictures!

Deanna said...

a fantastic playground!!!
what a treat.

Kathy, taking walks on your grounds would be so refreshing and peaceful. Blessed Lady!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Kathy, when city children became more in number than country children, our country and every one of us lost out. Country children have so many more valuable life skills, are far more stable, enjoy life more...but then I'm prejudiced.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics and so true! Thanks for sharing!

Please join us again Thursday at:
The HomeAcre Hop


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics and so true! Thanks for sharing!

Please join us again Thursday at:
The HomeAcre Hop