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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Goose Teapot & Cups

 This Christmas will be very different for our family. My husband's father passed on into eternity this past year and anyone who knew him knew he loved Christmas. My husband's parents' home had Christmas decorations throughout the house all year long, because the decorations made them happy. My father-in-law was also one to share his love of Christmas with his family. He often bought multiples of items he knew his 6 grown kids and their families might appreciate , and we were the beneficiaries of many beautiful Christmas ornaments, dishes, figurines ,books, or any other Christmas items he knew we had to have .The Christmas Goose mugs shown above were a gift from my husband's parents at least 20 years ago. I remember serving my children hot chocolate with whipping cream and marshmallows in these mugs. ( Sweet memories...) I am drinking peppermint tea while I decorate our home for Christmas.
 I have undertaken the now-daunting pleasure of setting up our Christmas village. Daunting because it takes at least a day ( I am on day #3 now )  to drag all the boxes out of our closet , and then we have to be creative enough in our display without compromising practical living space. As much as my husband & I enjoy the Christmas village vignettes we display, we still need space to entertain friends & family. Plus, I hate clutter. Our large Christmas village display is a challenge for sure.
 A little farm resides under our big fig tree. I had to move quite a few large plants from our sun-room to make space for our village and also my husband's train set. This fig tree is too large to move so I incorporated it into the decorating. It is now a large tree on a snow-covered hill with a wee farm nestled at the base. I haven't yet added the little people and accessories to the farms & village.

This teapot was among my mother & father-in-laws' possessions. Years ago he gave us a set of 8 mugs, now I have 8 more mugs and the teapot that goes with them. One of the first signs of Christmas in our home is the 'changing of the dishes' ,and the very first dishes I bring out are the coffee mugs. My grandchildren will hopefully remember the many years they have already used them as their hot cocoa mugs. Hot cocoa with whipped cream & marshmallows. Now I have the pot to fill with cocoa . Thank-you Dad B. We miss you especially during Christmas. The mugs and teapot were made in Japan and originally distributed by the Fred Meyer stores.

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Deb said...

Hi Kathy..I think it`s so nice to have treasures like these mugs and tea-pot from your in-laws. Christmas is such a wonderful time to remember our loved ones that have passed on. I have wonderful memories, too. Some of my favorite Christmas ornaments were passed down to me from family and I treasure them. Just holding them in your hand takes you back to happy times at the Christmas table. I am so enjoying those little sheep that you made. They sit in my dining-room cupboard with the doors left open so they can be seen along with other Christmas ornaments. Everyone loves them. Deb

Deb said...

I meant to tell you that I love the new header. So beautiful and peaceful.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your mugs and teapot are really sweet and have such wonderful memories attached. I like it that your in-laws had Christmas decorations up all year because it made them happy. I always feel a bit sad taking them down, all that color and sparkle, but am so glad to have my spaces back.

Your Christmas village looks like winter and Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday season ~ FlowerLady

Karen said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season,Kathy, even though you will miss those who have gone on to be with the Lord. My Mother had a Christmas village and now my son Cameron has one on his mantle.


Beautiful goose teaset and mugs and all the memories they hold. Memories is what C'mas is all about in my home too... and your C'mas village is adorable too! Have a lovely December.

Pondside said...

I love that you change your dishes for Christmas - I'm sure your children will remember the mugs with fondness. The village scene is lovely!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Oh my goodness...that brings back memories! I had an entire set of those dishes for Christmas, placemats, napkins, you name it. We lived at a mountain lake with lots of Canadas around, so it was perfect for us! How fun! Sweet memories....

Susan said...

Love your little farm scene. So adorable! Susan

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your farm scene is so charming, Kathy! I have been setting my village out along the ledge in the family room the last few years. I have yet to set mine out this year. Years ago I had made my father a ceramic farm {he always loved a farm} and when he passed away, my mother gave it back to me. So I always think of him when I look at my village as I have incorporated the farm into it.
I love your Christmas Goose teapot and mugs. What a wonderful set to remember your loved one by. Christmas is such a joyous time to celebrate the coming of our Saviour and it can also be a bittersweet time because of the loss of loved ones. Thank you for sharing your lovely post at my HOME and have a wonderful weekend.


Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Kathy: My prayers go out to you and your husband and your recent loss. May God richly bless and comfort you. Hugs, Martha

Connie said...

The goose set is so cheery! And the memories that go with it are a treasure. I really like your village scene too.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

How beautiful, and how generous of him to pass down his love of Christmas.

I have some of my Grandma T.'s home-made velvet ornaments. Some used to make fun of them, though I don't know why because I think they are pretty. She always had a flocked tree so they showed up well.

Merry Christmas, Kathy!

Kathy M.

Deanna said...

Peppermint Tea! That sounds wonderful.

I know that Christmas will be different for you and I'm so sorry for your loss. Praying that you be comforted by our Lord and Christmas stays warm in your heart all year through.