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Monday, March 31, 2014

March Musing

March is almost over for us here in the Pacific Northwest , of course April has begun for almost everyone else in the world by now. March has marked a few milestones for us this year. Whimsy , our German Shepherd puppy is 9 months old and we are loving her even more every day .
 March is the month here at Cedar Pond for new, bouncing spotted lambs ! ( Below is one of my older ewes with her newborn lamb. )

This year we have a bummer lamb ( lamb without a mama ) we named Stormy. Stormy is growing quickly and enjoys his bottle every few hours. He has begun to nibble on alfalfa leaves too. His little face appears crooked because of his markings and he has beautiful long eyelashes.
Did I already mention new lambs ? I spend an awful lot of time outdoors just watching the lambs play. If you're feeling down in the dumps just get yourself to the closest farm with new lambs and sit a spell , watch, and laugh for joy. The joy of life !

 It has been the wettest March in recorded history here in Western Washington. We have had 9 1/2 inches of rain this month. Our ducks are loving this weather but our land is squishy with mud and oozing water everywhere. Thankfully our home & buildings are high and dry. Our prayers go out to our neighbors to the north of us in Oso where the wet March brought  a small mountain of earth sliding down on a small community wiping out  everything in it's path and taking many lives .
The hummingbirds have returned and Blizzard our cat spends many hours watching them at the feeder outside our living room.
March also is the month this granddaughter celebrates another year of life. We were blessed to have her spend the weekend with us. Granddaughter and the fairy are playing in the herb garden where this granddaughter and her sister made me a few fairy homes.

Every March we celebrate the birth of 2 of our 6 granddaughters. We rejoice in the birth of new lambs, chicks and ducklings. The birds are building nests all over the property , the ducks and chickens have increased their egg laying. The frogs chirp, our bees are buzzing over every precious new bloom. Ella, my Sebastopol goose is faithfully sitting on her clutch of duck & goose eggs while her partner Fella guards her,never leaving her . Some time later this week if all goes well I should expect hatchlings from the pair. What fun March is. It brings us joy, hope, new life and celebrating spring. "This is the day that the Lord hath made we will rejoice and be glad in it." 


LindaSue said...

I had to read this posting twice because it is bursting with the joy and life of God's great idea - SPRING! Your dog - ah what an intelligent face
your granddaughter - a gift and happy birthday to her
the bummer lamb - WOW you are so adorable
I miss my goat herd and thank you for allowing me to share in the joy of new life.

A.K.W. said...

We used to LOVE watching our baby goats romp around and even the adults too. Now I just enjoy watching the birds, squirrels, deer, etc. and the flowers come up since we haven't had goats for almost 2 years now.


ellen b. said...

I guess I missed the fact that you live in Western Washington. March really has been a wet one here. We continue to pray for the Oso community. Our church just announced that they'll be using part of our Benevolent fund to give to the Oso community. Glad your grands are close and you can celebrate with them.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Loved reading and looking at this wonderful post! What a cutie of a dog you have! Sweet little lamb! Such prettiness around you!

Connie said...

Such sweet pictures, Kathy. It must be so much fun to watch those little lambs.

Timi said...

Whimsy is so beautiful! And her eyes! She is very clever, I know!
I like your little lambs! They are so cute!!!

Bee Lady said...

Those baby lambs are adorable. Spring is my favorite time of year, and it seems like it was forever getting here. Love this post. It's very spring-y! My bees have all died...well, one hive MIGHT be alive. It was a rough winter. I don't know what I'm going to do. It appears there are no bees to be bought at this time of year. Thinking about downsizing :-(

Cindy Bee

Tea in the Library said...

What a busy lady you are with Spring here. The lamb pictures always make my heart melt. We have been watching the news daily and praying for your neighbors in Oso. What a devastating loss of life. Wishing you many blessings this week.