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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Not Only For The Birds !

Bird nests I have collected or been given over the years served as the table centerpiece for our Thursday Ladies Luncheon & Bible Study.  
The nests are resting on beds of moss I placed in goblets and covered with a small glass dome. The eggs in the nests are from my doves.
Since I used birds and their nests as the table-scape theme I had to buy some of my favorite candy, those robin egg malted chocolates . They're so pretty, and tasty too.

I put another bird's nest in an old Mason jar with it's original canning lid.

Bird nests and bird coffee cups, naturally they go together !

The napkins match the table-runner. I bought them together at a store called Tuesday Morning.
The birds' nests I have were used then abandoned by the birds only to be found and used by me . ( recycled ? ) Yes, the birds' nests are not only for the birds.
Mint chocolate brownies I baked using a recipe I found in an issue of Tea Time magazine.
One of the ladies in our Bible study just turned 80 years old . I told one of my granddaughters I want to be like this lady when I grow up,but my granddaughter told me I was already grown up . This lady is lively, funny, a true artist ( the painting kind ) who has her works exhibited locally, teaches art, and just brightens our time together.
We had a surprise guest at the luncheon. One of my sheep decided she did not want to raise her ram lamb so the little guy needs to be bottle fed. He is what we call a "bummer lamb ",a lamb without a mama . I named my little bummer 'Stormy' because of course it was raining and storming when I was outdoors trying to get his mama to nurse him. I ended up milking the mama ( you shoulda seen that ! ) to give this little guy the colostrum he needed to get him off to a good start. Here Stormy is being held by another luncheon guest , Robbie, who helped me feed the lamb his bottle.

  I treasure this time to gather with family & friends, share a meal, a cup of tea or coffee, and gather around God's word to learn about Him , pray for one another, laugh, and enjoy God's blessings, sometimes reminding each other that YES, we truly are blessed, even if at the moment we don't feel it. "Yes, I shall joyfully sing of Thy lovingkindness in the morning , for Thou hast been my stronghold , and a refuge in the day of my distress , O my strength , I will sing praises to Thee ; For God is my stronghold , the God who shows lovingkindness." Psalm 59: 16,17


Beth in NEPA said...

I enjoyed my visit to your blog today. I think using recycled birds next is great. They work so hard to build them it seems a shame to toss them away! And your little "bummer" Stormy is so cute. A lucky little fellow to have you to take care of him.

A.K.W. said...

Lovely! We had bottle baby goats whose Mom rejected them. We brought baby kittens to a church thing at our old church since their Mom was too sick to take care of these 5 kittens so I took care of them, we still have 4 of the 5 though and they're almost 4 years old now.


Deanna said...

Howdy Kathy!
What a sweet bummer. Didn't know this about animals not having a mom. Such a cute creature.

You are a blessed Lady and I think it is wonderful that you have a group of Ladies gather together and have fellowship, a meal, and Bible Study. Having guest be a part of this is heart warming. Wish I could just pop in and share the time. Well in a way I have popped in through blogland. You have opened your home via blog! I'm so glad I could stop by.

Time together like this is a true blessing.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful table setting, it definitely says spring!! And such a cute little bummer:)
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Unknown said...

I'm writing back to apologize for addressing you as Sharon in my previous comment, Sharon is another blog I read, so sorry!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I love your bird theme, with your recycled nests and your pretty birdie teacups. The brownies look wonderful and your friend is an inspiration. Loved seeing your lamb, too, and the sweet boy holding him.

De said...

Such a beautiful table setting and perfectly timed words of encouragement. Thank you for a little glimpse of your heart!

Our Bible study is a couples group and we are dealing with a few issues right now. Your Scripture passage was just what I needed today.


Deborah Montgomery said...

Oh, I want a lamb to come to tea! How sweet. although I guess it is extra work for you. I gathered up a couple birds' nests last year, well after nesting season, or so I thought. I was horrified to learn that the goldfinches have several families throughout the summer, and I had taken one of their nests! Yours look beautiful under the glass domes, so pretty for a spring table. I am always inspired by people older than me who continue to live life to the full, as your friend does.

Connie said...

What a lovely way to decorate your table, Kathy. I love those pretty malted milk eggs too. Stormy is a real cutie! :)

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

The bird tea cups are beautiful.