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Friday, May 15, 2015

Gardens Thrive With Sweat & Rain & Sun

 Rhododendrons thrive here on Cedar Pond.
 They grow wild in our forests, but the blooms are not as colorful there as the typical rhododendron found in landscaping in city & town.
 Snapdragons are doing well in our gardens and our flowerboxes.
 Pots of hostas, hens & chicks, phlox, snapdragons ,  and Campion are sitting next to our garage awaiting planting in other parts of the gardens.  
 Columbine sprouts, grows, and thrives everywhere here. We have several colors of Columbine , white, pink, purple. We did not deliberately plant it, but somehow this lovely wildflower found it's way into our gardens and we've grown to appreciate it.
 The kiwi arbor my husband built in front of our dovecote has finally been accepted by the kiwi. We actually have shade from the kiwi vines this year and the kiwi grows so quickly I know we'll enjoy shade from the hot summer sun here this summer.
 Fuzzy Harwood kiwi. We have a thriving male and female growing here . Each has it's own side of the arbor but they seem intent on meeting. Ah, romance ! We hope the romance of the male & female kiwi will produce fruit for us , but for now their joining producing shade is a good thing too.
 The grape arbor my husband built is greening with the grapes he planted  and I know we'll have a bountiful grape harvest if I beat the birds to it. Last year I made grape juice from these grapes and boy oh boy, my home made grape juice was so good ! I need to quadruple my grape juice canning this year because it  is so good we ran out of it quickly. Beats any commercial grape juice in taste for sure.
Flower box under the kiwi arbor between the chairs. Snapdragons, lobelia, and a red geranium.
All of the gardens on Cedar Pond thrive because my husband has worked hard to prepare the soil they are planted in. He has used the manure of many generations of our chickens, goats, & sheep composted and tended to produce rich soil . Rich soil that was hard clay in places and in other places  rocky & barren when we first moved here years ago. Rich soil produced with the sweat of hard work . Hard work that reaps it's harvest after the abundant rains we enjoy give way to sunny summer days . Yes, gardens thrive with the sweat of hard work , abundant rain, and glorious sunshine.


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh your flowers are doing very well and your arbor is beautiful. Fresh grape juice oh that sounds wonderful. Hug B

Anonymous said...

It is morning here, and the grape juice would be so tasty for breakfast! I love the kiwi planted on the arbor. That's a plant I've never seen in person. I love all your flowers. Lobelia is such a pretty color.
You two have such a beautiful place to call home. Enjoy your day.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Loved seeing your flowers, gardens and home this morning. I've been thinking about a kiwi vine, the fruit are so expensive in the store.

Your arbor is great as is your soil, evidenced by all the plants growing in it.

Have a lovely weekend with each other.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

A.K.W. said...

Beautiful flowers! We have kiwi by our barn. We have all kinds of flowers here, some we've planted and some are wild flowers.


Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

You're lucky to have your own manure to create a rich soil for your gardens and planters. I buy sheep manure in bags at the grocery store but imagine there's little manure actually in it.
I like your delicate pink azaleas and the structures you have for vines. Columbines or granny's bonnets are a favourite cottage garden plant yet mine are short lived and disappear after a couple of years.
Have a good weekend Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is a a testament too the hard work for sure. Love how lush everything is...

Barbara Lilian in France said...

I loved seeing your garden, with such a variety of flowers. especially the Rhododendrons. Before I moved to France I lived in the south west of England on the moors and our garden hedge was wild Rhododendrons, the mauve colour like yours. I brought a very small one with me and then I took a cutting, so I still have one where I live now. I think they like the acid soil we have here.
Enjoy your weekend,

Deb said...

Love your arbors, Kathy. It must be so calming to sit there. You have beautiful flowers. A little slice of heaven. Deb

Stella Jones said...

Your garden is beautiful and very productive Kathy. I can't imagine being able to grow kiwi fruits in the garden! What a joy that must be.

Deanna said...

Oh so pretty! A dream come true in paradise.

Tea in the Library said...

Pretty! Be glad when my yard is back in order. Angels to you.

Connie said...

I love the kiwi and grape arbors. What a great place to sit in the shade. My mom made homemade grape juice when I was a child, and it was so good!

Nib's End said...

I envy you your columbine (I shall be calling them granny's bonnets henceforth). I had some lovely dwarf blue plants for a couple of years but the rabbits have eaten nearly all of them! Grrr. I harvested the seeds last year and have a raft of sprouts. I am hoping to keep out ahead of the ravenous rascals.

I don't have slugs though.