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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


 Look at this flower blooming in an old bucket I hung over a chicken pen ! I planted bulbs in it 2 years ago and this is the first year it has bloomed. I can't remember the name of the vine but love the brilliant pink . There are even more blooms on it now and the blooms are lasting a long time.
 I also planted sedums and Kenilworth ivy in the bucket. Easy keepers and the bucket of green and blooms adds splashes of color that make me happy as I tend and watch my chickens.

 We have a pair of bullfrogs residing at pond's edge. They sun themselves in the same spots every day. When I go down to the pond the female ( shown here ) and the male leap into the pond , swim a few feet, then pop up to watch me. If I sit down and stay quiet both of them climb back to their original spots in the sun. This bullfrog is at least 12 inches from nose to back toes. I should give her a name, what do you think ?
 I have an African Violet that has been with me for years. I don't seem to be able to kill my African Violets and I attribute this to neglect. This AV is huge and doesn't look real because it is so huge. The picture doesn't do it justice for scale , but that is a large clay pot it is planted in. After many years the violet began moving itself out of the pot it came in and I relented and bought potting soil and a new pot just for this plant. Looks like I've been rewarded for my good deed.
 Our oldest granddaughter , daughter of our oldest son , was in Seattle singing with her high school choir at the Emerald City Choral Festival at St. Lukes Cathedral. Seattle is only about an hour or so away from Cedar Pond so we were able to see her there.What a treat to hear her sing with her high school choir and also hear amazing vocals from many other high school choirs , plus a few famous performers too. We only had minutes to visit with her as her choir hopped back in the bus and headed back home ( 5 hours away ) shortly after the performance. We loaded her down with chocolate chip cookies, flowers, hugs and kisses, before she got into the bus for home. I love this picture ( above ) of our granddaughter with my husband.
Mother's Day was so much fun for me. I got to go fishing , one of my favorite things to do , with our daughter. I only caught one fish but it was a big one. My husband caught his limit, but my fish was the biggest , so we all had a good time and I had freshly caught Rainbow trout cooked by my husband for dinner that night.

It's been a busy few weeks and any spare time is spent watering and tending our gardens. We also try to spend as much time as possible with our family and quickly growing up grandchildren. Seems lately when I sit down to read & write blogs I usually feel like my time would be better spent getting a good night's sleep ( really, when I find I have fallen asleep while blogging I know it is past bed time ! ). How about you ? Is this a busy time of the year for you ?


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good morning Kathy ~ So good to read your post. You've been busy and I love all of the pictures and reading about what is going on in your life.

I think the blooms of your vine in the pot look like clematis. Very pretty. Your AV is very healthy. I don't have good luck with house plants.

Your Mother's day looks like and sounds like it was a nice relaxing day for you. Love the photo with your daughter.

Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

Theresa said...

Beautiful bloom, I would like one of these:) I know you loved hearing your Granddaughter sing, what a blessing! Have a wonderful day dear friend, HUGS!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Haha Kathy, while some of us struggle to get beautiful blooms on our clematis, yours is thriving in a bucket. I don't know what's happening with our frogs, we had anywhere from 11-13 all last summer and when the pond thawed out, 11 appeared from hibernation. Either they've hopped away or been eaten because there are only two babies and an adult left. :-(
Very nice photo of your hubby and granddaughter, glad you were able to hear her sing.
I guess catching the biggest fish for a MD meal was your prerogative and to have it cooked for you, the end of a lovely day.
I'm busy outside too with gardening and try not to get bogged down with blogging and visiting, I think everyone understands we'd all rather be outside.
Happy Gardening!

Debbie said...

I thought myself busy till I read your post! It was wonderful for you to get to see your granddaughter and hear her performing with her choir. She has grown up into such a beautiful young woman.
I too love to fish. We are skipping our fishing trip this year for a 'grandbaby' trip out east. But next year we'll be back vacationing lakeside in Wisconsin. We are hopelessly addicted to fishing.

Connie said...

I agree with Lorraine above--that pink bloom looks like a clematis. Wow! Your African Violet is amazing. It looks quite large. So nice that you got to see your granddaughter. I'm sure she was thrilled with the gifts you gave her to enjoy on the bus. :)

Deborah Montgomery said...

My African violets thrive on neglect too.
What a lovely picture of your granddaughter and husband. I'm sure she loved getting the cookies and hugs.
Sorry, frogs creep me out a little. I think it stems from when I was homeschooling and we ordered a biology dissection kit. I opened the box, and there on the top, was this big, bloated frog, belly up. None of us could bear sticking the dissection knife into it -- it looked like it would burst all over the place. I have to admit, we eventually threw it out, and watched a You-Tube video!
And fishing -- well that reminds me of the fish dissection we did do. haha
Looks like you had a great day.

Anonymous said...

Both those photos are real special. Granddad with granddaughter and you with your daughter! Precious!

Barbara Lilian in France said...

Loved been able to have a peep in your garden. how lovely that you have a Clematis growing in old rusty bucket and tumbling among the ivy and sedum you planted, I had one like that when I still lived in England it was 'Clematis Armandii' hope it continues to give you lots of blooms throughout the summer flowering period.
I too find it's hard trying to keep up with reading blogs and making posts this busy time of the year . Enjoy your time with your family. precious times.

Amber said...

Such great times! I can't believe that the bulbs grew in the bucket! It looks so pretty with the vines cascading down the sides.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How lovely......I think it might be a Clematis and how wonderful that you have had it and your African Violet so long! How lovely is your granddaughter! And I love the photo with you and your daughter! It is so nice to read about your love for your family!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

How sweet is this post! Lovely granddaughter and wonderful photo of you and your daughter! I think your flower is a clematis

Tea in the Library said...

I feel like I've come for a visit. Thank you! I especially love the picture of the bull frog! He makes me think of Beatrix Potter drawings.

Nib's End said...

All my Clematis have perished. Still, I am thinking of planting another. My favorite are purple. I think you should name your female frog Princess. Your granddaughter has grown up lovely. You are surrounded by living blessings.