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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Tea in The Garden ~ My weekly garden journal.

 It has been an unseasonably hot and rain free spring , we're not used to so little rain and so much heat this early in the year in the Pacific Northwest. Our gardens are not either. The grapes are already out of control and there are many clusters of growing and ripening grapes on the vines.
 Our kiwi vines are finally producing shade over their arbor and we now have a place to sit in the sun in our large front yard without need of a sun umbrella. Maybe next year the kiwi will produce fruit .
 A red rose we planted almost 20 years ago blooms prolifically in spite of neglect. She sits in a hot dry space against the southern exposure of our house. She has to be watered by hose because the rain rarely falls on her . She is a survivor. I think these are the best kinds of roses ! I am sure if I dig around her base I'll find the metal tag proclaiming her pedigree. She is sweetly fragrant and reminds me of the high hopes we had for a big rose garden when we built our home and dug the first flower beds.
 A pink rugosa has taken over a fence line and we work hard to prevent this bush from strangling a nearby hydrangea. Who knew when we planted both tiny bushes they would grow so large ? ( not us .)
 White rugosa bushes fill a whole corner and gateway in our herb garden, our Blue Bottle Garden. The rugosas fill our property with their sweet scent and attract many hummingbirds and honeybees. Mallow (left ) and Lady's Mantle grow under the rugosa on either side.
 My husband's veggie garden also abounds with strawberries and raspberries. Look at how high most of his veggie beds are ! The strawberry beds are front left....
 ...and guess what's for dessert ! Whipping cream is chilling in the fridge.
 There are a lot of snap peas but they rarely make it to the stir fry pot because I eat most of them as I pick them , and snack on them raw at night. I also add them raw to salads. They're sweet and crisp.
Tea in the garden is ICED peach tea , refreshing after a day of gardening.
Although this is not a linky party I think you'll thoroughly enjoy visiting these two gardening bloggers ( who've inspired me ! ) and seeing what's going on in their gardens . Judith * at Lavender Cottage and Flower Lady Lorraine * at Flower Lady's Musings. I hope you're taking time to sip some tea and enjoy the flowers this summer even if your summer does get too busy,is too hot, and seems too much work . There's always time for tea !


Deb said...

My goodness, your gardens are beautiful. You are now being rewarded for all your hard work. Your strawberries look delicious. I pass by many stands along our roads selling fresh strawberries. Must get some tomorrow. We are having very hot weather here in Ontario. Lovin' it for now. :) Deb

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Despite the heat and lack of rain your gardens look very nice Kathy, especially your hubby's veggie plots. I'm sure the hose has been out a number of times as the strawberries look delicious.
When we moved to this house in 1997 our summers were hot and dry but we've progressed to cool and rainy over the last few years. And, windy! Changing times but to the advantage of a homeowner with all gardens and no grass. :-)
I have been enjoying your weekly garden update and respite with tea, it's like an over the fence discussion on Thursdays isn't it?
Have a wonderful weekend, I'm off to a fairy garden workshop Saturday which includes lunch and I know it will be fun.

Deanna said...

Hello Kathy!
You have a beautiful place to call home.
I really like the flowers that bloom without my help.
Thankful they do grow and stay around,

Art and Sand said...

I like that you suggested two more gardens to visit. I follow both of them.

Your garden is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, It is hot/dry in Georgia too. 100 degrees on 2 days this past week.
I love your kiwi vine to shade your sitting area. The strawberries/whipping cream will be a delicious cool treat. I wish I could smell your fragrant roses! I visited Teavana store in the last few days and had the pleasure of tasting many different teas, iced and hot. Wishing you and yours a blessed weekend. xo

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I can imagine sipping tea in your lovely garden. Beautiful. Hugs B

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I loved seeing what's growing in your gardens. The veggie garden is so high and lush. Loved both of your roses, especially that little pink rugosa, something about that simple 5 petal beauty. Your strawberries look delicious, as do your peas and that iced tea. NICE!

Thank you for the link that was a pleasant surprise. It is really hot and humid down here. I could not finish mowing yesterday morning as it was just too much.

This morning the birds are singing away, they'll quieten down during the hotter part of the day. I think I'm going to hibernate indoors today, except for some hand watering.

Have a glorious day dear Kathy ~ FlowerLady

Amber said...

Kathy - Your gardens are absolutely charming!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Kathy your photos are lovely and make me want to come and take a walk with you! Thank you for sharing the links to the other lovely garden blogs.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Such an inviting and beautiful place you linger in! Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting Spring we've had here in the Pacific Northwest. Yikes we are in for a very hot wedding in Kettle Falls next weekend. I do hope the forecast adjusts a little downwards! My blueberries are so early this year!

Seawashed said...

Your garden is wonderful.