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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Miss Marple and the Mystery of the Screeching Noises

This is Miss Marple, so named because she is gray and snoopy...just like a favorite Agatha Christie sleuth, also gray and snoopy.
While relaxing after a hard night stalking mice she was startled awake by a most terrible screeching noise.
What could that noise be? I must investigate.
Is it coming from outside ? I will pop my head out doors and ask around.
Hey ducks, have you heard that screeching racket ? Quack, quack, quack! "..hmmph , those ducks are useless, don't know why Kathy keeps them around" says Miss Marple
"Hey , lamb, hear any screeching noises? " "Baaaaaaaaaaaaa" "Never mind, I'll look elsewhere.I don't hear them outdoors " says Miss Marple as she heads back indoors.
'Hey Belle, do you hear those noises?" (Belle whistles 'Jingle Bells' ) "You know, if you don't stop that annoying whistling I am going to make you a snack. Never mind, I think I hear it again."

"Nope, not in the bathroom"
"Ahhhh, the noise is coming from this bedroom, how can Joey cat sleep with all this racket?"
"Here's the source, those silly swallows have returned to nest in the bedroom chimney again. They are so loud I don't know how anyone can sleep in here. The parents swooping in sound like huge hovercrafts landing in the fireplace. Wonder if I can get in there? I could catch those little screechers and wouldn't they be tasty ?"

"Oh well, I'm worn out, I think I will take a cat nap and dream of little feathered snacks."

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