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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tea Time !

It is Tea-time Tuesday, again!This week I have a special guest to help set the table and take tea with me. My lovely granddaughter, our oldest granddaughter , daughter of our oldest son, is staying with us. She chose the menu : fresh fruit, ( cherries & oranges) , tuna fish sandwiches,chips, peach tea, and chocolates for dessert.Granddaughter plated the chocolates and decorated them with cherries, she also plated the fruit. ( with joy!) The table linens include a small embroidered tablecloth I embroidered the first year I was married , along with some cotton napkins embellished with beaded napkin rings. The sandwich and chips are garnished with chive blossoms and lovage leaves.The chives and lovage grow in my herb garden. Lovage tastes like celery. I use lovage often in the summer for salads, and sometimes in herb bread.
Granddaughter likes sugar in her peach tea.
Real cream is good too.
The plates and cups were chosen because Granddaughter chose the pink teapot for tea, and not being a "pink" gal myself, my color choices are limited when it comes to adding pink to my table. The rose adorned plates are thrift shop finds, very cheap. The cups are beverage cups that come in sets with hostess or dessert plates. These clear glass dessert cups and the plates that go with them were a gift to me from my Mother about 20 years ago. She bought them at a garage sale and she told me they were collector's items even then. I did find a big market for them on E-Bay years ago. I am not interested in selling them and have a quite a few, they are very nice for serving refreshments and coffee , tea, or punch at showers or weddings.
The underside of the plates.( click to enlarge)
Close-up of my tablecloth. ( Be kind, my embroidery was hit and miss and hastily done.)
The best part of Tea Time Tuesday today was sharing it with my Granddaughter! To enjoy the Tea Time Tuesday, Or Tea Cup Tuesday with many others click onto Martha's Favorites* , Artful Affirmations*,Wanda Lee* & Lady Katherine's Tea Parlor*.
"I learn as the years roll onward And leave the past behind, That much I had counted sorrow But proves that God is kind; That many a flower I had longed for, Had hidden a thorn of pain, And many a rugged bypath Led to fields of ripened grain." Author Unknown "Grandchildren are the crown of the aged." Proverbs 17:6 May all of you be blessed with precious company for tea!


Betty said...

What a beautiful table you have set and a beautiful granddaughter you have. She reminds me alittle of my Alayna.


Anonymous said...

I know what a blessing it is to have your oldest granddaughter with you this week. What sweet memories you are creating with her ~ she is precious. I absolutely love the poem you share. Thank you Lord for answered prayer!

Connie said...

What a delightful tea to share with your granddaughter, Kathy. I think your tablecloth is very pretty.

Debbie said...

I can see a reflection of her dad in her face. She is a beautiful girl. I think your embroidery is just wonderful! It must have taken quite a while to finish that. It all looks so pleasant. What a way to generate great memories.

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

What a lovely table you and your granddaughter have set for tea...so warm and welcoming! She is a sweetie :)

Happy Teacup Tuesday

Warmest, Brenda

Susie said...

Looks like a wonderful tea time Kathy.

Karen said...

Thank you for your your beautiful tea time with us!

Southern Comfort said...

Your tablecoth is very pretty-is all that by hand? That is a lot of handwork and it is gorgeous. Once again, I liked "coming" to have tea with you and your special guest.

LindaSue said...

Granddaughter has your love of a beautifully set table - sweet time

Pellie / Penny said...

What a lovely tea table you and your granddaughter set.
I think your tablecloth is wonderful - hand embroidery is almost a lost art in this day and age.
Thank you for sharing,

Vickie said...

Aww, that's so sweet - tea party with your granddaughter. She's such a pretty girl as are they all! I know you two "girls" are having fun together!

I love this poem you had for today!

Your turn for jams and jellies and such is just around the corner, Kathy!

Needles Everywhere said...

How lovely. I embroidery all the time and I'm not very good at it, but I do love it. I think your tablecloth is perfect -- I can't see any issues at all. I also have a little granddaughter that I plan on sharing tea with as soon as she can hold a cup! THank you for this great post.

A. Joy said...

She's a cutie! And growing up so fast.

Unknown said...

A sweet tea with your sweet GD!! I love all your embroidered linens.


Terri said...

Oh she is precious! What a lovely time you two must have had.
Thank you for sharing your tea cups and table settings.

Leslie said...

How sweet! What young girl would not just love to have tea with grandma? She did a beautiful job plating the treats. You both look very happy to be together.

Snap said...

What a lovely post. Your granddaughter is lovely! How special that she helped with this tea party for all of us. Thank you!

Nancy M. said...

She chose a great menu! Looks like a nice tea time!

Mary said...

I love your embroidered tablecloth, and apparently you do too because you have kept it beautifully. I see no flaws.

Thrift shop finds, aren't they great? I have a number of dishes that we purchased at auctions before we were married. We never use them. Perhaps I should think of a tea time?

I love the warm photo of you and your grand-daughter.

Appleshoe said...

Hastily done or not your table cloth is lovely. I wish I only had an inch of the talent you have with embroidery. I absolutely LOVE your header and your tea party looks so inviting. Wonderful post. take care.

Anonymous said...

How nice!


Beth said...

What a nice time of sharing with your granddaughter! How lucky she is to have a grandmother make the special effort to have a tea party just for the two of you. She is a beautiful girl. Your rose plates are pretty. Thanks for sharing!
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Martha's Favorites said...

Hello: What a beautiful table your granddaughter has set up. She is stunning. I love times with my Granddaughter. You are lucky to have her. Your china is beautiful this week, again, you out did yourself. Thank you so much for sharing this time with us. Blessings, Martha

KathyB. said...

Willow,thank-you. You must enjoy taking tea with Alayna very much!

Mildred,Yes, every day , especially with her here, I thank the Lord for this answered prayer~thank-you.

Daisy,thank-you for you kind words about my tablecloth.I use it frequently. I suppose you would like Daisies!

Debbie,our granddaughter reminds me very much of our daughter also, just different hair color. I remember it did take awhile to finish the tablecloth and it was my first "project" as a bride.

Brenda, thank-you!

Susie, tea time was sweet, and the sunshine was out...it is raining again around here so it is back to indoor activities~

Karen, and thank-you. Especially for your prayers~

Southern Comfort,yes, it is all by hand. I am not sure I ever want to do a tablecloth again, but I am glad I did finish that one.

LindaSue, she is enjoying doing all these little things, immensely!

KathyB. said...

Penny, thank-you. Very kind words. It is so much fun to have these tea parties because I can use all the linens and china I have stored away for so long.

Vickie, I hope so( jams & Jellies). Our strawberries are late, our beans and lettuces are drowning in the RAISED vegetable beds and it is just soggy here!Your produce is growing gangbusters~

Granny Sue, thank-you. I am still embroidering things, but mostly to give as gifts. You are going to have so much fun having tea with your grandchild!

A.Joy, your niece and your kids are growing so quickly, can't wait to have your girls and the other granddaughters to tea next week!

Gail, thank-you so much, I like the way you put it!

Terri, thank-you for hosting this teacup Tuesday.I find myself thinking about the next tea time right away.

Leslie, I am over the moon happy about having tea with her, and this is our first time to have her all by herself, so very precious!

Nancy, she did choose a nice menu. Simple, tasty, and that left a lot of time to talk to each other. She is fun!

Snap, thank-you!She wants to help out with more tea parties too~

Mary, thank-you! Oh, you have to get out your tea things and share them. I would love to see them!

Appleshoe, thank-you so very much! I am glad you like my header. It is of our escaped dove who hung around home for a few weeks and is now gone. ( I hope he flew off with the wild doves courting him / her, but I suspect a hawk really got him)

Amy, thank-you. Do you have tea parties with your nieces ?

Beth, thank-you. I am very blessed to have Grandchildren who still love to spend a lot of time with me, Tea parties are a favorite way for sure. The rose plates just might be the start of a "thrift shop theme" for me.

Martha, thank-you very much! And thank-you for hosting this very fun time~

Patti said...

I am still making the rounds from yesterday's tea parties.

How lovely that you and your granddaughter enjoyed tea together. She is learning at an early age what a beautiful part of life teatime can be.

Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

Lady Katherine said...

The girls did a lovely job decorating the table! Oh, and the food too! I love your linens, they are just lovely! Such sweet days with your Granddaughters! I love the pink china plates! The clear cups look just like my Mama cups that came with her punch bowl I bought for her when I was 10. I have the cups, the punch bowl got broken when my girls were small. I cried and cried. I had saved my lunch money for weeks to buy it for Mama. Peach Tea sounds wonderful to me, not so much from my Grands! lol They loved seeing the sheep which look like calves. My sheep are white. I reminded them of the spotted sheep that was born first of the year, he died after a few months. I think my ram knocked him up against the barn. We looked more at your lambs and Teas fast to help them forget. lol