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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Turkey In A Teacup Thursday

My Midget White turkeys are getting bigger. They are too big for my precious Blue Willow teacup, so I took Mildred's advice and bought a bigger teacup! The teacup doubles as a planter when the turkeys aren't posing, but I suppose I could use it as a punchbowl too. The turkey does not look so big here,
but when he stands up you can see he is growing rapidly. If this turkey were a Standard breed of turkey he would be quite a bit bigger at this same age and would not fit into this teacup at all.
Look at how tall my Midget White turkey is now! I believe this turkey is a Tom. He is so funny and friendly. The other turkey poults are too and I have fun "chirping" with them. When I chirp with them they run up to see me and cock their heads just so to see me more clearly. The weather has been pretty much non-stop rain, and today we had thunder and lightening. My front yard is so wet I have to roll up my pants to walk across it. The ducks aren't even bothering with the pond, they have all the water they need everywhere else. The wet, cool weather is just perfect for a good soup dinner. We had asparagus soup, toast, and steak. The recipe for the asparagus soup can be found at Mary's One Perfect Bite* . The soup is delicious! Next time I will make home made bread and salad to go with this soup. Looks like we will be having rain for the next few days and I will be working at my loom and in between rains I hope to clean several animal pens. Seems lately the biggest chore is keeping my poor chickens and sheep out of the mud which is hard work and leaves me very tired and sore in the evenings.Well worth the work though, to me. If the sunshine comes out to play I might not post for a few days because we have a lot of "catch-up" to do around here thanks to record rainfall for this time of year. Life in a wet state, LOVE IT! ( really)


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kathy, That's a perfect "teacup" for your beautiful turkey! I can just picture in my mind you chirping and all of the turkeys turning their heads this way and that looking at you - so cute. The soup looks really good. Do you listen to music or books on tape while you work on the loom?

Appleshoe said...

LOL! Kathy that is the most creative reason to purchase a new teacup that I have ever heard! It's lovely and so is your little feathered friend. Your soup looks good to. I was just thinking the other day about making some of my Mum's asparagus soup. It is soul warming isn't it? Take care.

Debbie said...

What fun! I've never had the opportunity to raise poultry. I have seen some wild turkeys in this area this Spring out on drives. So funny; you chirping with your turkeys:) Of course, I sing with my dog. Or howl, rather. We call it singing. That soup looks really tasty!

Julie Harward said...

Your little turkey-lurkey's are so cute! And the soup looks good too. I can't fathom that kind of water, it's pretty dry here. Have a good day :D

Susie said...

I enjoy seeing your turkeys Kathy. Like your new teacup too.

LindaSue said...

Turkey looks good in that color "cup" - soup sounds a bit too warm for our Texas weather but I do love asparagus. If you get a chance to - send some of that rain to us - you'll dry up and we'll soak it all up! Very dry here again and pastures suffering for it - may have to get rid of some goats and I'm not really ready to do it!
I let our chickens out of their pen for a couple of hours each evening - when I walk out to pen them again - they all come running to me and clucking like mad! I apparently speak Chicken and didn't know it

Mrs. Mike said...

Soup, yum.
It does feel a little like April, eh?

Leedra said...

Now the turkey looks real again. So cute!

Vikki G said...

Loved the picture~ Made me smile! So needed that...Thanks!

Dolores said...

We've had a ton of rain here too.
Your little turkey is looking like a teenager turkey, still cute though.

The soup looks delicious. I love asparagus soup.... I'll have to check out the recipe.


Paula said...

*Giggle* I love that you keep having to buy bigger teacups, Kathy!!
The soup looks wonderful... I can't think of a better meal for a rainy day!! We've been having a lot of rain this week, too... our poor animals have been in the mud as well.

Mary said...

Your little turkey photos are just a joy. I loved seeing him stretch his neck. Curiousity was written all over that young one's face. Animals are such a blessing.

Kathy, our mud is drying, thankfully, but the daily rains and thunderstorms have been soemthing else. I hope you get relief from the weather soon.

KathyB. said...

Mildred, I listen to music when I am warping ( threading) the loom because to listen to a story takes concentration, and I have to concentrate to warp my loom. But when I am actually weaving I like to listen to stories on CD.

Appleshoe, the asparagus soup is warming, and delicious! And any excuse for a new teacup is good, right?

Debbie, I can picture you howling with your dog, you two must sound like a country duo,which you are ~

Julie, I don't think there are any places in Utah with this kind of water and mud. But today we had sunshine, so maybe a lot less mud soon~

Susie, thank-you. The turkeys are really a lot of fun, and they like me, they really do! ( ha ha)

LindaSue,ha ha, you speak chicken! With a Texas drawl? If I could send rainfall your way I would.

Mrs. Mike, April or March! Today is s'posed to be more like late spring though. We can hope!

Leedra, these turkeys are so friendly and personable. I think I can assure people they will not end up as dinner this Thanksgiving. Now what kind of farm woman am i? That is not practical, that's for sure.

Vikki, I am glad to make you smile, very glad.

Dolores, teenager turkey, I like that. It fits!

KathyB. said...

FarmChick Paula, I like rainy days, but at some point we really do need to get out of the mud. My poor animals have been seeking shelter from the rain for awhile now and I have so much mud and muck to clean...but I love having these animals and I guess that comes with the territory.

Mary, the turkeys really are very curious. I like the way they come running up to me to see what I have and chirp at me.