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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alder Lake Camp-Out

We've been camping! We went to Alder Lake which is near-by. Alder Lake is a favorite spot of mine. This particular view across the lake is one I could just sit and gaze at for a very long time. Actually, I HAVE done just that.In sunny weather, in rainy and cloudy weather. In cold weather. In Autumn this view is even more spectacular. Being so close to home we used to come here frequently with the kids in the summer. The swimming is good here. There are wonderful picnic grounds, a playground,there is fishing and camping. You can take a quick and easy hike to the dam too. A few times I came up here just to give the dogs someplace bigger than Cedar Pond to swim and retrieve. One cold fall day I was able to watch a herd of elk grazing in the picnic area, completely un-afraid of me or my dogs. Here is a tiny glimpse of our new travel trailer in the camp-site at Alder lake. We brought 2 of our granddaughters camping with us, and we had so much fun! Our first outing with our new trailer. It is a small trailer but I feel so rich and pampered with it. It has a stove, a microwave, a real oven. A shower, bath, toilet! ( I hate using out-houses)I am ready to travel now~We wanted a small trailer our car could pull easily, and one that would fit easily into the many camping sites we are hoping to stay in.
We really needed this past weekend. My husband was able to sit back and relax and do some reading by the camp fire.
The granddaughters also sat back and read to each other by the campfire.
I roasted a chicken stuffed with our garden fresh herbs and stuck butter under the skin.Did you get that? I ROASTED a chicken in my oven while camping!!! We also baked cornbread and brownies. How decadent, but~ Oh so very delicious! Especially after a day in the great outdoors. ( rose and mint bouquet from home)
This granddaughter really enjoyed eating the buttered corn on the cob she helped her Poppa shuck !
Just look at this view of Alder Lake from the picnic grounds, I really do love this camp ground . It is so close to home ( about 45 minutes away ) it is often overlooked by many around here, but as our first adventure with a new travel trailer and a get-away from the busyness of home, it is perfect! The granddaughters loved it too. To see another perspective of this camp-out see our daughter's blog A.Joy At Home.


Anonymous said...

I have missed you Kathy but I knew from A.Joy's blog that you were having a nice camping vacation. Alder Lake is so very pretty and peaceful looking. I imagine those leaves are so colorful in Autumn. How nice to spend time with family relaxing and enjoying God's beautiful world. I wish you all a safe and happy 4th.

Timi said...

Ohhh, this lake IS beautiful!!! I think you've done the right thing just sitting there and gazing at the lake....I would have done the same :o)!!!

Wobegon Cottage said...

I love camping there ..we have lots of memories. We haven't done any camping here yet. the bugs, heat and humidity are so bad you are not even able to have a camp fire. The storms also pick up at night and you really could get drenched. I miss camping in the great Northwest.

Debbie said...

That is indeed a beautiful lake, as I saw first in A. Joy's post. I love the pines and mountains. I also love your little trailer. We had one for years when our kids were small and pulled it to 6 states. My kids have the greatest memories of that trailer and travel. What a blessing to be so close to a great getaway!

LindaSue said...

Now that is a summer vacation spot! I agree having a bathroom and a real oven would make camping into a pleasure for me. The pictures of relaxation and fun are perfect examples of what a relaxing outing should be and the lake is perfect. Glad you shared with us and I need to check A.Joy's blog.

Connie said...

What a gorgeous view! I can see why you'd want to spend time there. How wonderful that you have a new travel trailer. I hope you get to spend many happy hours using it. :)

Happy 4th of July to you and yours, Kathy!

Southern Comfort said...

I'd love to go camping-but only with your camper (with shower and toilet)! That is a very beautiful area and I'd love to see it some day. And to have some of your grandchildren with you is so special.

Southern Comfort said...
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Susie said...

That does look like a beautiful place to camp.

Boy, you know how to spiffy up a camping trip-roses and mint bouquest!?!?! How nice!

Vickie said...

Alder Lake is gorgeous, KAthy! I think I would be spending lots of time there, too.

I think I could sit right at the edge of the lake and just gaze the whole entire trip! And what beautiful pictures you took - especially of your girls. They are growing so fast.

Corn looks good - everything looks good! Glad y'all had a good trip in your new trailer!

I'm very envious of your cool temps. It's SO hot and humid here... God bless you all!

Dolores said...

It's so wonderful that you have such a gorgeous spot for camping that's so near your home!!!

This looks like a perfect vacation!!!
God is good!!!

Julie Harward said...

That looks really fun, what a beautiful place! And with elk right there?! Sounds like a wonderful meal too..much better than hot dogs! Come say hi :D

Jennifer said...

Wow, what a beautiful place! Looks like a wonderful place to just sit and read a book or look at the beautiful scenery.

KathyB. said...

Mildred, thank-you. It is so relaxing and pretty at Alder Lake, and does very much remind me God is our Creator and in control.

Timi,it is good there are plenty of nice spots and well placed picnic tables to sit at too~

Alice, I really do know how you feel. When I am away from this area too long I pine for home. Must be in our blood, the attachment to this area.

Debbie,we used to backpack everything we needed into the woods, then we got a bigger tent with children, then a tent trailer, now I am a queen , camping in luxury. ( we used to say this kind of camping was NOT camping)

LindaSue, and having that bathroom makes camping a lOT more relaxing. The outhouse trips hold no appeal for me at all, actually a bit of dread~

Daisy, hope your 4th is firecrackin' great too!and Thank-you~

Southern Comfort, you really do have to see this neck of the country, it is well worth the trip and time!

Carol............. said...

What a beautiful lake. I'll have to check this out and make it one of our outings. Mmmmmmm, that corn and chicken is right up my alley! LOL

I can appreciate your son the farrier. Years ago we had a Shire mare, probably about the same size as the horse pictured with dinner plate size feet. Matt used to be in a total sweat when he was done....and our mare only got her feet trimmed!

KathyB. said...

Susie, we had to have mint for the marinated lamb my husband barbecued at the camp site you know, so after picking the mint at home the roses were just calling to me too " pick us, we will look beautiful at your camp-site!"

Vickie, thank-you. The corn was delicious and the girls were so good. They had a lot of fun and they were the first to try out the bathroom and the beds!
I don't handle heat very well any more and when I see on the news what your temps are I wilt just thinking of them. Come visit!

Dolores, there are so many spots like this in our state we tend to take them for granted.The deeply forested areas of our state are so green, green upon green, with the blue sky above, pure eye refreshers for me.Yes, God is good, and most worthy to be praised!

Julie, we did not see elk this trip, but the deer were easy to spot. They seem to know they are not to be hunted in the park and are fearless.

Jennifer, you must appreciate the fine past time of reading books to relax too!A comfy camp chair, a snack, some hot coffee and a lovely view or warm camp fire...a real vacation!

KathyB. said...

Carol you do have to check this out. Our son did not seem to be particularly worn out when shoeing Gwen, but when I watch a big horse like her being shod it is amazing a creature as big as her can be handled thus. Sometimes i think these horses are so well-trained from youth they never fully realize how big and powerful they are. Good thing for the people who love and work with them!

Nancy M. said...

That is such a gorgeous place! I can see why you love it! Congrats on the new camper! I hope we can get one sometime, so we can take the kids more places.

myletterstoemily said...

what a lovely camping experience!

when growing up, we camped all
the time and almost died each time.

i made my husband sign a prenup:
"no camping" :)

KathyB. said...

Nancy M. When you get your camper come on over to the Pacific Northwest and we'll go camping!

My Letters To Emily,O.K. You cannot leave it at this! Now I have got to hear "the rest of the story"!Please?

A. Joy said...

Good photos and fun post!

Patti said...

What a beautiful and tranquil setting. A weekend there would be very refreshing, I'm sure.

Sadly, our camping days are over. WE sold our camper earlier this year. We enjoyed many wonderful trips in the camper, but we needed to sell it in order to buy another vehicle. We had been a single-car family for 8 months, and believe me, that got old. We didn't want to go into debt, so we sold our camper. Although I'm okay with that decision, it's still a little bit sad to think those days are over. (New seasons of life always seem to be difficult)

Anyhow, a happy 4th to you and yours.


KathyB. said...

A Hopeful Heart, we have been in that very situation and know you're doing what is best. Yet, a scant few years later we are able to have another and better trailer . Maybe you will not ever have a camper, but God will be your refuge no matter what, and He is better than even the best camping or travel experience ever! Praise Him~