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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tea-Time Tuesday & The Bears Are Invited!

It is Tea-cup Tuesday, or All Things Tea ! To see other lovely teacups, tea parties , and wonderful tea times click onto these ladies' names : Terri *, Martha *, Lady Katherine*,and Wanda*, after you have joined the teddy bears and my granddaughters for tea! Please stay, we like company for tea. I am using my favorite china. I know, I have shown it before on my blog, but it is my favorite and we are using it today. "Blue Danube was inspired by designs from the Chinese Yuan Dynasty period ( 1260-1368 A.D. )...The original design has been in production for more than 200 years." Blue Danube @ Dinnerware Depot I have enough Blue Danube to host a dinner for at least 6 , with a few extra plates and lots of serving dishes. Today one of my Blue Danube pitchers holds flowers for our tea party. "Created in 1951, Blue Danube is an exquisite pattern, underglazed on translucent porcelain. Blue Danube is under glazed and fired at temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees, making each piece highly chip resistant..." Blue Danube @ Dinnerware Depot. The little teddy bears are having tea in their log tea set underneath the bouquet of flowers in my pitcher.
Tea today is served with fruit and Oslo Kringle *. Just click onto the asterisk to get the very easy, but delicious recipe for this dessert.
The Granddaughters requested hot cocoa in their tea pot yet again. Sigh...oh all right, hot cocoa it is. Just for them you know, and the little bears. It has been a long time since a granddaughter has taken them out for tea, a whole year you know. I guess a treat is well deserved after such a long time stuck in the doll house.Besides, hot cocoa is so reviving, especially for little girls and bears!
Let's not forget to scrape up every bit of frosting, we need our strength to play with each other and the bears.
The bears and their guest, Little Brownilocks, agree ~ hot cocoa and Oslo Kringle with LOTS of icing are YUMMY! What are you having for tea today?


Anonymous said...

I always look forward to your tea parties Kathy. Your granddaughters are sweet as can be and I know the bears were happy to be included. Your dishes are beautiful. I'm off now to get your yummy recipe.

Deanna said...
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Farmgirl Cyn said...

I am having home brewed kombucha tea! And your sweet tea party is just right for bears and little girls!

Deanna said...

Kathy, I think I need some more of this delicious tea! My typing is getting worse...yikes.

Tea-Time with you and your sweet grands is very nice this time of the morning. Your dishes are so pretty and the snacks look delicious!

It's wonderful that you share this sweet time with your grandchildren. It's inspiring to me and gives me ideas to share with my grands.

God bless,

LindaSue said...

Reminds me of a song from years ago -If you go out in the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go out in the woods today
You'd better go in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.
The Teddy Bear's Picnic song -
your teas are lovely and obviously a joy to have such sweet guests - teddy bears and grandgirls!

Appleshoe said...

I absolutely LOVE the log tea set. I am going to have to make one for my nature table. And I keep forgetting to mention it, but your header is so beautiful. It makes me smile every time I see it. Take care.

Vickie said...

Oslo Kringle - sounds good, looks great - specially the icing! Another Tea Time Tuesday success!

Snap said...

chocolate in tea cups sounds correct to me! lovely tea party with some of favorite things ... grands and teddy bears!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

How absolutely adorable... both the teddy bears and the kids! Thank you for sharing this fun tea with us!

Happy Tea Time Tuesday...


Sheila :-)

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

What a sweet and adorable post for Tea Tuesday!!

Warmest , Brenda

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Kathy what beautiful sets, the blue is so fresh and appealing and of course the wee bears and their table is wonderful. How lucky you are to have not one but two Goldilocks to share your tea with!
Tina xo

Julie Harward said...

That looks like so much fun, cute kids, the kringle looks so yummy too! :D

Dolores said...

Oh yummmy ......your tea party looks like so much fun, and so delicious.
Kathy you're an outstanding grandmother!!!!

Lori said...

My Mom has tons of Blue Danube. It is so pretty. I found some at an auction for her.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I love seeing your grandchildren. You always look like you are having such a great time. Love the tea party! Blessings, Martha

Terri said...

So lovely! I love the blue pattern!
It is always fun to visit your blog and see what is happening for tea. It is always fun!

Creative Grammie said...

Oh my goodness, when I saw the bears tea picnic, I thought of this song that my grandchildren and I share about the Bears Holiday Picnic.
I think your Blue Danube china is very pretty.
You have a very enjoyable blog, glad I stopped to visit.

Flower said...

Your tea party is inspiring! The table is set so pretty and the girls look like their having a big time! Love the Blue Danube..it's a favorite here, too!
Thanks for the recipe!! It's worth a try.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a lovely tea post for today!! Those bears are too cute!!


Unknown said...

Loving the teddies so cute your grand daughter is so pretty too

Love dawn xx

Mary said...

Each time I have tried to leave comments on Blogger recently my computer has come back with an Internet Explorer error. I may be able to leave comments here, today!

I collected Boyd's Bears figurines for a few years. They are full of messages, wonderful times, just like your beautiful tea set.

A tea pot full of cocoa,that could certainly be good. :)

parTea lady said...

I've always loved blue and white china and your Blue Danube dishes are beautiful. What a fun tea party with your granddaughters.

Thanks for the oslo kringle recipe - it looks delicious.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love this post! Tea parties with grandchildren can't be beat for fun and time well spent together! I'm so lovin your Blue Danube dishes--both my sister-in-laws have this pattern and it is so beautiful and classic!

Lady Katherine said...

Oh, the bears are so sweet, as your granddaughters! I love your blue china! I have one plate, lol How wonderful you have a set! I see the wonderful blue weaving! So pretty! I so enjoy seeing your hand spun, and handwoven linens! I love that the girls choose to use the Tea sets, for milk, hot chocolate, ect. I sometimes give my grandchildren cold tea in their teacups. I not going to tell them about just the milk, lol for then I will be serving milk. lol They do take milk in the everyday teacups. Your desert looks wonderful! I would love to know how you make it! A sweet Tea with a Sweet Grandmother!