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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Judy's Roosters

Judy is a dear friend of ours and although she is not a blogger, she reads blogs. Judy and her husband of many, many years live in a picture perfect log home ( inside and outside) that overlooks a river. If that isn't enough perfection, she loves roosters!I wanted to share just a few of Judy's roosters with you in anticipation of the Rooster Party this Friday. Judy's daughter Jenny is sitting at the table on the front porch with Judy this perfect sunny day. Above the table on the front porch is a picture I have coveted since I saw it at Judy's. ( shh, don't tell her ) I believe the handsome pair of chickens are Standard Light Brahmas. In reality they are very big, docile chickens. Stunning to see a real pair of them strutting about.
Judy set the table with a toile tablecloth...did I mention Judy has a lot of blue and yellow toile in her home? See, I told you she is perfect!There are scenes of a lady feeding her chickens , roosters included, on the toile.
The front porch has a rooster made of horseshoes, a gift from her son-in-law. He made this and I think I want one too...hint, hint!
This large rooster adorns the back of Judy's home. The gardens incorporate the beauty of the firs, cedars, maples, ferns, and other natural greenery abundant in our area, and the back yard over looks the Nisqually River. This rooster has a nice home !
Oh, he has hopped to a flower box on a tool shed. He knows he is a handsome rooster.
Judy reaches out to grab him and....
...he has jumped onto a small antique wagon bearing a large geranium.
He is showing us his domain.Just behind him is the river. You can easily see it as you sit on the bench. It is very peaceful here, watching the river, hearing the river. If he wanted to the rooster could take the steps nearby right down to the river's edge. He might even go fishing, but then he could possibly snag one of the many people inner-tubing down the river on this warm sunny day.
Up, up, onto an old chicken crate. The rooster gets an even better view of the river.
Inside Judy's very cozy home are many, many more roosters, but I'll leave them for another time. Cock-a-doodle-doo to you, and check in on Barb at Bella Vista* who is hosting the Rooster Party !


Keetha Broyles said...

Tell your friend Judy that my Sis is ALSO a blog reader and I call her a blog stalker or a lurker!

Those are some great roosters, but the LIVE one by far takes the cake!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and Judy for sharing her charming home and roosters. What a lovely place to call home and such gorgeous accents.

Connie said...

I love that rooster outside. How cool! She has quite a collection. Looks like she has a lovely home. So nice of her to allow you to share it with us.

Pondside said...

The first picture, of the two white roosters is gorgeous!
Thanks to Judy for allowing you to share her beautiful collection.

Mrs. Mike said...

Judy, I should say keeps well behaved roosters, my favorite kind!

Flower said...

More Roosters...I'm onto something today! That is quite the rooster of Judy's! He moves well for a rooster! Love her log house..and overlooking a river..what better?

Eggs In My Pocket said...

What a beautiful collection! Would she like a real rooster???? I have 3 roosters..........2 two many! blessings,Kathleen

Miss A said...

Lol about that on-the-go rooster!!! : )


Lady Katherine said...

I loved the print too! And Hint Hint, if it does me any good, lol I would love to have the metal rooster too! Oh, this post was so fun to see the rooster jumping around. The yard is wonderful and the table so pretty! Just loved Judy's Roosters!