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Monday, August 16, 2010

My Little Tuscan Tea-Time At Home

The temperatures were in the 90's here and tea time was hot, very hot!
I decided to have lunch with tea in front of our dove pen, under the shade of a big umbrella.
Teacup Tuesday calls for me to highlight a special tea cup and so today I chose a teacup / teapot combo that also has many other unique dishes to go with it.
Here it is, isn't it bright and cheery? The weather just screamed for a bright and cheery tea table setting. ( and a fan) Doesn't it look like something you would see on a Tuscan table along with a hearty and wholesome meal? A meal you would absolutely need a nap after? A nap to sleep away the hottest part of the day and awake refreshed to resume where you left off any task or enjoyment ?My little pot is filled with peach tea.
Salad consists of lettuces fresh picked from our garden and sprinkled with red wine vinegar and olive oil mixed ( what else, it is a Tuscan-type tea) cheese, eggs gathered from my hens and hard-boiled,and olives, lots of olives.
Here is the tea cup and it's little pot side by side. Now this is a big cuppa !
Here is the surprising part. This whole set, and yes, I have a LOT more of it...comes from the Muckleshoot Casino! The Muckleshoot Casino is owned and operated by an Indian tribe from around here and no, I did not go to the casino to obtain this bright and cheery set of dishes , including the teacup and teapot. A dear friend and her mother ( mostly her mother) did and they gave this set of dishes to us knowing we would appreciate it very much. And we DO! Thank-you Barb and Mom~
Just look at this tea time lunch. What's not to like?
I must confess I am a glutton, yes, a true glutton for the olives. I can easily pass up desserts of all kinds, including all chocolates, but olives from the Safeway olive bar? Nope, gotta have some. Especially the cheese stuffed olives. I make a right pig of myself eating them. Have you tried them? You must. I hope this tea time made you very thirsty for a good cup of tea, iced or hot. You can see many other teacups, tea parties, and tea times by clicking onto the names of these ladies, they REALLY KNOW all things tea! Terri*,Martha*,Lady Katherine*,and Wanda Lee*.Now brew yourself a pot of tea and serve up a special treat. Invite a friend over and share the blessings God has richly bestowed upon you! Isn't life wonderful? ( Especially with tea.)


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kathy, What a pretty set! These are the lovliest photos and the salad, olives, eggs and tea look delicious. John took many pics of olive trees when he was on his trip. More than anyone I know, John loves olives, especially the cheese stuffed ones. Thanks for sharing tea time with us. Have a great day.

Debbie said...

Your table looks so lovely and the setting so serene. Your temps are the ones we had last week. We are glad to be getting some respite.
Beautiful dishes; yes, quite Tuscan. :D

Appleshoe said...

Ok Kathy- this is by far my favorite tea party photos yet. My husband is second generation Italian American. And yes, he loves his sauce, bread, garlic, olives and cheese. Everything looks so tasty and your set matches my kitchen perfectly. It may be hot there, but it sure is beautiful. Take care.

LindaSue said...

Olive decorations are very popular right now - I was gazing with desire on a set of table linens at Pottery Barn featuring olives. Yes I can eat olives by the embarrassing quantity myself - the combination of saltiness and rich flavor - hmmm. Your Tuscan Tea Table is molto bene!

Dolores said...

I love your Tuscan dishes, they are lovely, and yes....a big cup.

The salad looks so delicious!! It's wonderful to have all those fresh ingredients, sure makes it taste better than the 'bag salad' makings.

We're having triple digit temps.....Ugh!

Shelley said...

Such a beautiful table setting surrounded by nature's beauty! I would love to sit there and have a cup of tea w/ you! I would bring some of my homemade blackberry jam and some scones!

Patti said...

What a lovely and refreshing tea table. Yes, indeed, I can easily visualize a sidewalk cafe in Tuscany.

I have never had cheese-stuffed olives; in fact, I never even knew they existed until this post. I am definitely going to have to look for them.

Oh, your salad sounds delicious...and healthy. Good for you.

Happy Tea Tuesday,

Pondside said...

I'm with you on this - I'd rather have olives and crusty bread than cake or a cookie - even more than chocolate.
What a beautiful setting for a peaceful lunch!

Snap said...

I LOVE your Tuscan Tea time and luncheon. I'm on my way over! Save some for me!!!! Stay cool~

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Hello Kathy :) This is a lovely outdoor Tea Tablescape you have set up, and yes, those Tea items are just perfect for a hot day. I too have never heard of cheese stuffed olives...sounds interesting :) The salad looks delicious! Stay cool!!

Happy Tea Tuesday, warmest hugs, Brenda

Julie Harward said...

Just lovely..I would love to have sat there with you in front of the dove pen..very neat! I have missed you! :D

Kathleen Ellis said...

Everything looks delicious! A wonderful outdoor respite...in spit of the heat!
Your grandchildren are most adorable!
Have a beautiful day~
;-D Kathleen

xinex said...

This is just lovely, Kathy! The olives sure look good. Mmm, I feel like having one right now. Your dishes look pretty and I really like your pots with your plants in them....Christine

Terri said...

Hi Kathy,
What an amazing table you have set, the food looks incredible and your dishes really suit what you are serving.
Your tea pot/tea cup set is really fab, I love that it all stacks like that.

Carol............. said...

OK...I'm on my way to Safeway's olive bar!
I really really like this teapot and the entire Tuscan themed table is beautiful.

Paula said...

Wow- everything looks so beautiful, Kathy! The salad looks yummy, and I love the colors of the teapot and dishes- very Tuscan indeed!

Deanna said...

It is a pleasure visiting your place!
Happy day to you,

A. Joy said...

I do like the music!! A lot! And I love this tea party!!! My kind of hot, dry, tea party and my kind of salad! Love it!

parTea lady said...

Your Tuscan style dishes are great. They are perfect for your tea in the garden. That salad looks delicious and peach tea is a nice complement.

PeregrineBlue said...

I have fallen in love with your world and stopped by all your blogs. What a priviledged life you have living in WA. I visited many years ago and loved the abundance of Nature. Greetings to the Bee Keeper and the gorgeous grandchildren.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Kathy: What a beautiful table you have set. I just love the Italian flair. Your tea cup and pot is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful day. Blessings, Martha

Thistle Cove Farm said...

This has been my favorite tea time; love the pottery as I'm more of a pottery gal than a china gal. Bet you knew that though -smile-.
Lovely respite, Kathy, thank you.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hello Kathy~ ~What a lovely blog you have I'm so glad to have found you and am now a follower.
Your header picture is so beautiful! You truly live in a lovely place.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Kathy!

Okay, I am just going to imagine that it is a cool afternoon at your tea today! Everything looks just beautiful! The setting is simply gorgeous and your table is amazing!

Connie said...

Looks like a lovely tea, Kathy. The cup is as big or bigger? than the pot!

As for olives, you can have my share of them. I'm not a big fan of the olive. I'll trade you for some mashed potatoes, though. ;)

Wanda Lee said...

Hello there dear Kathy,

I love all of your lovely details with the tea fare of salad,eggs, olives and tea..., Yum!

What afabulous setting

Thanks so much for partaking with our little corner of, 'Tuesday And Wednesday Teatime In Blogland' once more dear lady!

Next week will be my 45th,'Tuesday Tea For Two' as well as Pam and I will host our 17th, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'; where does the time go?!.., Hope to see then as well; we always love having you join us!

Thanks so much and have a marvelous and blessed week Kathy!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

paperbutterfly said...

I was so pleased that you took the time to share “tea” with us this week. What abeautiful setting you have at your home! Perfect place for a Tuscan Tea. Everything looks delightful
I look forward to seeing next Tuesday.

Blessings, Pam

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It's always nice to experience a different type of tea with someone and your Tuscan tea is lovely.
The food sounds yummy - I agree with others that sweets are not the only food to have with our tea.
The tea for one set has an interesting pattern that compliments your theme.

Shel said...

Too gorgeous. I wish I was there!

Ro said...

Oh, I adore olives although I've never had a cheese-stuffed olive ... they sound wonderful! Your table looks so inviting and I imagine the sound of the doves so close by would make for a very peaceful place to sit and drink a cup of peach tea. I have to say, that china is really amazing and probably the best thing that has come out of that casino! :D

Sarah said...

This is my first visit to Spot On Cedar Pond. Thanks for a delightful visit. You must live in a wonderful spot. I enjoyed scrolling through your posts. Cute photos of your grandchildren. Looks like you are a lucky lady.

Lady Katherine said...

I just love this Tea! What a great Tea Luncheon! The salad and olives look wonderful! How sweet of your friends to give you this set of wonderful dishes! Love your Teapot in One! Enjoyed seeing your Tuscan Tea for Tea Time! Thank you so much for joining me again! I do enjoy my visit here, see your Grands and Farm. I love knowing there is someone living the same life as I. I have some bantams hatched and big as my thumb. My hubby said put them in a Teacup and take a photo. I laughed and said you have done it many times! I have loved seeing yours!

Sonia said...

Lovely tea setting!! Your patio area looks beautiful! The teapot and dishes are wonderful!!

Thanks for sharing!

Miss Bloomers