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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Olive Branch ~ Tea time Tuesday

My husband's sisters ( minus his sister Alice who lives far away in Minnesota ) arranged for a luncheon & tea to celebrate the birthdays of their brothers' wives. The brothers of these ladies are the husbands of me ( far left ) and Margie , sitting next to me. The other 3 ladies are 3 of my husband's 4 sisters. What a wonderful time we had catching up on things that matter to families and enjoying a spectacular lunch and tea.
One of the perks of this luncheon , besides spending time with family, was I discovered an amazing tea room and restaurant I believe everyone can appreciate , men and women ! The teahouse is furnished with antiques and food is served on old china, much of it looking like it came from my own china cupboard . Really... as I passed a set table on my way out of the tea house I noticed every single piece of china on it, including the salt and pepper shakers and table linens were mirror images of what I have at home. What I cannot mimic or copy is the delicious food , and really, it IS delicious ! Check out Olive Branch Cafe* online to see a sampling of what I am talking about. If you're interested in more about this café you'll learn about the chef and history of this amazing restaurant and tea room at Freight House Square * in downtown Tacoma, WA.
Sharing a meal and tea with like-minded people, be they friend or family is always a blessing. A blessing I never take for granted. Thank-you sisters in Christ, thank-you sisters -in-law, thank-you !
" Behold how good and how precious it is for brothers ( and sisters too ) to dwell in unity ! "       Psalm 133:1


Anonymous said...

How lovely. I'm always so happy to hear about a nice tea room! I'll have to check this one out.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

The best time for socializing is around a tea table with good friends and family. Looks like a lovely outing Kathy and a nice photo of you.

Connie said...

What a nice family picture! Sounds like you all had a lovely visit.

Stella Jones said...

I agree with you. Catching up is always fun especially with family. Love that they used the old China.