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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spot On Grandsons & Cats

How I decorate the front porch.
How my cat, Miss Marple decorates the front porch.
Our oldest of 8 grandchildren, and oldest of two grandsons, came to help me, his Grandmother, clean out some chicken pens today. It was a lot of hard work. I helped a little and am sore, very sore, from the work. I am so thankful to God for a strong and hard-working grandson to help me. He pitched out and hauled away at least 12 wheelbarrows of chicken manure and build-up to a compost pile so I can prepare a new pen for my red and white frizzle bantam chicks. We had lunch together, a walk around the pond and then dinner and a root beer tasting at his home ( thank-you daughter ). Grandchildren truly are the crown of old men and their wives. Thank-you C.T. We love you so much! And then, there is Ralphie~ lovingly playing with one of my husband's pens , one of many he has stolen from the receptacle that holds pens and pencils. Ralphie is enjoying his stolen treasure on my newly finished saddle-pad, locker-hooked with the woolen fleece of my Jacob sheep. Ralphie looks pretty happy with himself and his "catch", don't you think?


Debbie said...

Kathy, your grandson looks as though he's a hard worker. How fortunate to have good help for those hard jobs along with good visiting. I don't know if I will get grandchildren; I pray for them now just in case:)
Your flowers look pretty. I'm looking forward to flowers. It's supposed to get up into the 50's today!

Connie said...

Kathy, I like your porch decorations much better than Miss Marple's. HA!

What a wonderful helper your grandson is. A real joy!

Ralphie looks like a lot of fun to have around. :D

Southern Comfort said...

I love having boys around and my nephews are the most helpful people in the world. I'm glad you and your grandson spent time together. Enjoy your new chickens!

Karen said...

Enjoyed the pics! Your home is so inviting!

LindaSue said...

Oh my that grandson help is beyond good - not only is his willing, helpful and strong - you get to love on him too! Is Miss Marple's contribution to rodent eradication being included in your monthly totals? I certainly think she deserves the praise!

Anonymous said...

CT is such a hard worker. Glad to see my cat Ralphie is enjoying himself at your house! Joni

Julie Harward said...

WOW, beautiful saddle pad! The cats decoration, not so much! Very pretty flowers though..have a good weekend! :D

Flower said...

There is definitely a "spot" theme in your life!! There is also so much charm to your sharing!!

Dolores said...

The flowers on your porch are lovely, but goodness..... that other thing is awful looking.

Grandchildren are such a blessing!!!

Ralphie is so cute and he looks very happy and mischievous!

Vickie said...

No Fair!!! Kathy, you've a cat to help you catch moles!!! ;o) Guess I need to get me a couple of cats.

Seriously, I'm stuck at 1 right now. The gophers won't actually get very active until the weather is much warmer. AND after a good rain they'll dig their burrows out again. So, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for mounds...

Vickie said...

I think you should add your total moles caught by gophers on your sidebar. That would be cute!

Miss Marple - 37
Ralphie - 24


KathyB. said...

Debbie, he is a hard worker and he actually gets excited to come over and help me out. And I do think you'll get grandchildren, sooner than you think.

Daisy,I am so glad you prefer my porch decorations, Miss Marples' don't appeal to many people and I have to clean my front door mat often because of her "adornments".

Southern Comfort, nephews are fun! And I am enjoying my chickens and their eggs.

Karen, thank-you!

LindaSue,I considered Miss Marple's contributions to my monthly totals. All along I have been attributing the rodents and their guts as Miss Marple's kills and then just a week ago saw my black cat Joey , who is de-clawed, bringing home a BIG ol' rodent to dismember and partially eat , on the door mat, and now I realize I have 2 cats leaving presents for us.

Joni, yes, your cat is enjoying himself..and mostly on top of or into everything I am busy with.Just now I heard him swear at me in cat language because I lifted him off the computer table for the umpteenth time....he wants to play. Wanna play with Ralphie? Please?

Julie, you mean you don't want Miss Marple decorating your porch? Thanks for the compliment on the saddle pad!

Flower, I can see that. Sometimes I think we should have a Dalmation and an Appaloosa around also.

Delores, I agree. I haven't identified exactly what the rodent is either....gotta get a book on rodent identification to keep up with the cats and all the specimens they bring home.(no moles though)

Vickie, I just might do that! And I think moles and gophers are a little bit different, but both sure are destructive!Did you appreciate the movie "CaddyShack" ?

Mary said...

Ralphie is "helping" too, just like the good grandson!

Love the color on the porch, Kathy. We have had sunshine this week. It has reminded me that I need to think about spring planting soon.