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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Surprise For You, But Be Careful !

I have a surprise for you dear husband, and it will make you happy! No, it is not more of your favorite chocolates.
No , I am sorry. I did not buy more fancy root beers, nor the vanilla ice cream to make root beer floats . (But I will if you ask me to)
Although I know this will disappoint you no end, I did not get another kitten either. ( ha ha )
I did not bake fresh bread yesterday....
nor did I make meat loaf for your favorite lunch, meat loaf sandwiches using home-baked bread.
You caught a mole!Here is a picture of it along with Miss Marple's catch of the day. You are both my fearless and successful hunters! I saved the news as a surprise for you to start this morning, aren't you happy? But be warned, I found the video below to prove I am right, the moles have a plan, and a dastardly one it is, so be careful~
(And Miss Vickie of Sand Flat Farm, the 2nd video is for you )


From the Kitchen said...

Kathy: Thanks for stopping by. Love your sense of humor today!!


Vickie said...

Oh my goodness, Kathy! You are TOO funny!!!

Wow, for once our Texas moles are much smaller than your PNW moles! Your moles are the size of our gophers. I can catch the gophers but the moles are smaller & much harder to catch! Can't use traps - I've tried different kinds. Whatcha catchin' 'em with?

I'm about ready to put something on my yard for grubs & such, OR some kind of poison. This has really gotten out of hand, and I'm afraid that we're going to see some damage like you did - your little feeder/shed/thingie that the little boogers destroyed by tunneling under it. I hate to use poison, but I don't know what else to do.

Thanks for the great laugh and the shout out this morning! I'll be smiling all day long!

Susie said...

Too cute Kathy! Don't you just love the caddyshack gopher?!?!?

Andrea said...

That little mouse just pushed me over the edge....yikes...I would rather have a black bear on my porch....little mice just creep me out. I act like a fool...just ask my family...lol.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Fabulous job! I want such success with my groundhog problems!

LindaSue said...

congratulations what a great harvest of varmints.

Julie Harward said...

You have a brave cat! That was so funny...thanks for staring my day off with a smile! Come say hi :D

Vickie said...

If my gophers were that cute, I might have to start naming them!

Vee said...

Vickie sent me over...you guys! That is one huge mole!

Anonymous said...

Great post and what a wonderful surprise!

Jo said...

That's hysterical...!

I think moles are just the most hideous things. We once had a pet mole. It liked to eat live spiders, and we would catch them for him. *yuck*

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh my goodness........your post made me laugh.........however, I hope you get rid of your moles. blessings,Kathleen

noble pig said...

Ugh moles are so scary to me, so weird looking! Glad it was caught!

Lanny said...

Nicely done! Indeed!

Leslie said...

Congrats on catching that mole. (OH, and the mouse too, Miss Maple. Keep up the good work!). That mole video was hilarious, creepy but hilarious. They are big, no wonder they can do so much damage.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Wow! I have never seen a mole...are they all that big? It will be interesting to see the progression of the mole race:-)
Am going to have to google mole and get more info on them.

Connie said...

Kathy, I was getting hungry reading your post today until I got up to the catch of the day, and then suddenly I lost my appetite!

And that fist video made me laugh!! And it scared me a little too. HA! Those moles seem pretty vicious. :D

myletterstoemily said...

very funny!

i ran across someone yesterday
who is having trouble with

not sure i know the difference,
but think one of them got poor

thanks for the first laugh of the

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I sure did enjoy your sense of humor today. I noticed the moles are having a good time in my yard, too. It's hard to get rid of them. My dog Pepper does his part digging in the yard. Wish I could have such good luck eliminating the moles around my yard.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny!

Love , Karen

Anonymous said...

Loved it,

KathyB. said...

From The Kitchen, thank-you!

Vickie, you have moles AND gophers? You have a plague there in Texas. We only use traps, nothing else works well, well nothing that would leave our home intact that is.and glad to give you a laugh. Don't be naming those cute gophers or you'll have a lot of outdoor pets~

Susie, I did not fully comprehend the humor and desperation of that movie until we were so inundated with moles, they really can destroy a golf course!

Andrea, I am sorry about the mouse. I am glad you don't see what else the cat leaves on the front porch, if only she'd catch moles!

Sandra, you've got ground hogs too? We don't have them here, at least that I know of, and I don't want to have to know about them!

Vee, thank-you for visiting! If moles were much larger they would be a serious threat to humanity. I am thinking the guy who wrote the movie "Tremors" had moles in mind!

kenleighacres, Shannon, do you have moles in your lush and beautiful pastures there?

KathyB. said...

Jo, your brother had a PET mole? How long? I once caught one of the moles alive and put him ( yes,HIM, Hubby has caught enough moles that we are able to sex them )in a bucket of soil to give to my grandson. The mole died the next morning and my daughter was horrified I had even considered bringing a live mole to their place. Spiders...shivers!

Kathleen, thanks, so do we, so do our flowers and trees, and lawn!

Noble Pig, now to catch the rest of the army of moles. Just hope you never get them in your new vineyard!

Lanny, I don't have the fearless rat terriers you do, and somehow none of my cats, which are related to yours, catch moles like your cats do...I don't think Jim will let me obtain any more cats to find that perfect mole killer either~

Leslie, I am becoming aware there is a lot of mole humor out there, now I see why.

English Cottage In Georgia,May all your mole knowledge be gained because of simple curiosity, not experience~ that is a blessing for you!

Daisy, I thought of you as I perused the videos and found a few I think you would appreciate, I might just post more of them.

My Letter To Emily, the moles dig the tunnels everywhere, voles look like BIG mice ( my cat does catch them)and they run around in the mole tunnels stopping at all the plants and trees roots to munch. Voles also eat flower bulbs, well, they are pretty destructive in the gardens too. I think they are in cahoots with the moles.

Brenda Kay, aren't moles a serious pest? Does your dog leave behind a bigger hole? Our dogs have dug up possum burrows and boy, I am not sure which was worse, the possums or what the dogs left behind! Good luck~ we need it, don't we?

Karen glad you liked the post, and hope you don't get moles added to your raccoon problems!

A. Joy said...

Well, you know it's serious when your 4 year old grandson is afraid to walk out your front door alone because "the moles might get him. " Really, the mole trap for Dad's 50th birthday party gift was such a great idea. " How to keep your over 50 year old husband occupied." Just imagine when he retires! Can't wait to visit the Ceadar Pond 'Museum'. =) Funny videos!

KathyB. said...

A.Joy, I don't think I will ever forget the panic on his face after he heard your Dad, his Poppa, exclaiming vigorously about all the damage moles have done and still do. It must have been hard for such a little boy to realize itty bitty critters underground could cause so much damage and not be dangerous to him...but , are moles really NOT dangerous?Maybe he had and has real cause to be concerned. I think the video speaks for itself!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Our cats leave moles and other critters for us though.


Nancy M. said...

I am so upset! I've been wondering why your blog hasn't shown up in my reader in awhile, and when I went to look, it said I wasn't even subscribed! It must have accidentally unsubscribed me! Sorry I've been MIA!

Those are my favorite chocolates!

bocution said...

Kathy, You did an excellent job of writing about my daughter and James Roland's beautiful outdoor wedding. We had such a good time and I got to ham it up as one would expect of a leprechaun. It was a real pleasure meeting you two. In terms of wedding guests You were the highlight of my night. I wish Nancy and I could have spent more time with you. Thanks for the nice write up in your blog. I will have to look around in here when I come back. I bookmarked this site.

Bob and Nancy