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Monday, March 8, 2010

Spot-On Weekend~

This was one wonderful weekend. We all need a few of these in our years don't we? A weekend of just doing things that are NORMAL, and accomplishing something good, and just plain nice. Here is my husband mowing the lawn with his John Deer ( Deer John?) after working to get it mowing again. He did it! The mower is running along doing what it is supposed to do, and because it is a special Deer John it has a cup holder to hold a bottle of root beer for my husband to satiate his thirst on a hot day in March in Washington. Yes, we reached a high temperature of 60 degrees! The little building behind my husband is his new honey house. Not yet completed inside, but almost. Finally, my husband's supplies and bee-keeping equipment will have a place of their own, not having to be searched for high and low in the furnace room, the garage, the closets, and another shed. A whole little building that will house our water pump and the bee-keeping stuff! Now I can clean out my pantry and store the shelves of honey jars in a proper place, the honey house ~ where my Honey will hum happily whilst working with his bees and what they produce. He will give you a little photo tour of his honey house on his blog* when he has finished it.( the honey house)
The ducks rejoiced in the warm weather too. Baths , and swimming, and courting, and then sunning themselves on the lawn for long happy naps.
Sassafras decided ( I am sure they can choose when to lamb and usually it is in the early a.m. when the weather is freezing and wet) this was a perfect day to have her lamb. She followed the sun and just soaked it up while the rest of the flock was eating. I just know when a healthy and very pregnant ewe refuses to eat and separates herself from the flock that her time to lamb is near. Sure enough, she had a beautiful little girl lamb shortly after I took this picture.I watched the lamb literally climb out of the birth opening by herself and then my husband and I watched the tiny and very wet lamb immediately stand and begin to search in the right place for her first milk. Is THAT not a miracle? And looky here, Ruth also decided to lamb and she too gave us a very tiny, but very perfect little girl lamb ( ewe) too!This little lamb just seemed to appear with her mother, it was that quick. I looked at my flock and there was a teensy, tiny lamb running with the flock as if she had been here for weeks . Isn't that amazing? Just born and running and nursing... All in all, this was the type of weekend anyone would and should love and appreciate. Time with each other at home, time to observe and marvel at our flocks,time with our daughter and her family (our family), and who doesn't love to cuddle their own grandchildren? Time with special friends ( thank-you David and Kathleen), time to enjoy all God has blessed us with and hopefully the ability to remember and appreciate His loving kindness.


Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing pictures and a description of a perfect weekend. We had rain and 40's which melted most of the snow and ice. It even hailed tiny pea sized ice twice yesterday. Strange weather. It is so warm here today, that for the first time since December, we have the central heat going to take off the chill but both fireplaces are off. It feels nice, even though it's cloudy and foggy. I like fog; it's just cozy. I would just love to see how you guys collect honey and keep bees. That is just so interesting.
Have a great week! Debbie

Wobegon Cottage said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Our snow is beginning to melt but you never know a last minute storm can bring it all back until after April.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kathy, what a perfect weekend. The weather looks divine and look at that teeny tiny baby! I look forward to a tour of the "honey house." GA is supposed to have a high of 70* today - I love it!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! We have been enjoying the sunshine here the last couple of days which is nice and we reached the 40's which almost hit 50! Today it is supposed to be 51 degrees, tomorrow 55 degrees, and 58 for Wednesday and Thursday for us Ohioans!


Dolores said...

Your pictures are wonderful! The one with the water and ducks is so calming, makes me want to grab a book and sit on the edge.

Your new baby is so sweet; the miracle of birth and life.....God is good!

It was fun to read of your perfect weekend!

Shelley said...

Love seeing everything going on over at your place! Love that honey house! And my hubby would love to have a John Deere to call his own.

Southern Comfort said...

That sounds just about perfect to me. A honey house sounds wonderful, keep us posted. Normal days, normal activities are the best blessings.

LindaSue said...

Kathy - you have described one of my favorite weekends - just real life - without razzle dazzle. Watching our animals become mothers, the babies born knowing how to find a meal and ready to frolic - husbands who know how to fix things and build useful places :::sigh:::: feels a little like the end of Creation "God saw all that He had made and it was good" - thanks for sharing with us!

Andrea said...

Those goats are adorable....sounds like a weekend full of blessings...I love the simple...the beauty all around us...what better place to be!
Hugs, andrea

EBet said...

Oh looks like you had a lovely and relaxed Saturday! Ours wasn't so, instead of mowing the lawn we mowed some tree stumps, well a guy Mr. Leonard sent over mowed the stumps. We had three ewes lamb, the barn is chalk a block full! And how exciting about Jim's honey house.

Connie said...

Aw...what a wonderful weekend you had, Kathy. It sounds very nice! We had temperatures in the forties here the last couple of days which seemed quite warm to us too! HA! It's all about perspective, I guess. We will need to get rid of the rest of the snow on the lawn though before we worry about mowing any of it. :D

Your little lambs are so adorable. Each one a little miracle.

I bet your husband will enjoy having the honey house to keep his supplies neat and organized too.

Catsngrams said...

I love the babies of spring. I have been noticing the calves in the fields as we drive to town. They are such a lovely sign of better things to come. Your pictures are wonderful. Hope your week is a blessed one.

Catsngrams said...

What lovely babies. I love spring babies. I have been noticing the new calves in the fields as we go to town and I love to see them playing and snuggling with mom. It believe it is a sign of wonderful things to come. Have a great week.

Susie said...

Sounds like a great weekend Kathy. Love those little lamb pics. How sweet.

~~Rhonda said...

I enjoyed your post re: the perfect weekend. Sounds so peaceful! The pictures are beautiful. Our weather (s. IL) was beautiful, too, though we had a houseful of company and didn't get outside a lot. Three little boys (part of our company), ages 8 mo. to almost five aren't about quiet, but they are a joy! And they did get out to play which was great, as they live in a small apartment in the city. When all the company left after church and dinner, I sat on the porch swing and enjoyed the fresh air and the smell of spring. So appreciated after a long cold winter. ~~Rhonda :)

Mary Bergfeld said...

I know there is a ton of backbreaking work that goes along wit Cedar Pond, but you make it seem so pastoral that there are moments That I'm envious. I so glad you enjoyed the weekend. I hope it's an omen for the rest of your week. Blessings...Mary

Julie Harward said...

You two have a good life...I love the goats and the babies are so cute! Thats neat that your hub has a blog too! Come say hi :D

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh! They are just so dang cute! That baby girl looks just like her mama! What a perfect weekend for you all!
Not too shabby here either! High's hovering around 50, with much of the snow melted!!!

Mary said...

Oh, Kathy, I am very much craving a normal weekend. I will take a day. I do know exactly what you are saying.

We had the well pump problem, then a sink, a faucet, and a shower head blew out. We worked on the washing machine for 3 days. Thank goodness we finally have it back. My husband's mother passed away over the weekend. They are not a close family. Everyone is fighting over what not to do with the remains. I could go on. But this is your post, your blog.

I am praying and holding onto my home life, the most important things, like fragile glass.

Sometimes we shift our heart and find the peace we are seeking. It will come. Praise the Lord!

Love your new lamb. Our babies are born so smart. It never ceases to amaze me. They are precious.

Vickie said...

Such cute babies! I'm envious every spring when I see all the babies birthed. One of these days...

We, too, worked outside in a balmy 64 degree weather on Saturday. We put in about 10 hrs at the farm doing all the stuff that needs to be done. We were give out, but such a good tired feeling and lots accomplished. it's supposed to be 75 degrees tomorrow! Imagine that!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Such a blessed life from looking at your wonderful pictures! So glad you had the perfect weekend. blessings,Kathleen

Carol............. said...

Oh, my goodness, that baby is absolutely precious.

Deere John! .........how funny!!! LOL

KathyB. said...

Debbie,my husband will show more of his bee-keeping as spring goes on. I love to stay home on rainy and foggy days and I actually get a lot more done on such days. They invigorate me.

Alice ( Wobegon Cottage) Snow in spring in Minnesota? I kind of miss more snow and rainy days.

Mildred, temps that high are summer weather here!So are temps in the 60's!

goatpod2, Amy,sounds like spring is there in Ohio, you must be enjoying it very much.

Delores, thank-you. It is peaceful sitting by the pond watching the ducks. My husband and I have lunch by the pond most summer weekends and I have my morning coffee there in spring and summer even in the rain. An umbrella over the table and warm jacket, hot coffee, a good book or my Bible, perfect mid-morning!

Shelley, I know, I misspelled John Deere, didn't I? My husband waited a long time for his John Deere and he looks so pleased with it every time he mows.

Southern Comfort, My husband will keep posting about his honey house and his bees. It was a very wonderful weekend, and I read your blog and see you have a lot of them yourselves~

LindaSue, I like your line " just real life -without razzle dazzle", and husbands who can fix things are amazing!

Andrea, thank-you! It is the very best blessing to be where God places us, isn't it?

KathyB. said...

Ebet,I can see clearly now your place from the highway, you have had a LOT of trees and stumps moved. More sunshine for all the lambs!

Daisy,40 degrees is often warm to me too, and I prefer it to any temps over 75 degrees. My husband is quite pleased to have his own honey-house. He is still organizing things in it so that is why there are no pictures yet!

Catsngrams, I have seen the new calves on many farms around here too. They are so cute and a sure sign of spring around here.

Susie, lambs are one of my favorite things this time of year. I can neglect all kinds of work to just stand and gaze at them!

Rhonda, A perfect weekend isn't always quiet is it, especially when our homes are full of people we love.My husband's sister and her family live in Illinois, and you relaxed after company the way I do if the weather permits. Sitting on the front porch and taking in God's bounty~ even when it is raining.

Mary, you are so right, there are boat loads of work to keep things running and the animals healthy and still have time to relax. I too hope this is an omen for the rest of the week.

Julie, thank-you. Yup, my husband does have a blog about his bees.Baby animals usually are cute and I am glad they grow up because otherwise I would have way too many around.

Farmgirl Cyn, your weather sounds like ours, isn't it wonderful?

Mary, your week and weekend sound like our last 2 months. That is why we really appreciated this past weekend!I am sorry to hear about your husband's mother and it seems a death in the family brings out so many feelings and memories that make life uncomfortable and often lead to family situations that are never forgotten for good or ill. I will pray the best comes about during this time.

Vickie, 75 degrees? That is a heat wave! You'll be trapping those groundhogs like crazy now.

Kathleen, thank-you.We do feel blessed, and remember this in the bad times.

Lanny, I was thinking of your gardening yesterday, and with all those trees down, all the sunshine. I don't think the snow will hurt anything either.

Carol,the lamb is very, very teeny and I watched her today assume activities and posture that showed she thinks and acts like a giant~ she is one plucky little lamb. I need to find a good name for her.

Unknown said...

Oh that's so cute!!!! My kids would love him. They actually begged me for a goat last year. Oh you have grass!!! We still have 1 foot of snow, it's melting. Thanks for saying hi, your comment went thru.
Gros bisous

Anonymous said...

Beautiful weekend and beautiful lamb! How many more lambs are you expecting? It was so nice to see the sun and enjoy a weekend outside :)

KathyB. said...

Les Chateau des fleurs, I am glad to read my comment went through. Every time I leave a comment for you that dreaded mailer- daemon sends it back as "permanently undeliverable", wonder why?

Shannon, I think I have 2 yearling ewes left to lamb, from Barnaby, and they are just beginning to udder up...so the ewes are almost done for this year! Don't you love watching the lambs?

Nancy M. said...

What great pictures! I'm loving the warm weather and hope it doesn't go away again!