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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mucky & Yucky & Ouch!

Goth,my ram, penned in the little run I use to confine him while I clean out his pen. Goth is dangerous because he is a ram, and especially because he is a 4 horned ram. I will not work inside a pen with him, that would be asking for severe injury or death. You cannot appreciate how much work I did here, but the yuck and muck was well over the concrete block supporting the shelter post. The muck was about a foot deep. I was sure I would get this done with no problem once Goth was confined elsewhere.
Little did I know that cleaning just this pen would hurt so bad...(BTW, the tarps in the background obstruct Goth's view of the other sheep , thus minimizing his ramming of the fences)
The mucking out caused great injury to my back and for the last few days I have been in pain and of little use to anyone around here. My poor husband has been doing all the chores and fixing our meals. I can barely sit at the computer to enjoy reading your blogs. Seems it is not only the head of a ram that causes injury,the output from the other end of the ram and wet straw are as heavy as a ton of bricks. I felt a little better today, but am going to take it very easy tomorrow. I still have a lot more work to do before lambing begins and I need my back to work so I can get back to work~


Debbie said...

Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear that you've injured your back! I know from experience just how painful and debilitating that can be. And the agravation of being helpless is sure an inconvenience in our lives. Praying for your quick recovery. I've missed you on blogging.

Karen said...

Kathy, I hate to hear of your back injury, I know how that can slow you down! Please take it easy and get better soon.

Motherkitty said...

I'm sorry you have injured your back. I do hope you will be feeling better soon.

Goth is an interesting-looking fellow. I don't believe I have ever seen a ram quite like him.

goatpod2 said...

Yes rams can be dangerous so can bucks, we use the tarps as well with our bucks!

Take care.



Vickie said...

Oh good grief, Kathy. So sorry you hurt your back! It's tough on us young gals, isn't it! I've been having a bit of that problem and I don't even have a pen to muck out! You take it easy!

Goth is downright scary-looking. Don't think I'd wanna be gettin' in the pen with him either!

That was cute about "both ends" being dangerous! Hope you're back on your feet quickly, girl!

Southern Comfort said...

I love reading about Goth. I love Goth, I guess. He is awesome looking and fearsome in his "ramness". But, I don't have to tend to him! I'd be afraid of him, I know. I am so sorry that you hurt your back. I know how frustrating and painful that can be. Just when you want and need to get so much done...rest your back and take care.

LindaSue said...

Oh Kathy - when you put your back into it for a big job you really go all out! Sorry for the painful situation and yes you need to get back to full health not only for lambing but just because it is not painful. No babies here this year and I'm definitely missing the changes in our little herd which come with them being pregnant.
Goth is an impressive beast - far too much for me but you are used to dealing with him and Jim has done a great job with the pen and tarps. Take care.

Pondside said...

Big sympathy from this pond to Cedar Pond, Kathy! The back is so vulnerable and I hope you have complete healing soon. I'll pray for your healing - I know you'll want to be up and doing all your normal activities soon!

Paula said...

Bless your heart, dear Kathy... cleaning out manure is my LEAST favorite part of having animals for sure. And the worst part is~ the deeper you dig, the heavier it gets! *ugh*
Please take it easy for a few more days, and I'll be praying you'll be back on your feet agin soon!

Timi said...

Get well soon, Kathy!!!

Lanny said...

To bad you can't train Goth to pitch his own pen, it's like he has a built in pitch fork. Feel better soon.

Dolores said...

So sorry to hear of your injury,...... when the back hurts.... it isn't a pretty picture.

Take care of yourself, and I'm hoping you're feeling better today!!!

More cold weather coming.... stay warm!

Lady Katherine said...

So sorry you have hurt your back, and so happy my hubby can get the tractor in to clean our barns. Yes, I ram is so mean now, he even rams the truck. I trick him when I go to feed for he is in a pasture of his own now. I walk further from his feeder, and take off fast and put his feed in, he rams the bucket sometimes, and has caught my hand a few times in between the fence. My guard do would not stay in the pasture this past year because of the ram. But now the ewes and lambs are letting her stay around, I have her with them. Lambing is almost over here, so weird, for I with the other breeds of sheep I use to raise, they lambed in March and April. I have 3 lambs so far. We lost our favorite Ewe and her lamb, during birth. First one we have ever lost, in all the years when we had a100 plus sheep and angora goats. I was so sad. The next morning a new lamb, the tiniest lamb I have ever seen was born. I have it on my facebook page, I write more about my sheep there. Loved seeing your ram. I have always wanted to have just a few of this breed. So bad! Maybe one day!
Oh, but we do have to hand shovel out the chicken house. lol Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

I can appreciate how much work that was! So sorry you have had a time with your back, how frustrating it is when we hurt ourselves...I try to remember when these moments come it is a potential blessing from God to give us rest in Him. :) Hope you are doing so, so much better today though!