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Friday, January 21, 2011

Rose The Rooster

Rose the rooster. I did not name him. Rose can thank our oldest granddaughter for his name.
Our granddaughters from the other side of the mountains were here to celebrate the New Year with us, and on New Year's Day they checked on their now-grown chicks. Our oldest granddaughter shown here wearing her New Year's party hat, is holding Rose, her chicken. You might recall this chicken hatched out of his shell in her hand.* (click here to read the story) She was so excited, and immediately named the chick Rose, for she was pretty sure the chick was a hen. Obviously Rose is not a hen, and I have suggested he be re-named , but like a 'Boy Named Sue', I believe Rose is stuck with his name.He will have to deal with it.
Baby Rose, just after hatching in our granddaughter's hand.
Rose is getting checked out by the other granddaughters.
Our youngest granddaughter is not too sure about chickens and keeps a safe distance.
This granddaughter is holding her chicken, a bantam red cochin she named Lucy.
Lucy successfully hatched out and raised a few chicks that another of the granddaughters has adopted as her own.
Rose though, is most definitely a rooster. I think he is a fine frizzled bantam cochin rooster too. Maybe our granddaughter will re-name him, and hopefully the granddaughters will be able to keep their chickens at their place sometime in the near future where Rose will reign supreme and rule the roost - curls , crows, and all.


Anonymous said...

LOL at the name!



Connie said...

Rose the Rooster--HA HA HA! I love it! Maybe she could rename him Roscoe? HA! Have a good weekend, Kathy. :)

Lady Jane said...

Love your post Kathy. Great pics. Have a good weekend.

Dolores said...

I love the name....your pictures are so sweet, just love those beautiful granddaughters.

Hope you have a good/warm weekend.

myletterstoemily said...

reminds me of "a boy named sue." i loved
the chicken rendition of "in the mood!"

Lanny said...

That would be so fun for her to have her special Rose. She looks like a great canidate for poultry 4-H! Isn't Rosemond a man's name?

Southern Comfort said...

There are not many roosters that are so huggable. I usually keep my distance from them. I love the pictures of your granddaughters with their chickens. I don't Rose minds his name at all!

Vickie said...

Rosie the Rooster! How funny! I guess she could call him Roselle or Roosevelt! As a matter of fact, our UPS guy is named Roosevelt and everybody calls him Rosie!

Come by my blog - it's all about YOU!

Verde Farm said...

Just found your great blog. Love your chickens and I must have some of these sheep from your ETSY shop. So glad I found you. Come visit us at Verde Farm-I would love your suggestions on naming our new chicken coop :)

A. Joy said...

Those are great photos! What the heck??? Don't see the girls for a few months and they grow! Now Mr. CT needs to get on the ball and do some posting on his own chickens!

Lady Katherine said...

Loved the photo of your chickens and grandchildren. i love Rose! I was so lucky last year, all my chicks hatched out to be hens, well I thought I have one that is a rooster. lol Surprise! It took five months before I knew! lol