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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hot Chocolate With Real Whipping Cream Snow Day

Tea-Time Tuesday has been postponed here at Cedar Pond .We had our first decent snowfall and had a snow day ! Look out my living room window, see all that snow? With 2 grandsons spending the night here, a day playing in the snow is called for.
 My 3 Amigos huddle up next to the sun-warmed foundation.
 My sheep were seen licking the snow while waiting for their alfalfa.
The ducks warmed up IN the pond, and then scrambled for the crackers our youngest grandson scattered for them.
Today was a hot chocolate with real whipping cream after playing in the snow day ! Yes, it was.


Anonymous said...

How pretty and what fun for the grandsons! Snow...just in time for Christmas!

Keetha Broyles said...

The very BEST kind of day this time of year!

I'm still HOPING we get some of the fluffy white stuff today and tomorrow - - - its in the forecast but I'm almost afraid to HOPE for it.

Deb said...

We have lots here, too. Those are wonderful photos. Loved them all. Awesome snowman. Deb

Debbie said...

You did get a beautiful snow. How wonderful to have someone to watch playing in it! :D

crafty cat corner said...

So far this year there has been no snow, not that we mind, we are not equipped for lots of snow in this country and usually the whole country grinds to a halt. lol
In answer to wondering if my cat takes the jigwas pieces. No, she doesn't , just sits in the box so that I can't get to them.
I love your menagerie of animals, I would love them.
Your husband sounds a little like mine, long suffering and wonderful.
Enjoy the holidays

Connie said...

Great photos, Kathy! It sounds like you all had a wonderful day.

Vickie said...

Hot Chocolate is perfect for this snowy day! Beautiful photos of your place and your grands!

Paula said...

Your snow is so beautiful, Kathy... I'm a little jealous! We never seem to have a white Christmas in Tennessee... :(
Love the picture of the Three Amigos~ their black plumage is such a striking contrast to the white snow!

A. Joy said...

Great pictures! Great snowman! Love the photo of the 3 Amigos. :) You guys did get good snow!