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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Teacup Tuesday ~ Grape Vines or Ivy ?

Does the pattern on this teacup look like grape vines to you? I chose this teacup & saucer today to sip my tea as I decorated our home. I hummed "The Holly & The Ivy" as I pulled family seasonal treasures out of their storage boxes.
I was happy with the simplicity of my sun-room Christmas decor and thought the ivy teacup looked right at home with the lovely Peace Lily my 3 younger sisters had sent to the Memorial Service last month for my husband's mother . The lovely plant now lives in our sun-room.
The teacup is bone china made by Colclough. Upon examining it more closely I discovered a sticker from the shop where I bought it saying "Grapevine" c. 1945-48 Colclough ".That stopped me short, looked like ivy to me. So, I did some research and lo & behold, it IS Ivy, by Colclough. There are quite a few dishes & teacups made in this pattern. 
Being curious, I researched further into the meaning of the song I had been humming all day, 'The Holly & The Ivy' and discovered it is an interesting song that has little about the ivy in it.If you're interested in this you can click here*.

This song is full of symbolic meaning and there are musings on why ivy & holly would have been used to adorn homes or religious buildings & temples~the symbolic use is probably meaningful to many, but I think it often comes down to being practical. What plants and trees were green or blooming in the dark and bleak winters? Ivy, holly, evergreen trees, and anything with berries for color. I love the hardy ivy plant even if it is considered an invasive nuisance by the plant experts ( including my husband). I very much like this teacup & saucer and think it is perfect for Teatime Tuesdays during the Christmas season.I am joining the ladies below for Tuesday Tea~Time:
 I will be giving away a flock of 3 Wee Little Sheep this month, just because I want to, it's almost Christmas, the season of giving!More details to come, but all you have to do to enter is leave a comment. I will enter your name every time you leave a comment on my blog.( If you comment on 3 different blog posts, your name will be entered 3 times) It starts now. I will post a picture of the flock in my next post. ~ "Gift: A present; any thing given or bestowed;any thing, the property of which is voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation."American Dictionary of The English Language


GardenOfDaisies said...

It's a very pretty cup, no matter if it's Ivy or Grapevine. Ivy really is pretty, but it grows up under the shingles of our house and we're constantly having to pull it out. So in that way it's a nuisance. I have a little herd of your wonderful woolen sheep! LOVE them! (You may have seen the post I did about them last winter.)

LindaSue said...

Definitely nice Ivy pattern - I agree with Jim - pretty to look at - invasive as all heck! The little flock of wee sheep are being split up - one each going to friends far away from here - we are a group tied by a few interests and a lot of friendship. I wanted them to have a Love wee sheep to adorn their holiday decorations. Thank you so much - they were one of my favorite purchases this year.

GretchenJoanna said...

I am loving your teacups - this one looks like ivy to me, too, not like most grapes that grow here in Wine Country.

Antiques And Teacups said...

So many familiar songs and carols have different meanings. I don't care if it's a grapevine..I'd call it ivy and sing that song too! It's a favorite from my childhood. I love you decorations. The deer are especially lovely. I've had the Christmas music on all day today as well.

Anonymous said...

Love the cup and seeing your decorations. I hope you back is feeling better and that you enjoyed the sweet music as you decorated today. Your wee sheep are adorable.

Cooking Up Faith said...

You're sweet to do a giveaway!!

I love how you decorate with tea cups. They are all so beautiful. I used to go to antique shops with my husband and I loved buying antique tea cups. Now our money goes to bills. :)

sandy said...

Looks like ivy to me too! Very pretty no matter what it is!
Have a wonderful week!
sandy ;)

Beth in NEPA said...

I enjoyed my latest visit to Cedar Pond. Would love to have the miles lessen between us so I could stop by for a cuppa and a visit. I too have a love hate relationship with Ivy but lately it is love because it no longer bothers my house. It is growing out by the stone wall gardens.
The cup and saucer set is lovely no matter!

Terri said...

Hello Kathy,
I love your new cup, and am pretty sure it is Ivy, why the sticker said Grapevine, is curious. You did some really good research to confirm it was ivy. I think it is a lovely cup and looks great in your sunroom.
I am sorry to hear about your mother in law's passing. My sympathy to your family.
Love reading about the history behind holly and ivy too!
Thanks so much for sharing your great post!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Kathy,

At first glance I was going to say the pattern looked like ivy. I'm glad you were able to verify it. I love your silver reindeer - I'm into silver, blue and white this year. Happy Tea Day!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Kathy,
Your Ivy teacup is very pretty and lovely for the season. I like the plant myself and I've had many over the years. I adore sheep and have admired yours ever since I 'met' you. So please do enter my name for a chance to win. Thank you for coming to tea today and have a wonderful week. Merry Christmas!


Bernideen said...

Lovely Ivy cup and Saucer. I would love to have you come link to Friends Sharing Tea!!!

Millie said...

A very informative and pretty posting today. The teacup is lovely, as are the surroundings.

Connie said...

I would have said it looks like ivy too. It's a very pretty pattern. I've always liked ivy too, even though it can take over places where you might not want it.

Anonymous said...
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Paula said...

I would have suspected it to be ivy too, Kathy... it is very beautiful and perfect to sip out of while decorating for Christmas!
I'm headed to check out the information on the song... thanks for the link!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Kathy, I've always loved that song and it remind me so much of winter and Christmas season. It looks like Ivy to me and it's beautiful.