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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spot on Winter Weaving II

~Above is a picture of a table runner I wove a few years ago. It is woven out of an acrylic/cotton yarn someone gave me a large supply of. This was an experiment I decided I liked. I hand stitched some discreet beads at the hems on the ends of the table runner. As you can see, our table is quite long and if I want a particular color or design to fit the table I need to make it myself.~
~Here is my scariest moment in weaving....cutting the fabric off the loom. After all the work in threading the loom, then weaving, I will cut it off. I need to make sure the ends of my project will stay secure and not unravel as I cut.~ ~Ta dah ! 10 + yards of woven fabric rolled out on our hall floor. The chunks of yellow and white you see are filler . I fill the areas between my fabric with tulle I have left over from different projects. You can use paper towels, nylon stockings, I used to use Pendleton wool ends too. The areas filled with tulle are reserved for tying the ends of the fabric off into tassel type knots, or sewing and hemming, etc. There is no need for me to use my good yarn for 'fill' that will have to be unraveled later.
~Close-up of the tulle filling at the end of my table runner.~
~Here I am pulling the tulle filler out. See how weaving the tulle in tightly makes it look so small and rope like ? Later I will flatten out the tulle and use it for gift wrap bows! So many uses, so little time to create.~
~I wove some small pieces of fabric for the sides of the purses I am making. Since I do not want fringe on the side pieces I am sewing the ends to prevent them from unraveling until I piece together and sew the purses . Like my old sewing machine ? My Grandmother got it from my Mother, and gave it to me when I was first married. It is a Sears Kenmore, circa 1955. It works great, and I have the old button holer and attachments. A sewing machine repair guy told me not to get rid of this...they don't make them like this anymore he said. Well worth keeping up! I know I love it and use it often. ~Here are the woven pieces for another purse.My favorite fabric, because it is blue. If I were to own a shop or eatery, it would have a name like" All Things Blue", not sure how that would fit in with an eatery though...blue dishes? Blue is a color that just draws me in....
~The woven pieces for another purse. I have some really pretty silky fabric for the lining of this purse.~
~And last, the pink fabric! I bought some pink Chinese silk type fabric a few years ago, and it has stunning turquoise and blue butterflies on it. That is the lining I have in mind for this purse. I have also set aside beads and embellishments that I am excited to add to these purses. I don't have a fixed plan though, my work kind of helps create itself as I go along. I have no trouble tearing out my work if it makes me unhappy. There is no joy for me to see a project that hurts my eyes to look at. I have been known to throw away, tear up and discard such projects. I don't give away or sell projects I don't like, although some have found their way to being dog beds!
~I will post pictures of the purses I make from this weaving later, as they are finished.~
~"Moreover, I must make my creation good and honest and true, so that it may be a credit to me and live after I am dead, revealing to others something of the pleasure I found in its making. Then will my creation be art, whether I be poet or painter, blacksmith or cobbler, for I shall have labored honestly and lovingly in the realization of an ideal." C.Valentine Kirby I would like to add to these words..."whether I be poet or painter, home maker and keeper, blacksmith and cobbler, or gardener and cook, mother and wife, neighbor and ?, for I shall have labored honestly and lovingly in the realization of an ideal.....for my Lord and Savior all my life." Blessings: honest work, people to love and serve with joy, blue!


LindaSueBuhl said...

Kathy - what a wondrous thing - do you think our Lord sees our lives like your long stretch of weaving? Except of course our lives get those weird knots and dark spots - not from the weaver but our stubborn life yarn! Thank you for your sweet attention - you are truly a vine showing lovely fruits. Excited to see those creations of your!

Anonymous said...

How nice and lovely!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading about this fascinating process and seeing all the detailed pictures!! You have such an eye for blending colors. Seeing the tablecloth spread out on the floor like that made me cringe. Anytime I spread fabric out on the floor like that, my cats come running over and pretend it's their own personal slip-n-slide!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

You do beautiful work, Kathy. I love the look to the fibers and weaving. The color combinations are wonderful as well.

Noble pig said...

Kathy it's so beautiful. I know I've said it but you are so talented. Your creativity is abound with beautiful art through weaving. I love seeing the process.

Daisy said...

Kathy, your work is beautiful and amazing to me. It must take hours to do? You are so creative and talented. I love the picture with 10 yards rolled down the hall. :)